1. B

    cpapi2 enable SPF

    Dear All. I need to 'force' my user to enable SPF. Is there any SPF enable command for cpapi2 ? For DKIM I thing I can use --> cpapi2 --user=username Email set_email_signing dkim=1 Sincerely -bino-
  2. B

    SOLVED How do I correctly apply DKIM and SPF?

    I created a new account for a domain in WHM where I ticked the DKIM and SPF under DNS settings? In the new account's cPanel > Zone Editor, I can see the DKIM and SPF created. Can I leave DKIM and SPF in the Zone Editor or do I have to copy both these values into my DNS records in GoDaddy?
  3. RobinF28

    SOLVED DKIM for 'root' user, to avoid emails going to spam

    Hi Guys, In relation to [closed] topic... [CPANEL-20425] DKIM for main server hostname cPanelMichael suggested we temporarily add the server's FQDN to the "DNS=" in the 'nobody' user, in order to create a workaround to automatically add DKIM data for the root (nobody) user. I would like to...
  4. C

    OpenSSL error: data too large for modulus

    Hi all, I need some help with setup the DKIM on my server. I have got a problem with the DKIM as it get invalid every time when I tried to generate new DKIM key and sent the email for validation results, but the issue are still the same as I still get the test as fail. Here is what I get when...
  5. W

    Sign generated bounce messages

    Dear community and support team, I'm sorry if the question was already asked - I coudn't find it. Recently, I've implemented DMARC to analyze aggregate reports from prominent ESPs. I've found that exim doesn't sign outgoing locally generated bounce messages, as I result them don't pass...
  6. E

    DKIM records when clustered servers use MyDNS

    When enabling DKIM for a cPanel user and a new DKIM DNS entry is created the will check if the local nameserver is set to MyDNS. If it is a 1024 bit DKIM entry will be generated. If the local nameserver is BIND for example it will use a 2048 bit DKIM entry. If you are using BIND locally...
  7. Y

    DKIM for main server hostname II

    I am trying to apply the workaround given here: DKIM for main server hostname Is this still valid? I get the following when run: /usr/local/cpanel/bin/dkim_keys_install nobody warn [dkim_keys_install] Cpanel::DnsUtils::Install::Processor::_add_error: There is no zone file on this system that...
  8. knightmare

    my domain E-Mail go to gmail spam folder

    Hello , I am using Centos 7 on degital ocean . I installed whm&cpanel in server . I am using Exim mail server on centos cpanel . I send mail from my domain than gmail receive all mail in spam folder . last few days i face this issue . how to solve it ?
  9. M

    SOLVED Error in DKIM core record

    I was checking email delivery for a new account I had set up on a cPanel VPS and found that the outgoing email sent from an email account on the VPS and received at my Gmail GSuite account showed a DKIM fail in the headers - the email landed in my GSuite spam folder as the SPF record was in...
  10. G

    SOLVED Exim how to override default dkim_selector

    My domain is sending mails from two different VPS, cPanel/WHM is installed on both VPS. The domain is also using a third party DNS, (not cPanel/WHM DNS) I want to enable DKIM for outgoing mail authentication on both VPS, hence I went on both cPanel/WHM and turned on "Email > Authentication >...
  11. J

    SOLVED Can't add DKIM record

    Tried to add a DKIM record using whm > account functions > modify an account Unable to enable DKIM: Cpanel::DnsUtils::Install::Processor:564: There is no zone file on this system that can contain “default._domainkey..”. We've added DKIM records many times. What has gone sideways?
  12. T

    System Emails Fail DKIM

    Recently setup DKIM and DMARC. Emails from users come from and are passing, however, system emails are coming from and are failing. How can I resolve this?
  13. S

    Need help Setting up more than one DMARC record.

    Hello, I have a a few licenses for Office 365 Enterprise E3 and a few licenses for Windows 10 Enterprise E3. I have personal domain,, where DMARC and the SPF records and setup properly and working. Then I have my two business domains. I use PowerDNS as...
  14. R

    Enabling DKIM for root account

    The "Enable DKIM/SPF Globally" option doesn't add a DKIM record to the "root" user. How should I proceed with doing it?
  15. C

    DKIM signed domain hosted by another provider?

    Hello, we just migrated emails via imapsync from Inmotion Hosting to HostGator. But for now we will leave domain at Inmotion. Both servers are with cPanel installed. New server is with cPanel 68 I set A and MX record to point to new server Under Mail Authentication DKIM and SPF are enabled...
  16. F

    Location of DKIM private key?

    Hi, We have mail hosted od cPanel server with DKIM and eshop website hosted on different non-cpanel server. And my eshop administrator wants private key for DKIM because he sends emails directly from eshop website and need DKIM private key. Where is located? Thank you! :)
  17. I

    DKIM unable to verify that this server is an authoritative nameserver

    I have read through other threads on this common situation and still need some help/clarification. My client created an "A" record to my dedicated server's IP address. The URL they created is a subdomain, e.g, My DNS report in WHM shows the nameservers for the server are found...
  18. B

    DKIM in 2018 - cPanel/WHM Settings

    I've used cPanel/WHM for yeaaaars, I understand SPF, etc. I just want to make sure I understand what, exactly, WHM does with the DKIM settings these days. So on the cPanel side, under Mail > Authentication, there's the Enable/Disable DKIM option. On its' own, what does this do, exactly? Does it...
  19. postcd

    Example DKIM record that does not fail

    Hello, when using cPanel's generated DKIM, e-mail headers says DKIM=fail: So i used DKIM checkers like Check a DKIM Core Key and DKIM Key Checker and it says my DKIM is invalid: "The p= field must be base64 encoded" The checker was also not happy about " mark at the beginning of the record...
  20. T

    DKIM Invalido

    Buenas tardes, Colegas, estoy teniendo dificultades para configurar mi DKIM, desde cPanel tomo el Key y lo pego en mi gestor de DNS como un registro txt con el nombre: default._domainkey.mi-dominio Sin embargo cuando verifico con DKIM, SPF, and Spam Assassin Validator - me da...