1. T

    dropbox access token expire, backup solution not possible

    Hi there, I setup dropbox destination for my backups according to this blog post: Custom Backup Transport: Dropbox | cPanel Blog The setup works fine for, well, for a while. The issue here is that, since some time last year, all dropbox access token automatically expire after a few hours or...
  2. M

    Uploading backups to Dropbox or Google Drive

    From time to time some users cancel their services and they require me to share its backups, however it is kind of slow to download its backup files to my computer and then upload to something like Dropbox or Google Drive, so I was wondering if there is a way to copy the backup files directly to...
  3. chanklish

    Dropbox backup

    hello awesome people i am trying to backup to dropbox , got my api creds and followed this custom backup dropbox once validating i am receiving this error : Validation for transport “dropbox” failed: Could not upload test file: 2022-02-07T23:42:10 [WebService::Dropbox] [ERROR]...
  4. chanklish

    dropbox like storage system

    hello i am looking to set a small storage system on my cpanel where certain users can view and download some files what is the best way ? regular FTP ? thank you no none ?!
  5. M

    Solution for large files being sent to Dropbox?

    I have set up a backup system to my Dropbox -- external to cPanel and the local server environment. I have used the script described here: Custom Backup Transport: Dropbox | cPanel Blog as well as various Forum posts to set up the Dropbox backup. The script and the WHM backup interface appear...
  6. SuperBaby

    Dropbox installation :: couldn't find pygtk

    # ./configure .. .. checking for pygtk... no configure: error: couldn't find pygtk I am a beginner about dedicated server. I tried to install Dropbox to my CentOS/cPanel server but got the error above. How do i install pygtk? Thanks.