1. H

    Problem accessing WHM DNS Server

    I m facing problem in accessing the WHM i have successfully installed cpanel on Dns server its showing steps to complete i have completed that also still facing while accessing the Whm online i have checked firewall setting also port 2087 is opened my DNS ip is 96.56.xx.xx Its CentOS 6.
  2. B

    Advanced DNS Zone Editor

    Hi All, We are planning to launch a new version of out company website, so I wanted to change the A record of our domain. I logged into cpanel went to Advanced DNS Zone Editor and then selected out domain then nothing happens, earlier it used to load the list of all the sub-domains with A...
  3. J

    Freeing Up Disk Space on DNS Only

    I've been running 2x cPanel DNS Only servers for a few years with no issues. However, recently they've started refusing to update to the latest cPanel version, stating a lack of disk space. They are each 10GB servers and have about 3GB free. My main query is what could have filled up these...
  4. K

    DNS information error

    When try to enable Email Authentication(to verify the origin of an email message sent to or from my domain. ) in Cpanel i get the following error massage "WARNING: The system cannot verify that this server is an authoritative nameserver for )”. [?]" and also many times i get the fllowing...
  5. V

    Migrating a large customer between two servers in a DNS cluster

    Hi, We are planning to migrate a large customer between to servers in a DNS cluster. There are some caveats: We do not control the DNS for this specific client Transferring will probably take several hours We want to test the entire website properly before actually migrating I am...
  6. V

    Does "cPanel DNS Admin Cache" have any requirements?

    We have "cPanel DNS Admin Cache" enabled in "Service Manager" in WHM. However, under "Service Status" in WHM, it lists "dnsadmin" as being "down", with no explanation provided as to the possible causes. Are there any specific requirements that need to be met, such as open ports, etc.?
  7. leonep

    DNS Template Edit

    Hi forum ! I am a bit confused . I edited template DNS "standard" adding some default needed record, but when i go create a new account this template is not applied... I also noticed that in the creation account wizard there isn't a combo for select the dns template.. i come from...
  8. W

    Clearing cached DNS on server?

    Is there such a thing? For some reason, an email account is not seeing another email account from a different server. It's stating as "No Such User", but in fact that email exist. I'm wondering if this is a DNS issue. I've checked the zone records of the other account and everything is there (A...
  9. D

    Configuring DNS for the client domain

    Hello everyone, I would add a reseller account where my client can use it as DNS. example: My main domain: mydomain.com (It is set to ns1 and ns2) Domain Reseller: resellerdomain.com (I would configure ns1 and ns2 in this domain so that he can pass on to their customers) So he can have a...
  10. W

    Advanced DNS Zone Editor

    Is it possible to add an MX record on this? All I can see is A/CNAME/TXT. Thanks!
  11. T

    Can't Access cPanel DNS Only server

    Hi, I tried to access via browser to open control panel of cPanel DNS Only server by http://MyServerIP:2087 Getting blank page. Please help me to solve this problem. Thanks, Toriq.
  12. N

    DNS Problems with a parked domain

    Hi I manage a small WHM server and I have been having trouble recently with parked domains. Today I began to dig into the problem in more detail. The domain has been parked from WHM (not cPanel) and the nameservers for parked.com are pointed correctly to the local nameserver for this domain...