1. D

    WHM's Exim Advanced Editor not accepting settings for DKIM

    I'm trying to configure DKIM for my outbound mail, which in part I've mostly got working. The problem I have is that the changes I make to my exim.conf work, but get overwritten from time to time with updates to Exim and/or WHM, as my changes seem to last a little over a week. From what I...
  2. sehh

    DKIM - bad signature

    Hello everyone, I'm having problems with our cPanel/WHM server and DKIM with outgoing emails. Every time the server sends an email (via a PHP script), the receiving server rejects the email because it fails to verify DKIM. For example, here is what a remote server with postfix/opendkim...
  3. S

    Problema al agregar DKIM generado en CPANEL en enom

    Buenas. Tengo el siguiente problema. Primero indicar que utilizo para mi dominio los DNS de eom, pero los correos salen de mi hosting en CPANEL. Y deseo usar la verificación DKIM para mis correos. 1. Habilito en autenticación de correo de CPanel el DKIM 2. Voy al WHM y edito la ZONA DNS y...
  4. K

    DKIM check: permerror; How to set up DKIM properly?

    Hello, I am quite new with administration of my server and this is my first post in this forum. I am owning a server at hosting provider "OwnCube" mainly to run OwnCloud and my E-Mail accounts. My problem is that Google is rejecting my E-Mails sending to [email protected] After 72 hrs I get the...
  5. T

    display DKIM public key again

    Hello, I generated in Cpanel the DKIm public key and added it in my zone file in Gandi's domain administration. Something went wrong and now, the entry in the Gandi's zone file is incorrect and it seems impossible to display again the DKIM key in Cpanel > email > authentification. Thus I'm stuck...
  6. P

    Generate 1024-bit DKIM keys

    MODERATOR NOTE: We've removed this post as there should no longer be issues with 2048 keys. If you're seeing an issue with that key length please let us know the specific issues you're running into so we can investigate that.
  7. G

    Semi-colon after DKIM record

    Hello! I have a suspicious semi-colon at the end of all my cPanel-generated DKIM records. Should I worry about this? Are the records valid, or is it only a problem when using services such as Gandi or DNS Made Easy? Thank you, Guido
  8. S

    How to Enter DKIM record into DNS Zone

    Hi: I have a rather simple question, that I could not find an answer. I am trying to enter DKIM into DNS zone for the domain I have a dedicated server hosting about 20 domains. I have my DNS zone in goDaddy and Current DNS for myTestDomain is @ aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd mail...
  9. J

    DKIM - New Accounts Have Invalid DKIM

    Not sure when this stopped working but in the last few days I have noticed that new accounts created on our server have malformed DKIM records. We are using CloudFlare, so manually copy the DKIM record from cpanel into CloudFlare. When comparing new account records with existing accounts the new...
  10. M

    SOLVED [CPANEL-20425] DKIM for main server hostname

    Hi, I was trying to set up a DKIM record for my main server hostname today, but that doesn't really seem to be possible through the WHM interface. This post on the feature request board seems to back that theory: So, does anybody know about a...
  11. N

    Server Transfer DKIM

    After moving domains from one server to another does anything need updating for DKIM?
  12. kdean

    [Case 98641] Saving Account changes and updating it's package wipes out DKIM and SPF

    This is more of just an issue report rather than a request for help. Currently using I've been noticing this issue for at least the last couple of major cPanel versions. If I have a package assigned an individual account and I edit that account with "Modify an Account" to change...
  13. V

    how to fix cpanel spf and dkim generator scripts for my configuration

    I just added a hardware firewall in front of my dedicated server running WHM. I manually edited all of the DNS records to use the public WAN ip and figured I can just edit any new account records at the time I set them up. Then I noticed the IP address was part of the spf and dkim TXT entries...
  14. M

    cpanel unable to verify authoritative nameserver

    Hello, when i try to enable dkim from cpanel> email authenication i get this error DKIM DKIM is a means of verifying incoming email. It ensures that incoming messages are unmodified and are from the sender from whom they claim to be. This feature works to prevent incoming spam messages...
  15. R

    DKIM 550 signature_incorrect

    Hi support, when i tried to send mail to particular domain mails are bouncing below are the error for your reference SMTP error from remote mail server after end of data: host []: 550-DKIM: encountered the following problem validating 550...
  16. N

    DKIM from PHP forms

    I notice that when I send confirmation email to customers via PHP forms, DKIM does not sign the mail. I was told that one way to fix this was to use SMTP authentication. But since I use the same FROM and REPLY TO addresses for all form generated mail, is there a way to have a default DKIM...
  17. S

    Automated DKIM, SPF and SpamAssassin auto-delete spam

    Is there a way to automatically activate the below cpanel features upon an automated cpanel creation via whmcs? DKIM, SPF and SpamAssassin auto-delete spam Thank you very much and Happy Holidays
  18. A

    Do I install SPF, DKIM, on the hostname?

    Hi, I looked around but couldn't find anything helpful.. So I just got a dedicated server with cPanel/WHM and I would like to install SPF, Domain Keys and DKIM so I can send emails safely.. I found some tutorial online that I followed Installing DomainKeys and SPF Records :: The cPanel Admin...
  19. M

    Dkim support

    I know i saw it somewhere in this new version of WHM but i cant find it.. (WMH 11.30) Can someone guide me please Thanks
  20. nwtg

    DKIM Support Added To Nodes Successfully - 11.28.52-RELEASE_50725

    Hi. I'm usually helping people at WHT, but thought I would share this here as well. I'm honestly not sure if this is old news by now, but I've been reading up here, especially This DKIM thread. I've put together a workaround process to support DKIM signatures. It has worked in QA...