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    dovecot not restarted when changing ssl cert

    Hi, I just ran into and solved the following issue: We had a customer using ssl to connect via pop to our server. We recently converted to dovecot when 11.24 came out. The customer was receiving an error saying that the ssl cert had a bad signature, etc... Turns out it was expired. For...
  2. K

    dovecot: auth(default): BUG

    Hello I just upgraded last night to 11.24 and one of the server is displaying the following error in the maillog: Nov 28 02:04:40 mercury dovecot: auth(default): BUG: Authentication client gave a PID 29153 of existing connection The PID number changes over time. Any ideas? Other servers...
  3. V

    Dovecot on CentOS4 + MySQL5 breaks yum

    Hi, I've noticed on a handful of machines that a dovecot RPM has been pushed to the servers by cPanel, even though we have not elected to use dovecot at all. This is having the unfortunate side-effect of breaking yum updates, as the dovecot RPM has a dependency for the MySQL4 RPM's, and...
  4. G

    Switch from Courier to dovecot (for existing servers), possible?

    Hello guys, I wonder is it possible to switch from Courier to dovecot (for existing servers)?
  5. K

    Dovecot or Courier with cpanel?

    I see Cpanel now has Dovecot support in WHM, has anyone moved from Courier to Dovecot yet? is it any better? how did you change it within WHM? Any info welcomed :confused:
  6. J

    dovecot support?

    I've read a few threads on here about being able to use dovecot instead of courier on my server with cPanel. Is anything happening with this? I'm really eager to use dovecot because it seems to support the .crt/.key SSL cert format that I use with Apache, whereas I don't think courier does...
  7. R

    Certificate for dovecot expired?

    Got a neat server alert that has me a bit confused after upgrading to Current 23870: There are only five certificates listed: Exim SMTP, Courier POP3, Courier IMAP, FTP and cPanel... All of which have the correct certificate installed, none are self-signed... I do see the...