1. bejbi

    European Law - DMARC is obligatory

    I would like to thank cPanel Developers for implementing 2FA authentication for webmail in cPanel version 114. Great job. In Poland (in the European Union) there is a new law entered into force in August 2023, which requires every hosting company that serves public entities to have the...
  2. verdon

    Best practice for DMARC, DKIM, and SPF when hosting DNS and web, but email is at gsuite

    I'm getting more and more clients where the mail is being hosted on Google Apps or Outlook or Fastmail, etc, while I am hosting DNS and web. In these cases, what's the best practice for mail related records in DNS? 1) I've changed the SPF record to look something like this v=spf1...
  3. L

    Would a change of server IP break email sending - aka DMARC, DKIM, SPF and/or Reverse DNS (PTR)?

    Quite simply, if my server IP changes (in my case, I am referring to when I take the same physical service to a new location which has a new IP, and not transferring the server to another host), could there be any issues with the deliberability of emails with DMARC, DKIM, SPF, and Reverse DNS...
  4. J

    SOLVED can someone decypher: __cpanel__service__auth__icontact__?

    My mail logs are showing the following exchange: Delivery Event Details Event: success success Sender User: __cpanel__service__auth__icontact__xxxxxxrkhxxxx Sender Domain: -system- From Address: cpan[email protected] < --- the server's email account Sender...
  5. S

    Dmarc setup

    Hi I would like to know if there is a "standar" dmarc record I can use for all my users, and also for new users what should be putted in the templates, I am refering for a universal dmarc record that just works and does the job of identifying dmarc when sending emails. Regards
  6. J

    subdomains for default domain with dmarc?

    Hello. I hope everyone is safe and healthy. I've noticed in the whm dns zone manager there is not a dmarc entry for, despite that being used and identified in smtp transactions. This was brought to my attention by when setting up dmarc...
  7. C

    In Progress CPANEL-39708 - Bounced DMARC Reports

    I use my server to send out our site's weekly eNewsletter to over 100K opt in subscribers. All my SPF and DMARC records are set correctly, however in my mail queue I see lots of bounces from different email servers with this message: FROM...
  8. Flegy

    DMARC for subdomain

    Hello, Is possible to create DMARC for subdomains as cPanel makes the field dmarc name read-only and cannot edit to be a subdomain. Mail tester say to add DMARC record for subdomain but cannot find a way. Are have a way to get it to work?
  9. R

    DMARC Record Not Found

    Hello, All the users of my dedicated server do not have the DMARC registry configured, is there a way to configure this registry globally so that it is applied to all users? and that new users configure this automatic dorma record?
  10. D

    Gmail SPF Softfail when sending between accounts on the same server.

    Hello all. I'm facing a problem what is news to me, when users send messages to other users on the same server. Messages sent to other servers are working fine. After received some custommers complains, I did testes and I noticed the problem. The 3 scenarios bellow I tested using the same...
  11. E

    Best practice for DMARC if cPanel user has migrated DNS to Cloudflare

    See below screenshot below. My client decided to migrate his DNS to Cloudflare and now he is having a world of trouble sending emails to `@gmail` users from his WooCommerce enabled WordPress site. By using the menu "Show original" in Gmail we can indeed see there is a problem. DMARC is...
  12. M

    SPF, DKIM and DMARC all set but dmarc-reports keep saying the opposite

    hello recently i started receiving these reports once a day from google and in some cases it says the check for dkim and spf fail, even tho dmarcian, dkimvalidator and any other such tools says everything is set up correctly <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> <feedback>...
  13. S

    SOLVED DMARC record not found after adding in cPanel

    I added a DMARC record using the Zone Editor and clicking the Add Record button (dropdown) -> Add DMARC Record. After adding, I could successfully run MXToolbox and see the record. I then selected "All" for the filter and searched the page (using my browser search: CTRL+F) for "dmarc" but it...
  14. S

    dmarc record not recognized by online checkers?

    I am hosting a domain that has a DMARC record set up in the zone's DNS on my server: _dmarc.[domain-snipped].com. 14400 IN TXT v=DMARC1;p=quarantine;sp=none;adkim=r;aspf=r;pct=100;fo=0;rf=afrf;ri=86400 But the various online "checkers" (mxtoolbox and dmarcian) say "no dmarc record...
  15. Kent Brockman

    How can be added DMARC programatically on every account?

    Hello guys. Now that DMARC signature is being took more and more on account, I'm looking for some way to add it to the registry of every customer account. Can this be made transparently and with no errors? This is compound of two goals: Add DMARC to all the current accounts in a server where...
  16. G

    Unauthenticated email... is not accepted due to domain's DMARC policy

    I'm working with a hosting client. He has a form on his site (that I wrote in Perl) that: 1. sends a plain-text email through /usr/sbin/sendmail ; 2. the "to" is his email address on the server that forwards to a Gmail address; 3. the return address is entered by the user that submitted the...
  17. rivermobster

    DMARC and server migration...

    Hey all, I'm moving my clients from a shared server to a new cloud server. Mainly to avoid all the email issues (blacklisting) associated with a shared server! I have DMARC records installed for all of my clients... Do these records need to be modified before or after the move? I am unsure...
  18. G

    Message not signed with DKIM, domains are not aligned can't check DMARC

    I'm checking out my email deliverability with, and I'm having 2 errors that confuse me. I'm hoping you guys and gals can help me track this down. I used a parked domain to send emails; so the account is set up for (not .com, but .co) and now I own So I...
  19. chanklish

    dmarc quarantine mailbox

    hello I setup dmarc , spf and dkim in my cpanel email .. where does the quarantined emails from the dmarc go ?
  20. P

    SMTP TLS , DMARC Record and some mailing related issues.

    Hey Buddies ! I want to improve my mail delivery , please help me. In MXtoolbox , when I tested my Server's SMTP then it shows some issues - SMTP TLS Warning - Does not support TLS. SMTP Banner Check Reverse DNS does not match SMTP Banner SMTP Transaction Time 15.578 seconds - Not good! on...