email migration

  1. A

    Email Migration From ONE.COM to CPANEL

    I am trying to migrate ONE.COM emails to Cpanel but facing only one issue. The emails are not showing up in inbox, sent,junk. It only shows a (NO SUBJECT) mail in the inbox. I have checked mail permissions are all correct also I try to with the REPAIR MAILBOX PERMISSION but my issue is still not...
  2. M

    Exim localdomains contradicts MX records

    When a domain i transferred to cpanel, typically first step is that a new user and the domain is configured in cpanel. Then a welcome message with account information is sent by email to the new user. If the user has registered a contact email address belonging to the domain that is about to be...
  3. MotazHakim

    Best scenario to migrate emails from CWP to cPanel

    Hello cPaneliens :) Like the thread title I've got a running Mail server on Centos7 with CWP (Centos Web Panel), And now I've another server with cPanel/WHM, installed and Just created 1 account to move the emails on it and delete the CWP server So, yesterday, I've created all emails on...
  4. Ekushey

    Roundcube database type

    I need to transfer a single cPanel account from one VPS to another. Source is running cPanel 86.0.40 while target running 96.0.11. While I attempting to transfer using the Transfer tool, I get the following message: Source: “x.x.x.x” Roundcube database type is “mysql” … Target...
  5. L

    Amazon Workmail

    Hi, Is there a way we could migrate our email accounts from Amazon Workmail to WHM/Cpanel without losing any emails? Thanks!