1. akust0m

    Testing out cPanel, question on DNS zone management

    Hello, I am a long time Plesk user but I've decided to start testing cPanel as it may be required for work. One question I have so far...why is the management of NS records not possible from the cPanel level and only within WHM? This is incredibly strange compared to what I'm used to. Kind...
  2. R

    Can get to site from IP but not DNS

    Hello there, I am trying to set up a new domain "afds-dev.domain.ca" and keep getting the following response: This web page is not available ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED But if I use the IP address I don't have any problem. I've waited for about 24 hours for it to propagate out and nothing. Is...
  3. W

    Need to set up a TXT record in cPanel but advanced DNS settings is missing

    Hi support team, I was just wondering - How am I able to set up new TXT records for domains in my cPanel, because after update the "advance DNS settings" are missing? System in use - CENTOS 7.2 x86_64 standard – server01 WHM 54.0 (build 12) cPanel vers. 54.0.12 Looking forward to your help...
  4. kawasakai

    Addon Domains DNS Check

    I am a bit confused about how Addon Domains work. The desired domain is not allowed to be a already registered Zone in WHM otherwise an error appears. Also it is not allowed to create an Addon Domain where the NS records not already point at the desired future NS IPs. So how is that supposed to...
  5. K

    transfer without changing DNS

    Hi, Is it possible to somehow stop the transfer tool from updating DNS. We just want to transfer the account first, check it out and then manually edit the DNS to point to the new server IP. We do not want any automated changes in the DNS. Are there any settings I have missed? //
  6. G

    How to use cloudflare plugin if the domain is not using cpanel DNS?

    We have domains on cpanel server, but those domains are not using the nameservers on the cpanel. When I activate cloudflare for the domain in cpanel, it only change the CNAME to cloudflare on cpanel nameservers, but not the domain authoritative nameservers. Is it possible to use cloudflare...
  7. I

    DNS cluster with multiple webservers

    I am currently setting up a second cpanel server in my configuration. How do I set up the dns cluster correctly with two webservers and in the near feature with more webservers. With a one server setup I configured my dns cluster like this; *********** *********** * NS1 *...
  8. Erik Ellsinger

    SSL monitor cPanel DNS only server with Nagios

    I have installed a certificate for the cPanel DNS Only webinterface (WHM). And I have a Nagios server which I want to use to monitor the certificate so I get alerted when it's about to expire. That is no problem for a normal cPanel server but it doesn't seem to work on a DNS only server. This...
  9. F

    dns only: named failed

    Hi, Got the following message for CENTOS 6.7 x86_64 standard – ns3013333 WHM 11.50.0 (build 30) thanks for your help regards François /scripts/restartsrv_named Waiting for “named” to restart ………warn [restartsrv_base] The 'named' service's P...
  10. enginuiti

    Host website ONLY, no email or DNS

    Hi there, I have a client that will be hosting a website with me, but hosting their email and DNS elsewhere. I've got the account set up in WHM and set it to "remote mail exchanger". The local DNS is currently pointing to our own DNS servers - should they point to their actual DNS servers...
  11. upsforum

    DNS only and daily message

    Every day I receive this message from one of DNS server: Subject: Output from your job 187 Body: repquota: Cannot resolve mountpoint path (deleted)/var/named/chroot/etc/named.conf: No such file or directory repquota: Cannot resolve mountpoint path (deleted)/var/named/chroot/etc/named.conf...
  12. A

    Update DNS Only to full WHM/cPanel

    Hello! I needs to have secondary authorized DNS. My error: I try to install DNSOnly on server with full cPanel/WHM and don't saw warning about replacing full WHM. Can I upgrade DNSOnly to full cPanel/WHM without reintalling Operating System. Now all web-hosts works, but cPanel show control...
  13. sahostking

    DNS Zones in VPS Cluster

    Hi Currently we have setup 2 VPS Servers using the same DNS Cluster for a client. We have DNS Servers setup in each of the servers as Write Only and on the DNS servers itself we have the cPanel servers setup as Standalone. But when we log on each of the cPanel web servers and go to DNS zone...
  14. M

    DNS Only on CentOS 7

    Hi all: Currently, i am upgrade all our Cpanel servers to CentOS 7 + Cpanel, but i not sure if is save upgrade our DNS Only ( 3 vps ) to CentOS 7. is DNS only safe on CentOS 7 ? Thanks!
  15. T

    cPanel 11.50 DNS zone

    WHM has an "Edit Zone Templates" function that gives the admin control over how new DNS zones are created. However, theres are some additional records added to each zone that are not found in these templates. In particular, it seems that the "webmail.domain.com" record is always created...
  16. A

    Most Optimum DNS Cluster Configuration

    Hello, I have 2 WHM Web servers and 4 DNS Only servers, what is the optimum method for configuring DNS Clustering? With Thanks Aaron
  17. J

    Possible to change the IP that DNS Cluster uses?

    I am referring to the outbound IP address. The WHM, DNS Cluster feature apparently uses the main server IP for connecting to the remote DNS (clustered) server. I hope there is an easy modification we could make at shell, to set the outbound IP to one of the other IP addresses on the server...
  18. G

    cPanel, MySQL, DNS Crashing

    Hello, I've been having a really big issue with my cPanel/WHM VPS. I would constantly get e-mails about cpsrvd and nameserver failing and when I try to access my sites, MySQL would be down. I'm really frustrated about this and I don't know the cause of this problem. If anyone can...
  19. H

    Problem accessing WHM DNS Server

    I m facing problem in accessing the WHM i have successfully installed cpanel on Dns server its showing steps to complete i have completed that also still facing while accessing the Whm online i have checked firewall setting also port 2087 is opened my DNS ip is 96.56.xx.xx Its CentOS 6.
  20. B

    Advanced DNS Zone Editor

    Hi All, We are planning to launch a new version of out company website, so I wanted to change the A record of our domain. I logged into cpanel went to Advanced DNS Zone Editor and then selected out domain then nothing happens, earlier it used to load the list of all the sub-domains with A...