1. R

    Recommendations for “ea-php80-php”: PHP DSO *

    Getting this recommendation all the sudden, however when looking into the compatibility for litespeed server, both recommendations are not recommended, and noted as incompatible. Thought I'd double check what ya'll thought, and bring attention to the bad recommendation if indeed these are not...
  2. K

    DSO as PHP handler

    I’m puzzled over the role of DSO. I’m told you can only use it as a handler on one version of PHP at a time. If your server has multiple versions of PHP how do you decide which one to assign to DSO? Any advise appreciated.
  3. lionsgate

    Change from CGI to DSO?

    Over the weekend I installed EasyApache 4, migrating from EA3: so now running Apache 2.4 and PHP 5.6. I believe PHP was running as Apache before the update. Now, PHP is running as CGI. This causing serious issues with some apps like phpBB and others using third party CMS frameworks. If so, how I...
  4. R

    SOLVED DSO handler easy easyapache 4

    Hi im not able to determine the correct method of installing the DSO PHP package i went to WHM > MultiPHP Manager > PHP handlers The drop down menu only gives me the options cgi or suphp or none. How do I get the other handlers available? and activate on ea-php56 please guide me as im...
  5. H

    extensions php56-php/php70-php

    Hi, under EA4 there are these extensions available for each of the PHP versions installed: php56-php php70-php etc What's this for?
  6. D

    Webserver using PHP 5.4 despite being set to 5.6

    Hi, One of our customers contacted us about some PHP extensions that wasn't enabled despite being enabled under 'Select PHP version'. I quickly saw that his website (which is an addon domain with document root in /domainfolder) was using PHP 5.4, despite being set to 5.6. This was not the issue...
  7. K

    Easyapache4 - PHP handlers

    I've the same probem. How i can display in WHM available all handlers current i have /usr/local/cpanel/bin/rebuild_phpconf --available ea-php56: cgi none suphp ea-php70: cgi none suphp How to add the others? for somewhere say i need to add in apache modules but i can't find such options.
  8. N

    SOLVED Including files from other user accounts

    I know your going to say "BAD IDEA" and I agree, mostly - I am the only one on a VPS, I have a central code base that feeds all of the other sites. It is working on a server now with Easy Apache 3 - using php 5.5.3, and DSO handler. New server I am trying to move to is running EasyApache 4...
  9. N

    SOLVED PHP Handler DSO

    How to show up PHP Handler DSO for php71 ? EX: http://prntscr.com/djvhuf
  10. W

    DSO is not a handler choice with any EA4 Package

    Today I upgraded my server from EA3/Apache 2.2/PHP 5.5 to EA4 and Apache 2.4. I plan to run just a single version and configuration of PHP on my server. I hoped to continue running the DSO handler with mod-ruid2, but now with PHP 7. Furthermore, I was planning to use OpCache because the old APC...
  11. R

    Suphp to DSO Permissions

    Hi Everyone, I have moved from Suphp to DSO php handler and allot of sites are throwing up permission issues, what server wide command do i need to execute fix the permission issues please? Thanks Rockforduk
  12. D

    DSO handler. PHP files being served raw instead of executing

    Hello All, We used to run this as DSO and we now have to go back to it. We tried using suPHP but it isn't working very well with our current setup. One problem that I'm having is that when I switch to DSO handler in WHM all PHP files are being served as download files instead of being...
  13. S

    Permission error changing php handler from DSO to FCGI

    Hello , When i try to change the default php5 handler from DSO to FCGI .. all the websites stops working with Permission denied error message You do not have permission to access /whatever.php on this server .. I tried to fix all permissions using the find -exec combination to chown...
  14. I

    FastCGI or DSO?

    Hi, Could someone please advise me as to which in their opinion would be better. I have a AMD Phenom II X6-1055T with 16GB of RAM if that makes a difference. I am also running xcache. I am currently running DSO, but our support has suggested changing MPM from prefork to worker as we...
  15. A

    Migration from mod_ruid2 to DSO only and public file permission

    Using DSO and mod_ruid2 has been going rather well the last year. But when using mod_ruid2, it restricts me too much from choices I can make when wanting to experiment with other modules, so I've been thinking about stop using mod_ruid2. 1. If I stop using mod_ruid2 on my server, how will it...
  16. M

    DSO and suPHP for php5?

    I have a particular app that I want to make available to all my clients on all my servers, but it doesnt work well with php running in cgi modes and all my servers run either suphp or fastcgi for php5. Users wont need access to the actual files and its going to just be a single install on each...
  17. L

    DSO + Mod Ruid 2 + OPcode Cache

    Anyone suggest a Opcode Cache to us with a DSO+Mod Ruid 2 setup?
  18. orty

    Forcing DSO Handler on per-user basis ? Or dealing with "nobody" files

    I'm moving my accounts between one server that uses DSO as it's php handler, the other that uses suPHP as its handler. The problem is that some of the account I'm moving have PHP configs being loaded in htaccess or have files with .php extensions that are owned by nobody. Is there a way to...
  19. D

    Concurrent DSO patch PDO

    Why "Concurrent DSO patch" disable PDO? It works fine with other EasyApache versions but not now.
  20. S

    Change php5 handler to DSO -option not there

    Hello all, I read a post there that to change my php5 handler to apache module, i would change the "php5 handler" option in "Configure PHP and SuExec" to be "DSO" - however this option is not found in the list. thanks in advance.