1. G

    Best profiles selection for wordpress sites

    Hello, I'm checking my cpanel configuration, which I haven't checked for a long time, and I found that there is now a configuration profile for easyapache4 that includes nginx. Has anyone changed from "cPanel Worker MPM" ( Apache 2.4 and PHP 8.0) to "cPanel Default NGINX" ( NGINX® 1.21, Apache...
  2. Motamedi

    Provision button disabled on easyapache 4

    hello I can not select any new profiles in easyapache 4 button provision when select profile is disable please help me for solve this problem thanks ...
  3. A

    EasyApache4 configuration suggestions?

    I want to know recommended easy apache4 configuration settings.. kindly share the configuration settings
  4. A

    EasyApache 4: Unaffected means uninstall

    I am needing to install php-CURL on this server using EasyApache 4, but when I select it from the PHP extensions list, doing so causes numerous other installed extensions to change to "Unaffected" status, which appears to be counter intuitive, since provisioning the build ends up uninstalling...
  5. Y

    Convert to profile and Save as profile the same thing?

    In EasyApache 4 >> Currently Installed Packages >> Does clicking on button "Convert to Profile" do exactly the same thing if I click on "Customize" button instead and use the "Save as profile" button ?
  6. F

    Using profiles

    Hi there, I am a bit of a newbie as far as the configuration of WHM/CPANEL goes -- we have a profile under EasyApache 4 called All PHP Options + OpCache (also see screenshot [Removed - Please Attach Images Directly to the thread] We have provisioned this profile but I am unsure what to do from...
  7. H

    SOLVED EasyApache 4 Issues with Internet Explorer

    after update cpanel 64.0 build 21 to cpanel 64.0 build 22 Easyapache 4 not compatible whit IE anymore WHM --> EasyApache 4 --->> choose a profile -->> (click on Customize) apache modules , php version ,php extensions Review and Next not working we can't move to other page. stuck at...
  8. craigedmonds

    How to download a EA4 profile?

    I have a new server and wish to use the same profile as one of my current servers. How do I download the currently used profile from EasyApache so I can then upload it to the new server so they have the same profile?
  9. keat63

    EA4 All PHP Options + OpCache question

    I updated to EA4 last night and sure that I chose the package 'All PHP Options + OpCache' which states that it 'Contains Apache 2.4, PHP 7.0, PHP 5.5, PHP 5.6, and All PHP Opts ' When i open EA4, it shows that my current installed verion 'Contains Apache 2.4, PHP 5.5, PHP 5.6, and PHP 7.0'...
  10. vlee

    SOLVED Question on EA3 Profiles

    I still have old EasyApache 3 Custom Profiles on my servers and they even show up in EasyApache 4. How do you remove old EasyApache 3 Custom Profiles from cPanel? I do not need them any more so why keep them.
  11. vlee

    Which profile to use in EasyApache 4?

    I am running SuPHP and just want to know which profile to use in EasyApache 4? All PHP Options + OpCache OR All PHP Options + ZendGuard OR cPanel Default + MPM ITK OR cPanel Worker MPM Which is better and faster for websites with higher traffic?
  12. K

    EA Profiles

    Hi, Where i can find the profile "Currently Installed Packages". I search in cPanel, custom, vendor and its not there. I just want to save the profile is in "Currently Installed Packages"
  13. S

    SOLVED EA4 Profile new install

    I know I saw instructions for this some where, but I'm having trouble finding them right now. There's a way to define what EA4 profile to use during a cPanel install, prior to running the cPanel installer. Where is that defined? What are the instructions for doing that? In what version of...
  14. D

    EasyApache 4 - Profile Provision Fail

    I'm trying to provision a new profile and it fails saying http://apt.sw.be/redhat/el6/en/x86_64/dag/RPMS/libyaml-devel-0.1.4-1.el6.rf.x86_64.rpm: [Errno 14] PYCURL ERROR 22 - "The requested URL returned error: 404 Not Found" Trying other mirror. Error Downloading Packages...
  15. S

    Enabling Mod_Ruid2 in EA4

    I'm running cPanel 60.0.15. For some reason, when I select Mod_RUID2 in EasyApache 4, at the end, where I go to provision, it doesn't show Mod_RUID2. It shows no changes (nothing being added, removed, updated, etc). This made me think that it was being blocked still, but perhaps I have...
  16. N

    Current Profile installed packages

    Current Profile installed packages are not showing.There are no packages to display.
  17. N

    How to delete custom Profiles

    Hello, Please let me know that, how to delete custom Profiles from EasyApache 4?
  18. I

    EasyApache4 and template question

    Hello, I wanted an advice regarding the profile I should choose for EA4. I got cPanel in a VPS with the following specs: 4 Cores SSD HDD 4GB Ram Centos7 cPanel v60 and it will be used to host around 25-30 websites. So far, I have been using EA3 with Ruid2, suPHP. Which profile should I...
  19. A

    EasyApache4 Review

    Today; After struggling for an hour with the new EasyApache4 (My First Attempt To Switch) I decided to revert back to EasyApache3. I think EasyApache4 isn't ready for real-world use yet it's advertised as a stable product which is misleading, To sum it up here's what's wrong: - The interface to...
  20. MajorLancelot

    Rename "Currently Installed Packages" To Be More Specific

    In a production environment, instructions and labels ought to be clear as the day especially when you have 6 or more profiles. Please let this be specific with name of the profile. For an example: Currently Installed Packages ==> All PHP Options + OpCache Contains Apache 2.4, PHP 7.0, PHP 5.5...