1. Sovjohn

    Migrate DNS & Cluster to new server(s) - How to best achieve?

    Hi, So, I've got a slightly weird scenario and would like to know what you think of it: Right now, a CPanel server (let's call it Server A) has a given IP address as main address and is in a cluster. Server B and Server C is in the cluster. The IP addresses of server A & server B are also...
  2. N

    SOLVED DNS cluster Setup assistance needed

    Hello, Kindly need someone help me to guide me for DNS Cluster. I read the documentation but I am confused how I must setup properly the DNS Cluster with 1 domain and multiple IPs and WHM. I have the bellow servers: Server1 -> Webserver + DNS Server2 -> Webserver Server3 -> Webserver My...
  3. A

    SOLVED Move from Reseller account to Root with DNSOnly nameservers

    Greetings everyone! So I have been using cPanel for almost 2 years now but I have only used Reseller access. I would like to move to my own root server which I have already purchased but I need help to transition to the new server with as little downtime as possible. I will describe what setup...
  4. G

    DNS cluster DKIM on second server

    Hi, I have two servers in a DNS cluster. One server runs a website (mainsite.com) and has DKIM enabled. The other server runs an application (appserver.com) that sends email on behalf of mainsite.com. When sending email using the mainsite.com SMTP server, it adds a DKIM header. However, when...
  5. D

    DNS Custer issue

    Hello, I can see there are several posts about DNS Cluster but each configuration looks different from mine. I onw 3 servers whm01 (whm) ns1 (dns only) and ns2 (dns only) I setup Dns cluster : on whm01 : ns1 as write-only ns2 as write-only on ns1 : whm as stand alone on ns2 : whm as...
  6. hrace009

    DNS Cluster Setup

    Hello, Kindly need someone help to guide me for DNS Cluster. I have configuration like bellow: +-----------------------+ | cPanel webserver | | dns2 (ns2.domain.com) | +-----------------------+ | +------------+-------------+ |dns1 (ns1.domain.com) | |cPanel DNS Only...
  7. O

    Two records different values

    Hello, I'm preparing DNs groups with this topology: Master (cpanel whm) -> slave standalone (cpanel dnsonly) -> slave standalone (cpanel dnsonly) My question is, if by example this domain: mydom.tld, create a A record of this way: Sub -> Sub -> How work...
  8. M

    SOLVED Move old DNS to new server

    Hi guys, I'm goin to migrate to new server. Can you tell me the proper steps? Currently I run WHM 56.0 (build 39) with own DNS hosted servers, which I use. Can you help me to setup the new server and move all data? Thank you!
  9. S

    SOLVED Help about DNS Cluster

    Hello, I have a question about dns cluster. I have setup multiple servers and i am using dns cluster so i give only 2 nameservers to all my customers, everything is working fine just one issue. If i move one account from one server to another server, and i want to run account from another...
  10. P

    SOLVED DNS Only Server

    Hi just a quick question i have 4 dns servers and need to replace one of them. Do i just setup the new one ready. Remove old one from all cpanel servers then change the I.P on the name server to this new one and then add the new server back to my cpanel servers. Is that all i need to do...
  11. G

    Dropping clustered DNS

    The answer may be too obvious as I can find no one with the same question, so apologies if I am just being thick. My current setup has two servers one of which runs DNSOnly and my DNS entries point to that servers IP address for DNS. It's domain is ns.domain.com The hosting server running WHM...
  12. L

    Disable DNS service?

    i have servers and using DNS cluster ns1 and ns2 can i disable DNS service on my server2 if i use dns cluster?
  13. M

    Unknown API Error when attempting to contact the remote system

    Hi All, I have a DNS cluster setup between a primary WHM cpanel machine and two WHM DNS Only machines that run as ns1 and ns2. Recently my vps provider changed the IP of my NS1 machine. Now i am attempting to re-add NS1 to the cluster but keep getting this error message: "Unknown API Error...
  14. K

    3 Servers DNS Cluster

    Hello, I would like your help on the following matter. I currently have two servers in dns cluster that replicate dns zones. I need to separate the domains they currently hold and add another dns server to act as a backup for the first two. What i need to do exactly is this (pay attn to the...
  15. bejbi

    Problem with domains in cluster

    There is a security problem with adding domains: dns cluster settings: hostingserver1 (cpanel) - write only (only sends zones) hostingserver2 (cpanel) - write only (only sends zones) dnsserver (dnsonly) - standalone (only receives zones) When I have domain parked (for example: mydomain.com)...
  16. C

    Multiple Shared Servers Sharing Nameservers

    Would a DNS cluster in which multiple shared servers are configured to use (write-only to) the same cluster of DNSOnly nodes work? I'm not sure if write-only deletes everything on the target before writing or just writes and I can't find any information that confirms if this would work or not...
  17. N

    Nameserver with one Domain

    Hello, I have 1 domain for example: domain.com and I want use this domain as main nameserver domain for all my vps. I have 3 vps and all run WHM. VPS1 - WHM VPS2 - WHM VPS3 - WHM In the vps1 I have all the records for my domain.com ns etc. The problem is that if the vps1 go down for some...
  18. E

    DNS Question

    Is there a way to sync/cluster dns records with bind running on a Debian machine? Debian machine will not be doing any changing of records, more or less just a slave/fail over.
  19. D

    Clustering Advice

    Hi All, Just want to know the best way to configure each server for clustering. We have 3 severs that we want to cluster. Server A - Main Server, with two Nameserver with unique IPv4 Address. Server B - Backup Server, with two Nameserver with unique IPv4 Address. Server C - VPS Server for 1...
  20. L

    how to setup Dns Cluster on 2 server?

    Hi, I've have s single server running Cpanel. The Dns configuration on the server is that: ns1.webserver.com points to IP1 ns2.webserver.com point to IP2 both on the same server(machine). Now I want to setup a new web server + Cpanel, and I want him to host the ns2.webserver.com Dns. I'm also...