domain management

  1. R

    DNS Zone Failed To Load Error ID: fc5w87

    I am getting an error when open DNS zone editor The request failed. (Error ID: fc5w87) Ask your hosting provider to research this error in cPanel & WHM’s main error log. Reset The DNS Zone
  2. W

    Sending e-mail from a blocked external domain.

    Hello! We have a project here at the Company. We will be migrating some emails from a server of ours with Microsoft to our server on cPanel. - We have a domain A - which is with Microsoft. - And we have a domain B - which is on cPanel. But we are not going to migrate all the Microsoft email...
  3. N

    Forgetting to uncheck "Share document root", one user erase his website

    Hello, Today I had the bad news to get a ticket from a user who erased his website by installing a new WordPress (through WP Toolkit), to an "addon" domain (or, now, I don't know how we are supposed to call that : "second domain added in an existing cPanel account!?"). Looking on that issue...
  4. N

    Domain showing another website on the server

    Hi, Having am issue with one domain, it is now showing another domain website that is on the server. I was in the process of updating the cpanel SSL certificate on the domain, and removed the expired one, so that the new new would install as it is still pending in the queue. Since that was...
  5. F

    Secondary Resolver Configuration with errors

    Hi, Yesterday and today I received this email about one dedicated server with WHM "Maintenance ended; however, it did not exit cleanly (256). The following events were logged: “scripts/check_unreliable_resolvers”. Review the update logs to determine why the update failed." And also another...
  6. J

    Issue with site redirecting to wrong domains.

    I created a new site for a domain under (a subdomain as the primary domain, DNS was set up in Cloudflare to point to the server), I created a blank wordpress site and used the wp all in one migration tool to export/import the new site. Everything worked to an extent, now I...
  7. D

    Problem creating subdomain

    Hi im having issues whem im trying to create a subdomain, the following error is show on the cpanel screen Houve um problema na criação do subdomínio: (XID r843e9) Undefined subroutine &Cpanel::Config::LoadCpUserFile::has_cpuser_file called at /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/ line 32.
  8. S

    Same server, same WP instalation, but one domain is https and other is not secure

    I am moving a website to my new server as an addon domain, and if I install clean WP through Softacolous, I get a warning that my connection is not secure. I did the same thing with my other unused domain and https works fine. How is that possible? Also, both domains come from the same provider.
  9. R

    Hostname and nameservers

    Hi, I am trying to start a hosting business and I am still sometimes get stuck when it comes to DNS zones in generals. So, I have purchased a domain name "" through Ovh. Then I added my A records "host", "ns1" and "ns2," each of them pointing respectively to an IP address where I...
  10. R

    PDNS & BIND Listening on multiple IP addresses

    I have a DNS Only server that is giving me fits. Both Bind and PowerDNS are listening on two ports. This causes the following concern when testing via intodns: Looks like the A records (the GLUE) got from the parent zone check are different than the ones got from your nameservers. You have to...
  11. speckados

    In Progress CPANEL-42193 - Delete dns zones not in server

    Hi. - For error I setup one server in a relation with DNS cluster. - Now server has ALL zones in cluster. - Now I setup server in Write-only mode and verify that in second DNS (cluster) there not a reverse relation with this server - Try clean up DNS but system not clean zones not owned by...
  12. leonep

    IPv6 config help, some websites are not reached by ipv6 only users

    Hi, i need help to config my server with ipv6. i used 2001:41d0:403:171c:: in basic webhost manager setup "The IPv6 address (only one address) to use to set up shared IPv6 virtual hosts. " and also i add range 2001:41d0:403:171c::/64 some websites not work from ipv6 client also in the...
  13. I

    Domain management in cPanel 11

    I need to point to and say in the address bar, is there a way to do this through Cpanel 11? preferably without using parking or addon domains.