1. F

    Location of DKIM private key?

    Hi, We have mail hosted od cPanel server with DKIM and eshop website hosted on different non-cpanel server. And my eshop administrator wants private key for DKIM because he sends emails directly from eshop website and need DKIM private key. Where is located? Thank you! :)
  2. I

    DKIM unable to verify that this server is an authoritative nameserver

    I have read through other threads on this common situation and still need some help/clarification. My client created an "A" record to my dedicated server's IP address. The URL they created is a subdomain, e.g, My DNS report in WHM shows the nameservers for the server are found...
  3. B

    DKIM in 2018 - cPanel/WHM Settings

    I've used cPanel/WHM for yeaaaars, I understand SPF, etc. I just want to make sure I understand what, exactly, WHM does with the DKIM settings these days. So on the cPanel side, under Mail > Authentication, there's the Enable/Disable DKIM option. On its' own, what does this do, exactly? Does it...
  4. postcd

    Example DKIM record that does not fail

    Hello, when using cPanel's generated DKIM, e-mail headers says DKIM=fail: So i used DKIM checkers like Check a DKIM Core Key and DKIM Key Checker and it says my DKIM is invalid: "The p= field must be base64 encoded" The checker was also not happy about " mark at the beginning of the record...
  5. T

    DKIM Invalido

    Buenas tardes, Colegas, estoy teniendo dificultades para configurar mi DKIM, desde cPanel tomo el Key y lo pego en mi gestor de DNS como un registro txt con el nombre: default._domainkey.mi-dominio Sin embargo cuando verifico con DKIM, SPF, and Spam Assassin Validator - me da...
  6. L

    DKIM on DNS

    Good day I hope this is not misplaced since it involves a 3rd Party tool. I'm trying to add DKIM record for my domain. I copied the key from my server (cPanel GUI) but when i try to add this key on my DNS (Infoblox) it gives an error that it's an invalid string. Has anyone ever used INFOBLOX...
  7. Z

    Add DKIM record for server host name

    I'm attempting to add a DKIM record to my hostname DNS zone with the workaround in DKIM for main server hostname. The only problem is there is not a file named 'nobody' in my /var/cpanel/users/ directory. I'm using WHM v66.0.27
  8. N

    DKIM pubkey_syntax error for incoming mail

    Hello, For the last few days one of my client having this issue of not being able to send email to me. They are getting a bounce back saying " 550-'DKIM: encountered the following problem validating pubkey_syntax'" Is this because of some issues with my server or their? Below...
  9. D

    Emails aren't DKIM signed

    Hi, I'm trying to troubleshoot why outgoing emails aren't DKIM signed. Both DKIM and SPF have been enabled in cPanel and have passed the checks. I've checked with Por25's authentication verifier, and it says the following: ========================================================== Summary of...
  10. D

    Setting up DKIM questions

    I am trying to setup DKIM but having some issues and I need your help. My domain and DNS is at Godaddy. I am hosting my website on my own VPS with WHM and Cpanel. So when I go to my Email -> Authentication in Cpanel, I see this default._domainkey IN TXT "v=DKIM1; k=rsa...
  11. L

    DKIM Lookup failing

    Hi all I have an issue where Gmail is marking all emails sent from my domain ( as SPAM. Initially there was no PTR, SPF and DKIM records for the domain, I have sent all these records to the domain registrar and they are all working except DKIM. I'm wondering if there's anything...
  12. J

    Dkim_lookuphost Issue

    help me pls ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++ 1dYeCr-0001R3-WA has not completed +++ 2017-07-21 15:07:26 [5521] 1dYeCr-0001R3-WA <= [email protected] []:33385 I=[]:587 P=esmtpsa...
  13. rinkleton

    DKIM/SPF on Addon domains

    All of a sudden last week customers started complaining that email wasn't being delivered. I checked it out and SPF and DKIM are now failing. We haven't changed anything as far as our configuration. The failures are specific to addon domains. I looks like the speciific issue is in what zone...
  14. S

    Trouble setting up DKIM

    Hello, I'm having some trouble setting up DKIM for outgoing e-mails. I have proxy subdomains disabled and I have manually created some subdomains. One of these subdomains is I have my hostname configured as Here's a snippet of my DNS record...
  15. H

    DKIM in cPanel how to remove Slashes

    Hello! I am trying to use Dkim in my server. So I just created the TXT: "v=DKIM1;p=...code.." But if I "dig" it to check I have: "v=DKIM1\;p=...code.." For me it is ok (since I think it is escaping), but the company that will send the mail market said it is wrong and I have to remove \...
  16. Bananenbaas

    DKIM Invalid using Cloudflare

    Hello guys, I've got a problem with DKIM, I have a domain sending emails to gmail,hotmail etc. But they are almost all ending up in the spam folder. I've been checking everything and it looks like the DKIM is invalid. The domain runs through CloudFlare so all the DNS changes will be done in...
  17. B

    DKIM signature on cPanel backup notifications (2)

    This is a (delayed) reply to: DKIM signature on cPanel backup notifications Following the directions at that thread didn't address the issue. cPanel sends backup notifications from address [email protected]. is the domain name associated with the cPanel account for which the...
  18. keat63

    Is DKIM still relevent?

    Today as a security test on our staff, I decided to spoof an email, to see if they could spot the fake. It seems for what ever reason, i must have previously disabled DKIM/SPF, as worryingly the spoof got through unchallenged. Why is DKIM/SPF not part of the standard exim config, I know we used...
  19. SToledo

    DKIM record disappear from "Email authentication"

    Hi. I am trying to set the DKIM record of "Email authentication" CPanel zone, but its dissapear. I set to enabled, and now,instead the record there is the next text: "Status: Enabled Active (DNS Check Passed)" I need the record to set it in my domain provider website. Could you help me...
  20. L

    Google emails from my domain as spam

    Hi everyone I need help with determining why gmail is flagging emails from my domain as spam. I have enabled both DKIM and SPF on the server but when I run a test with or it shows that I'm not fully authenticated. On cPanel email authentication...