1. I

    SOLVED Is DKIM possible if I'm not running DNS locally?

    Hi guys, Things to keep in mind: 1. I'm not running a DNS server locally as I choose not to. I use my registrar's DNS management tool on their end to achieve my DNS requirements. My question is when I add the TXT record into Namecheap's DNS tool, where do I find the DKIM Public Key on my...
  2. S

    DKIM not pass if am using custom domain

    We are sending mail with php script that is using with SMTP authentication , and one difference is there from address field we have given to custom domain , please check below details Host name : server) post : 587 tls enabled user name : password to address : any from...
  3. Rodrigo Gomes

    Prevent spoofing of "From:" header on shared hosting

    I noticed that I can send valid SPF and DKIM emails from another account if the domain is hosted on the same server. For example: Let's assume I have and on the same cpanel server. [email protected] from user intel Can send a fake email like [email protected] with valid SPF and...
  4. X

    DKIM enabled any way to override for individual email addresses

    We have a user that has several Customers whose incoming emails end up getting rejected because they have DKIM enabled in their cPanel. The overall rate of such emailers is approx 2% of all incoming emails. Is there any way of say white listing specific email addresses so that they bypass the...
  5. C

    DKIM problem validating gmail on incoming mail

    In the past few days I have received a handful of reports from clients who are hearing about emails to them bouncing with DKIM errors which so far seem to be only for 550 DKIM: encountered the following problem validating bodyhash_mismatch I am trying to diagnose this and...
  6. G

    DNS cluster DKIM on second server

    Hi, I have two servers in a DNS cluster. One server runs a website ( and has DKIM enabled. The other server runs an application ( that sends email on behalf of When sending email using the SMTP server, it adds a DKIM header. However, when...
  7. O

    Disable DKIM for a domain

    Hello, Have a question, have a server centos with cpanel WHM 60.0 (build 28) and in exim configuration have enabled this option: Allow DKIM verification for incoming messages Reject DKIM failures This apply to all the domain, my question is are there some way for create a exception for some...
  8. G

    SOLVED DKIM and SPF for phpMailer

    Good day! How to find DKIM and SPF? I need to use that for phpMailer.
  9. M

    Mailgun w/ cPanel Email

    I'm trying to configure the mailgun service Mailgun to use my domain. On the Mailgun website it says I need to configure my TXT records (SPF & DKIM). There are two values that I need to enter. I think I configured the first one correctly by clicking 'authentication' in the email section and then...
  10. P

    Signing email with exim and dkim

    Hi everyone, I seem to have a problem signing outgoing emails with dkim. I have created an account and activated the dkim and spf. I have updated my domain DNS with both but I cannot get dkim to work. If send email with wordpress or for example horde, exim does not sign the emails. Hotmail and...
  11. M

    DKIM in cPanel with PHPmailer clarification

    Hello I have just set up SPF and DKIM in my CPanel (v58) account, and would like some clarification on its usage. I use emailing via PHP with the PHPMailer class ( ) which has various methods involving setting DKIM settings within the class, however from reading...
  12. X

    How to Use DKIM (with cPanel + Cloudflare)

    Hello. How to enable dkim in a domain which uses cloudflare? I have checked cpanel >> Email >> Authentication. Both DKIM & SPF are enabled. I see this text in DKIM default._domainkey 14400 IN TXT "v=DKIM1; k=rsa; p=ABCD" XYZ; Then i tried to add this TXT record in my cloudflare...
  13. S

    PTR, SPF DKIM and Spam

    Hi guys, I have my own VPS server with a single ip and WHM/Cpanel on it. Since few days, every mail that I send to gmail accounts come back with the Mail delivery failed message. I discovered that I had to add a PTR record. The situation in my VPS is that I have only 1 ip and multiple domain...
  14. W

    DKIM check keeps failing

    Hi all, I've seen and read a lot of posts regarding this issue, but for the life of me, I still can't get it to work. Authentication generates a raw DKIM record which is immediately reflected in my DNS records: default._domainkey IN TXT "v=DKIM1; k=rsa...
  15. M

    Trying to setup DKIM with external DNS

    Hi, I've enabled DKIM on the domain I am sending emails from but we use a third party DNS rather than the one on the web server. So, I went into the DNS in cPanel and there is a TXT entry for default._domainkey that is "v=DKIM1; k=rsa...
  16. V

    DKIM Key in cPanel UI

    Can anyone verify that the dkim TXT record provided by the verification page in cpanel is actually incorrect? The provided public key is actually broken half way with a quote. I found the proper public dkim key in /var/cpanel/domain_keys/public/<domain>.
  17. rinkleton

    Parked domain SPF and DKIM not working

    I've parked a domain on an account, set up an email account for that parked domain. The main account has SPF and DKIM enabled and it looks like the proper DNS entries are there. But when I send mail from that account, it acts like SPF and DKIM are disabled. Example: SERVER 1 Main IP...
  18. T

    DKIM fail, issue new keys?

    Hi All, I'm having an issue with dkim on a vps. I believe it's an issue with having a " as part of the public key. Is there anyway to get cpanel to issue new keys or set them? This is set in a remote dns and has propagated. Public key: v=DKIM1; k=rsa...
  19. A

    Extract DKIM key for primary and addon domains

    Hello, I have had a lot of problems lately with DKIM and external DNS. Cpanel doesn't have a proper DKIM implementation and doesn't give any info about domains. I have found a way to retrieve DKIM for any domain. Here is how: 1. Open site: 2. Enter...
  20. A

    DKIM and multi domain hosting

    Hello, I have a cpanel account with 5 domains. I am using cloudflare for DNS and i need to add 5 DKIM keys to make the email usable. How can i do that? Where do i get the keys?