1. K

    multiple DKIM records

    I have a customer that first uses 3rd party DNS wants to have 2 dkim records for their email with us, and their email with another company within cpanel, the dkim record selector is default.. they want a config for s1 and s2 for their 2 records but within cpanel there is not a way to change...
  2. AndyX

    In Progress CPANEL-40801 - This syetm does not control DNS

    Using the Email Deliverability function I see this: What should I ask the web host to do? What records need updating?
  3. O

    DNS DCV preflight check failed on all my sites

    My certificates won't renew on all my sites. Terminal says the urls won't resolve. I notice the hostname is included in the URL. Is that the cause of the error? DigitalOcean is handling my DNS settings. [root@hostname ~]# /usr/local/cpanel/bin/checkallsslcerts The system will check for the...
  4. M

    Whitelisting Dynamic DNS hostnames

    Any suggestions for whitelisting dynamic DNS hostnames? Need this for cPhulk, ModSecurity and Mod Evasive? Based on ModSecurity reference manual, it looks like this can be done with 'SERVER_NAME'. Can anyone verify this?
  5. S

    Careful when migrating between servers with different DNS service

    Hello, I had migrated about 6 servers from servers with Bind and Cloudlinux 6-7 to that of AlmaLinux 8.5/Cloudlinux 8.5 with PowerDNS I found that when doing so I would get these random instability occurrences such as RESTORE: Account “xxx”: Warnings Sorry, An error occurred while adding...
  6. C

    AutoSSL failing for domains with external DNS but hosted and resolving to cpanel server

    AutoSSL failing for domains with external DNS but hosted and resolving to cpanel server. Domains using the local server DNS are working with AutoSSL, but not domains that are using an external 3rd party DNS server. The domain in question does resolve to the server IP. Running the following...
  7. PeteS

    SOLVED CPANEL-40374 - DNS Path Diagram not as expected, getting NS1 as intermediary instead of direct link to NS2

    I set up a DNS Cluster following the steps here: Guide to DNS Cluster Configurations | cPanel & WHM Documentation Both NS1 & NS2 do update to changes on WS1. I will be adding WS2 and WS3 next. My understanding is that the WS DNS roles should be sync, and NS roles standalone, so that a change...
  8. E

    Optimal DNS Setup

    So I'm trying to better understand the ideal cPanel DNS scenario. Lets say for example I have a main infrastructure in Location A where our main cabinet is. A remote site on the other side of the coast (Location B) which is just a dedicated server or two for other uses and I want to add at...
  9. PeteS

    Moving server, keeping hostname and nameservers, changing IP addresses, single server with no DNS clustering

    I'd like some best practice ideas for how to handle a server move. Currently there is a single cPanel server that has 3 IP addresses (main/shared/hostname, NS1, NS2). The whole server is moving to a new server, which will have a new IP address (could have 3 IP addresses temporarily, by not...
  10. S

    Can't apply DNS Zone templates anymore

    We have a plugin that allows our customers to pick different DNS templates and apply them to their domains zones. This plugin used to work fine for 8 years but has recently stopped working. The way the plugin works is to first delete the existing zone using API's killdns command and then...
  11. JIKOmetrix

    [SOLVED] Fixing all DNS zones in the cluster

    Hello, I have a issue that started with a DNS template. The DNS templaced had an include in the TXT for SPF that should not be there. There are hundreds of DNS zones in the cluster. I do not want to manually edit each zone via the zone editor. I have tried to do the following on each server...
  12. PeteS

    Migrating from a single server to two servers with DNS clustering.

    Server A is a standard profile server with 3 IPs (main, NS1,NS2) which handles all services. I'm wanting to split this server off into server A and server B (also a standard profile server) and establish DNS clustering between them. The domain that the nameservers are on will move to server B...
  13. B

    DNS Cluster

    Hi everyone I have simple question about DNS cluster. If we setup server 1 and create nameservers like ns1.domain.com IP: 12.235.213 After that we setup new server and configure DNS cluster. What happened when server 1 I mean master server down or crashed because ns1.domain.com have server 1 IP...
  14. 3

    intodns reported Same Glue problem

    Domain NS records Nameserver records returned by the parent servers are: ns10.3alixxxxxxx.com. ['xx.xx.74.242'] [TTL=172800] ns11.3alixxxxxxx.com. ['xx.xx.74.243'] [TTL=172800] a.gtld-servers.net was kind enough to give us that information. Same Glue Looks like the A records...
  15. mlopez

    Change multiple DNS zones using templates/wildcards

    What I'm trying to do is to add specific records to all (or most part) of the domains hosted in the server using a DNS template-like syntax. Example: I want to add smtp, imap and pop CNAMES pointing to mail.%domain%. like this: smtp 14400 IN CNAME mail.example.com. imap 14400 IN...
  16. vicos

    AutoSSL: WARN Local HTTP DCV error" -- Using my own DNS Server and we don't want those cPanel subdomains defined. Workaround?

    We use our own DNS server and we do not want all of those cPanel specified subdomains defined, like cpcontacts, webdisk, and so on. Mainly since we don't use those features and for security purposes. Of course, this causes AutoSSL to issue the "WARN Local HTTP DCV error" at renewal time. The...
  17. T

    DNS Cluster shows Bind not PowerDNS

    Hi All I have just noticed an issue with the "Remote Server Type" in my DNS Cluster which is showing as "Bind" on all my servers even though it was originally showing "PowerDNS" and the remote servers are still using PowerDNS, and I have checked that they are. This is only recent as I was...
  18. E

    Best practice for DMARC if cPanel user has migrated DNS to Cloudflare

    See below screenshot below. My client decided to migrate his DNS to Cloudflare and now he is having a world of trouble sending emails to `@gmail` users from his WooCommerce enabled WordPress site. By using the menu "Show original" in Gmail we can indeed see there is a problem. DMARC is...
  19. sajithgsm

    DNS Cluster with cPanel/WHM

    Hi, I'm trying to clustering the all dns zone with a master server and child server. one.abc.com is master server two.abc.com is other server. WHM > DNS Cluster in the Master Server, I added other server and it is appearing in the bottom page now. this screenshot is the Master Server’s DNS...
  20. M

    SOLVED CPANEL-39887 - DNS Zone Manager (bug)

    Hi To reproduce the bug: Go to Home / DNS Functions / DNS Zone Manager Select "Manage" of a domain (the last button on the far right) In the SOA record, select "Edit" Observe Mname and Rname without modifying and validating again by pressing "Save Record" You will see that the Rname and...