1. K

    Some help on DNS Only please

    I'm not understanding the setup of DNS Only servers. I've installed it fine, but I think I'm confused on how it works. I searched cPanel docs, and YouTube in general and I can find nothing on how it works, only on how to install it. For instance, lets say I want to have [email protected]...
  2. M

    domain not resolving

    I am experiencing a problem with one of my servers. My hostname and hostnames domain is not resolving. From server I can ping hostname (server.domain.tld) but not the domain (domain.tld) From clients I can not ping neither hostname nor domain
  3. N

    Domain showing another website on the server

    Hi, Having am issue with one domain, it is now showing another domain website that is on the server. I was in the process of updating the cpanel SSL certificate on the domain, and removed the expired one, so that the new new would install as it is still pending in the queue. Since that was...
  4. N

    Did someone try to create a DNS Cluster server on Google Cloud?

    Hello, Everybody :) As you know Google cloud is unique and cPanel does not match 100% the DNS section if you using GCP: https://support.cpanel.net/hc/en-us/articles/360051772634-How-to-Configure-your-Domain-for-Use-With-Google-Compute-Engine As you see on the support page, need to copy all the...
  5. coursevector

    DNS Zone Manager issue - can't change TTL

    So apparently if you have an MX record with the following TTLs: 3600, 14400, and 14400. Somehow cPanel let my client put in MX records like that. But if you go back in to try and change the TTL to match, it throws up this error: Error:example.com’s “MX” records have mismatched TTL values (3600...
  6. J

    WHM dns and cpanel dns r not the same

    Hello, after restoring WHM/Cpanel from backup I noticed that Cpanel DNS r missing a lot of rows. I have 20 rows in WHM DNS and just 3 rows in the Cpanel zone editor. I tried to sync DNS in WHMbut got the same result. how can I fix this issue? Thank u
  7. mlopez

    SOLVED DNS Zone templates edition ('bad dotted quad' error)

    Hello, I'm trying to edit DNS Zone Templates for all new hosting accounts. I want to change the default cPanel DNS configuration for MX records so as to get the following mail IN A example.com. IN MX 0 mail.example.com. _dmarc TXT...
  8. M

    Migration DNS records

    Hello, I need to transfer cPanel account to another hosting. I follow this guide (How to Manually Migrate Accounts to cPanel from Unsupported Control Panels - cPanel Knowledge Base - cPanel Documentation) and I transfered files and directories, compressing all in a file tar.gz. In the new...
  9. M

    Downtime with custom nameservers?

    There are several DNS features that are not compatible with BlueHost nameservers (DNSSEC, etc), so we'd like to update our nameservers to use our cPanel server as the nameservers. However, since the domain is our e-commerce shop, we cannot afford any downtime to occur. Below are the current A...
  10. S

    SOLVED Unable to remove zone issue

    Hi, I'm facing an issue, in WHM, zone of domain exists but blank, and when I try to delete it I'm facing Unable to remove zone: domain.com error. When I try to delete it from the command line but there is no file in /var/named/ folder and also there is no entry of domain.com in the...
  11. A

    Optimal DNS Cluster for 2 cPanel servers and 1 DNS-Only?

    I've got a little lost with DNS Clustering so would appreciate some feedback. At the moment I have: cPanel A (ns1.mydomain.com) cPanel B (ns2.mydomain.com) DNS Only (ns3.mydomain.com) 1) Is it optimal to have them all running as nameservers serving zones for both cPanel A and B? 2) How...
  12. A

    DNS problem after migration

    Hello. I got a problem when trying to migrate some domains and websites between two dedicated servers. Context : - Server 1 : dedicated with centos 7 and cpanel - Server 2 : dedicated with centos 7 and cpanel - Domain 1 registrar : OVH - Domain 2 registrar : InternetBS - Domain 3 registrar ...
  13. Ekushey

    Issue with ns1.cprapid.com and ns2.cprapid.com as DNS

    I used the migration tool to move 35 cPanel accounts from another server, without realizing that the default name servers were set to ns1.cprapid.com and ns2.cprapid.com under Basic WebHost Manager Setup. Now all my domains have ns1.cprapid.com and ns2.cprapid.com as NS, and I'm trying to...
  14. C

    cp dns only server question

    how do you remove a domain off of cpdns only. there is no gui function, I think it might be orphaned? maybe. do your remove the db file and named.conf entry and restart services?
  15. N

    Addon domain on GCP (Google DNS) + Option for Premium IP for addon domain

    Hello again :) I succeed to install cPanel on GCP on the best side by the book of cPanel. but have a couple of problems i still deal with. ( problems can be fixed and bypassed, not something serious ) as you know guys on GCP, the DNS of cPanel is not effective, and all the control is in GCP...
  16. B

    Error: The “serial” argument cannot be empty - when adding TXT record to DNS zone

    When I try to add a TXT record to verify a domain with Google Search Console I get the following error in cPanel "Error: The “serial” argument cannot be empty. " If I try to do the same in WHM DNS Zone It simply does not add and gives no feedback apart from the spinner on the "Save Record"...
  17. 000

    from SHELL, how to list all DNS createds in server? (not just

    hello, which command can list DNS into server?, but: from putty. we not want get [root@pepsi ~]# cat /etc/resolv.conf ; Created by cloud-init on instance boot automatically, do not edit. ; ; generated by /usr/sbin/dhclient-script search openstacklocal 3cow nameserver nameserver
  18. radeonpower

    SOLVED Synchronize DNS Records error

    Hello, this is the first time I have encountered this problem on cPanel. I'm trying to sync dns records to all servers (I am using 4 cPanel dns only servers connected to the main WHM server) when I get this error. Synchronize all zones to all servers dnsadmin failed to answer a request that...
  19. E

    How to setup secondary dns in cPanel

    Hello, I have a cPanel&WHM 98.0.8. My user who have domain on my cPanel wants to set secondary dns for his domain. Primary dns is cpanel dns. How to do that? Best regards, Elizabeta
  20. E

    DNS record autodiscover

    Hello, I have a cPanel&WHM server v98.0.8. Some of my users are asking to add an autodiscover to the dns record. In settings on WHM are option for autodiscover: When a user goes to add an autodiscover record via DNS Editor, he does not see that he has managed to add an autodiscover record...