1. imorandin

    In Progress CPANEL-43323 - doveadm priority (nice)

    Hi, When a client cleans a large email account, the doveadm expunge process consumes a lot of resources (specially CPU): Is there any way to reduce the priority (nice) of this process? I've tried these Tweak settings with no luck (nice stays at 0): Thanks, Ignacio
  2. Arman.Motevalian

    Illegal access to e-mail through the service : dovecot

    Hello, please help me. I have installed my Almalinux 8 system from scratch and the cPanel version is fresh and clean. I also have imunify360 security software, but one of my emails is constantly being hacked. Anonymous IP through the service dovecot Enters my email . I blocked his IP from...
  3. G

    Broken virtual size in mailbox

    Hi all, We had to use the transfer tool to move an account from one server to another and unfortunately since then, one mailbox of the account is having issues receiving via IMAP. Jun 9 09:49:15 NEW_SERVER dovecot: imap([email protected])<15349><SHgOca79mp0zm4YX>: Error: Mailbox INBOX...
  4. M

    maillog - any tips for maillog showing continual login and then instant logout from end user?

    A current email user is having some issues they can't seem to log in to their emails. Checking the various /var/log files comes up with maillog showing lots and lots of these: /var/logs/maillog Apr 14 13:37:37 servername dovecot: imap-login: Login: user=<[email protected]>, method=PLAIN...
  5. 360webfirm

    The service “exim” appears to be down

    Good day to all of you. I am having the exim service go down, come back up and then go down yet again. The reason is because of to: 421 Too many concurrent SMTP connections; please try again later. I am sure this is because my Email Dovecot is being attacked as its not because of users as...
  6. R

    SOLVED Dovecot - Move messages from Archive to Inbox

    Hello All, I have a strange problem, by mistake, I have archived all my emails and now I want back them in the Inbox How to do this? I can see all emails in Archives folder, but there is no option to move emails from Archives to Inbox or any other folder I also tried to move emails using...
  7. D

    Dovecot Configuration Template Errors

    Today on 4 servers, every hour I get this notification: Configuration file /var/cpanel/templates/dovecot/main.local is invalid: Expire plugin is still present in configuration file! I diffed files: diff -u main.default main.local.broken.1636375895.1Jbd6dZqUTLIQM8a --- main.default...
  8. I

    Dovecot (IMAP) keeps failing

    Hi, It's about four days I think that Dovecot keeps failing and then running multiple times. This is the log I see in email: And this is the log when I run /scripts/restartsrv_dovecot --stop and /scripts/restartsrv_dovecot --start as said here: This is /var/log/maillog: How to solve...
  9. S

    dovecote-uidlist update issue

    Hi, Recently my mail folder was mistakenly moved to a different folder from cPanel file manager which I didn't know first. I restored my emails from my backup which was one week old and after two days I found that my mail folder was moved and I just rsync my emails again back to my mail folder...
  10. R

    Can't login to Dovecot during distributed imap login attack

    Can't login to Dovecot, e.g. from Cpanel "Check Mail" link to Roundcube, when distributed imap/pop3 login attack is going on. The question isn't about attack mitigation, but how to prevent it to from locking out imap login with correct password for the same email account at least temporary. Is...
  11. 360webfirm

    Disable Dovecot in mailserver config

    Hello all, I wanted to ask about the possibility of disabling Dovecot mail services without it causing any issues with external mail settings and WHM email delivery to me as admin. I have only a few people using c panel email, and this is going to change to none soon due to constant DOS...
  12. DigitalEssence

    One users Inbox emails disappear from IMAP client but are still visible in /cur

    Hi, I have one user who's Inbox emails have "disappeared" for the second time from IMAP clients and webmail. The first time they "just came back" after a while. This time it has been 3 hours now and we still can't see the Inbox emails in any IMAP client or webmail. Looking in their /cur...
  13. H

    Free CPanel SSL cert is replacing our DigiCert SSL for Dovecot every night, breaking access

    The new free CPanel-issued SSL cert is a good idea for many people, but it is breaking our access to Dovecot for POP3/IMAP. Friday night our DigiCert wildcard SSL cert was replaced by the CPanel cert causing connections to to break. I fixed that Saturday morning by going into...
  14. I

    Dovecot is down

    hey after a very normal reboot for updates my centos can't seem to start Dovecot i keep having mails about imap ,pop and exim failing i have no idea what to do
  15. A

    SOLVED [CPANEL-26002] LMTP errors after upgrading to cPanel & WHM Version 78

    Moderator Notice: Please see this post for a description of why this error message occurs. Since one of our servers updated to v78.0.11 this morning emails are completely failing to deliver. Example snippet from `exim -qff -v`: LOG: MAIN == [email protected] R=dkim_lookuphost...
  16. L

    SOLVED Dovecot Invalid quoted-printable input trailer

    Ran across this issue today, posting for future reference. User having issues with some emails throwing an error and not loading in webmail clients. Error as seen by the user when attempting to open an email: 'Could not load message from server' Error as seen in the logs: Invalid...
  17. C

    Change default directories in mail?

    Hello, I would like to know if it is possible to change the directories that use the email services on the server, for example, I would like "Sent" to become "Enviados", I know that you can configure the language within Horde for example, but I do not look for a "mask" that calls the directory...
  18. M

    SOLVED Dovecot Imap: Warning: fd limit (ulimit -n) is lower than required under max

    Hello When editing the WHM » Home »Service Configuration »Mailserver Configuration and saving; the notice: Is displayed. However despite adjusting some settings in "Mailserver Configuration" I can't seem to adjust either value (client_limit or fd limit ). Things I have done: I have read...
  19. cPanelMichael

    SOLVED Dovecot CVE-2019-3814 (cPanel & WHM is unaffected by default)

    Hello Everyone, Dovecot issued the following security advisory earlier today: CVE-2019-3814: Suitable client certificate can be used to login as other user This vulnerability is applicable to Dovecot installations with auth_ssl_require_client_cert and auth_ssl_username_from_cert enabled as...
  20. P

    exim / dovecot show password

    Hi Guys, Does anyone know how to enable password logging for dovecot and exim? I tried showing passwords by setting in /etc/dovecot/dovecot.conf auth_debug = yes auth_debug_passwords = yes However it still wasn't showing passwords. There are times when troubleshooting where it would be...