1. H

    DNS Resolve Issue or Error

    i have a problem regarding the DNS. I had a dedicated server running in Cpanel for the last 5 Yrs. and its DNS is ns1.mydomain.com(IP: and ns2.mydomain.com(IP i successfully migrated all the domains and accounts to a new Cpanel server and changed the name servers IP...
  2. H

    DNS Error or Issue

    i have a server from OVH Datacenter and hosted 200 websites. and its name servers are ns1.mydomain.com and ns2.mydomain.com the same server is running from the last six years. Last month i bough a high configuration server from another data center and installed cpanel and migrated all accounts...
  3. S

    DNS Errors Occurred (SPF)

    I have added spf record in DNS zone manager XXXX.com. 600 TXT v=spf1 +a +mx +ip4:XXX.XXX.XXX.XX ~all But it still shows an error on Email Deliverability The system failed to complete validation of “XXXX.com”’s “SPF” because of an error: (XID nvcph4) DNS query (XXXXX.com/TXT) timeout...
  4. H

    DNS Zone Editor issue

    my domain is abcd.com and i created a cpanel account. But A Record for this domain not created. so i edited dns zone and try to add a A record for the main domain. but its not accepting @ symbol on Name field. Null value also not accepting. so how to add a A Record formain domain
  5. D

    Question regarding dns clusters

    Is it possible and or recommended to have a DNS cluster, between 2 full fledged whm servers? Except one of them is a new build and doesn't have any accounts yet.
  6. H

    DNS Server is not working properly.

    Domain dns management system is not working properly. All the domains are not propagating properly. When we change to Cloudflare, it will work correctly. On our server its not working. All the entries are correct. but i dont know whats happening and how it can solve. its happening only on...
  7. N

    Error while trying to load DNS zone file

    I'm using PowerDNS which was converted from BIND and so its using this as a back end. cPanel gives this as officially to reload a manual DNS zone change for PDNS: https://support.cpanel.net/hc/en-us/articles/360057601693-How-to-force-PowerDNS-to-reload-a-zone I have to restore some zones from a...
  8. H

    DNS Management not working Properly.

    Bind installed. more than 100 accounts hosted. all these accounts are hosted and working fine from the last few years. suddenly the dns propagations are gone to failed on most of the domains. All the DNS entries for domains are correct. whats the root cause of this issue.?? and how can i fix...
  9. H

    DNS Server Warning

    when rebuilds dns config, its throwing some warning and restarts successfully. [bindbackend] Warning! Skipping zone '.' because type 'hint' is invalid How to solve this
  10. K

    SOLVED subdomains and DNS Zone

    2 issues when adding subdomains using new "Domain" interface in cPanel 1) The new subdomains are listed as parked domains in WHM, not as subdomains. SO the subdomains created before the new Domain interface are listed as subdomains, but the new ones as parked domains ... 2) When adding a...
  11. H

    DNS Error

    When we add external mail services dns like zoho or office 365 on cpanel account, then it will not propagate and not working. But the same will working fine on cloudflare. whats the reason for this issue.
  12. leonep

    add some host for mail client dns problem

    Hi, i only want to add some hostnames for mail setup like pop3, smtp so i added to dns zone template this new record: .................................. .................................. %domain%. IN A %ip% %domain%. IN AAAA %ipv6% ipv6 IN AAAA %ipv6% %domain%. IN MX 0 %domain%. mail IN CNAME...
  13. H

    Reset a DNS Zone

    what will happen if a dns zone resets. it will try to propagate again or not
  14. H

    External DNS records not propagating

    After server migration, dns setting automatically changing. External mx records like zoho, gsuite, office365 are not propagating properly. All other settings are working correctly.
  15. S

    Wild Card Entry for All Domains (Non Existing DNS Zone)

    Hi, I want to make a wild card entry for all domains (and display a specific Page on it) whose DNS zones do not exist but they have my server nameservers set on it, is it possible to create this scenario on the cPanel Server? Regards,
  16. S

    Addon domains that require DNS zones before registering

    cPanel uses a system of verifying someone owns a domain name by checking it's nameservers before allowing that domain name to be added as an addon domain in the user's cPanel. I understand the policy for this. It's meant to insure that users don't just add random domains to their account that...
  17. S

    Editing DNS Zone Manager from terminal (SSH)

    I needed to ask whether it is possible to edit the WHM's DNS Zone Manager's configuration from terminal with SSH. If so, where should one navigate to perform those changes? Thank you.
  18. M

    DNS Only SSL issue

    I've deployed 2 fresh cPanel DNS Only boxes, let's call them ns1.mydomain.com and ns2.mydomain.com I've followed the same process on both. On ns2.mydomain.com the SSL is auto installed and is working nicely. In "Manage Service SSL Certificates" in the "Certificate Properties" column it lists...
  19. M

    Migrate DNS server to new domain

    I currently have 2 cPanel DNS Only boxes which were created 8+ years ago. Since then a lot has changed including the business domain. In addition to migarting these to new DNS servers running on AlmaLinux I'd also like to give them a new name. I'm using DNS clustering on my cPanel servers so is...
  20. J

    Setting up remote DNS

    Hello. I currently run all my dns services within WHM/cpanel. Due to reaccuring slow response times I'd like to migrate ALL dns services (including all txt records, dmark, dkim, etc.) off the server while still keeping mail and websites on the server. Is this feasable? Thank you.