1. S

    DKIM installed for domain but not available for gmail / google selector?

    Hello, since a couple of weeks we are facing " 421-4.7.28 rate of unsolicited mail originating from your IP address. To 421-4.7.28 protect our users from spam, mail sent from your IP address has been 421-4.7.28 temporarily rate limited". The volume of emails especially to gmail / google...
  2. verdon

    Best practice for DMARC, DKIM, and SPF when hosting DNS and web, but email is at gsuite

    I'm getting more and more clients where the mail is being hosted on Google Apps or Outlook or Fastmail, etc, while I am hosting DNS and web. In these cases, what's the best practice for mail related records in DNS? 1) I've changed the SPF record to look something like this v=spf1...
  3. L

    Would a change of server IP break email sending - aka DMARC, DKIM, SPF and/or Reverse DNS (PTR)?

    Quite simply, if my server IP changes (in my case, I am referring to when I take the same physical service to a new location which has a new IP, and not transferring the server to another host), could there be any issues with the deliberability of emails with DMARC, DKIM, SPF, and Reverse DNS...
  4. z3d3m0n

    second dkim

    Hello, hope everyone is well. i would like to deploy a second DKIM key for mailing from a email marketing solution but when ever i add a second key i can only see the default one, what could be the issue? i add a key in this section: Home / DNS Functions / DNS Zone Manager but all i see is...
  5. K

    SOLVED Dkim deleted from hostname. How to reinstall it?

    Hello, I accidentally removed the DKIM through the Zone Manager for the hostname (ns.hostname.tld). As i see it, now the hostname has neither a SPF nor a DKIM record. How can i fix it by readding at least the DKIM record? Would i also need to add an SPF record?
  6. vicos

    Help configuring DKIM with multi-server, multi-subdomain config

    I have an unusual setup of domains on my server and I would really appreciate help in properly setting up DMARC. My primary domain is (as an example only) I have 2 cPanel servers: I have some * subdomains on one server and others on the second. For example...
  7. M

    SOLVED exim & dkim "tainted filename"

    Hi, have discovered one of my hosts is not able to dkim sign outgoing messages. The /var/log/exim.paniclog is full of messages like this 2023-05-17 13:09:36 1pz7Xg-00083V-31 Tainted filename '/var/cpanel/domain_keys/private/[redacted]' 2023-05-17 13:09:36 1pz7Xg-00083V-31 unable to open...
  8. leonep

    DKIM configuration

    Hello, I configured spf/dkim and from the tests done it works. but I noticed that I have not installed opendkim. maybe cpanel uses another package or do you need to install it? thanks
  9. D

    DNS Error Occurred , DKIM,SPF

    I was trying to enable DKIM and add a DNS record for a domain ,, At the page " Enable DKIM/SPF Globally " I click proceed to enable the feature , and wait for a long time , but nothing happen I check at " Email Deliverability" page and i found there a DNS Error ( Screenshot attached ) In...
  10. mlopez

    Adding multiple strings to TXT record in 3rd party DNS

    Hello, We're gonna host in our servers only email service in a domain managed by GoDaddy, so we need to add our e-mail related records in GoDaddy's DNS interface. I started copying all cPanel email related records into GoDaddy's DNS until I came across with the DKIM record that has a couple of...
  11. N

    Configure Website and Email on different servers and dkim records

    Hi! I have 2 cPanel servers and i have a website on server1 and have configured emails on server2. Let's call it Now i will explain what i have done to achieve this. I have configured the on server1 as normal. The nameservers of the are pointing to server1...
  12. K

    multiple DKIM records

    I have a customer that first uses 3rd party DNS wants to have 2 dkim records for their email with us, and their email with another company within cpanel, the dkim record selector is default.. they want a config for s1 and s2 for their 2 records but within cpanel there is not a way to change...
  13. keat63

    DKIM Failure ?

    I found this entry in exim reject log. I understand why it was rejected, as its listed in an RBL. 2022-06-17 01:18:49 H=( []:53666 F=<[email protected]> rejected RCPT <[email protected]>: "JunkMail rejected - (
  14. T

    Is there a way to filter domain from check dkim on inbound mails?

    I have a client that one of his provider uses a mail that is not properly configured, is there a inverted way of the current "filter incoming emails by domain" to whitelist domains on server so we can add a domain and just bypass all the dkim, rdns, etc.. checks? My client already whitelisted...
  15. D

    Gmail SPF Softfail when sending between accounts on the same server.

    Hello all. I'm facing a problem what is news to me, when users send messages to other users on the same server. Messages sent to other servers are working fine. After received some custommers complains, I did testes and I noticed the problem. The 3 scenarios bellow I tested using the same...
  16. L

    Change default key length for DKIM

    The default cypher for cPanel's DKIM on my servers is k=rsa; which is a 512 bit key. Google is listing this as a DKIM fail with dkim=policy (weak key) Is there any way to change the default key length so that all generated keys are 2048?
  17. M

    SPF, DKIM and DMARC all set but dmarc-reports keep saying the opposite

    hello recently i started receiving these reports once a day from google and in some cases it says the check for dkim and spf fail, even tho dmarcian, dkimvalidator and any other such tools says everything is set up correctly <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> <feedback>...
  18. S

    Recent DKIM record format change?

    In late May 2021 we setup a new account which was using 3rd-party DNS. We added the DKIM TXT records to the 3rd-party DNS and everything worked as expected. Today the same account is showing a warning for DKIM on 'Email Deliverability'. Checking the public DKIM TXT record in cPanel it's now...
  19. J

    DKIM key rotation for enhanced security

    Hello and I hope everyone is doing well. I was reading up on dkim key rotation as a security measure, which recoomends occasional dkim rotation to prevent hacking of emails, etc. That link for this is here: Can anyone suggest what is the best way to do...
  20. M

    DKIM signature in DNS OK, but what when client sends also (legitimate) mail trough other servers ?

    Hello WHM / CPANEL gives the possibility to generate a DKIM signature and insert it in its own DNS or copy / paste in a third-party DNS. This is OK if the client only sends mail using the WHM server I suppose. But what if that client *also* wants to send (legitimate) mail through another...