1. Kent Brockman

    Can I determine when an email account have been created?

    Hello guys, I have an account with hundreds of email addresses and some seem to be fake ones, created during an Anonymous Fox infection. I need a command to know when every email account have been created, no matter if it's a log or reading the folder timestamp. Is there any way I can achieve this?
  2. E

    SOLVED Received email "WordPress Updates Digest" Updates were not installed

    Hello, I have cPanel&WHM version 106.0.18. I have received email " Updates were not installed for the following items: 1. Website "XXXX" ( Failed to reset cache for the instance #1: Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 41943040 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 32768 bytes) in...
  3. I

    In Progress CPANEL-42511 - email exim defer ( R=virtual_user T=dovecot_virtual_delivery defer (-1))

    Dear All, i am facing problem with e-mail, incoming e-mail is frozen with logs like this: 2023-03-06 13:20:38 1pZ4D5-000VWw-2c rewrite: malformed address: '> may not follow "'[email protected]'" 2023-03-06 13:20:38 1pZ4D5-000VWw-2c failed to read delivery status for...
  4. M

    Using cPanel email or not for personal mailboxes of clients

    I am not getting into an actual reselling business, but I am going to offer my web design clients hosting with me. It's just a pain if they have bad quality hosting, so this is a good approach to streamline my offer. Thus, I do have a reseller account with a hosting provider that runs on cPanel...
  5. N

    Email forwarding SFP fail. Definite solution?

    Hi Everyone. We used to use email forwarding so that we could receive emails to to be forwarded to, for example The issue is that gmail always filters this emails as spam due to SFP fail. Google says that our server IP is not allowed to send emails on behalf of the...
  6. R

    Forwarded virtual email settings

    I have a 'Email Account Forwarders' email address that has no mail storage on cPanel, its just an address where all mail to that address is forwarded to a user's Gmail address. Is it possible the user can set up an iPhone to receive and send using this email address? I'm not sure what's possible...
  7. Ekushey

    Not receiving email notifications from WHM

    Running a new server on AWS Lightsail for the last 2 weeks, and I haven't received any email notifications from WHM yet. Tried changing the email address, double-checked to make sure email notifications are turned on, but can't figure out what's wrong. I run 10+ WHM servers, this is the first...
  8. J

    SOLVED The email gets automatically redirected to 'Track Delivery' when trying to access the webmail

    Hello, I have just noticed that some email accounts won't open the webmail interface. This is only on some accounts. So when you try to open the webmail from cPanel it redirects to 'Track Delivery' screen. I guess these users might have used Horde webmail client, so the automatic switch...
  9. O

    Emails sent from Horde are getting blocked but emails sent from email client work fine

    Emails sent from my email client has been generally reliable. However, when sending emails from Horde (accessed by some recipients don't receive the emails (particularly some email addresses). This is the error message I got from "Unfortunately...
  10. J

    Is it safe to have 2 domains forwarding all email to each other?

    Email Domain Forwarder #1: -> Email Domain Forwarder #2: -> Is there any chances of getting into an infinite loop? The documentation says the forwarder is only triggered if the email is undeliverable, which makes sense. But what happens if...
  11. R

    Global Email Filters issue with multiple filters

    I have a personal domain name with multiple accounts. It gets a ton of spam which I have been dealing with over the years, but I tend to get deluged by spammers using TLDs such as .club, .sale, .work that they keep changing. When a wave comes through I send them all to dev/null? (discard...
  12. N

    Configure Website and Email on different servers and dkim records

    Hi! I have 2 cPanel servers and i have a website on server1 and have configured emails on server2. Let's call it Now i will explain what i have done to achieve this. I have configured the on server1 as normal. The nameservers of the are pointing to server1...
  13. PCZero

    Email Deliverabilty Issues - AOL/Yahoo

    A client just forwarded a list of about 5 email bounces from aol./com email accounts as exampled below... I reviewed the yahoo error code link which seems to indicate Yahoo think there is a DKIM, SPF issue. I went into cPanel for my client's account and ran Email Deliverability. DKIM is...
  14. WebJIVE

    Is there a tweak setting to automtically set Automatically Detect Configuration (recommended)??

    I have been fighting this for years but, I'm finally having to ask.... Is there a setting in cPanel that you can set so any new account setup/domain transfer email routing gets set to "Automatically Detect Configuration" - by default? It's frustrating that when you setup a new account...
  15. Crimpshrine

    mailman disabled but keep getting "Excessive resource usage: mailman" email

    Hello, Could someone help me as to why I am keep getting "Excessive resource usage: mailman" message in the email after disabling mailman in Tweak Settings? Notification email always comes around 3:30am. I also shown as disabled in Service Manager and the service is not being monitored. Am I...
  16. F

    emails from my server go to spam

    Hello, I have a dedicated server, when I send emails from any site on a server, all emails go to spam. What can I do when sending an email go to inbox, not spam. Thank you
  17. L

    How to setup email in cPanel on AWS Lightsail

    Hello cPanel, Are there any comprehensive instructions on how to set up email within cPanel on an AWS Lightsail server? I plan to set up an AWS Lightsail server running cPanel. Then I plan to install WordPress. That's the easy part. I then have two main email objectives: Get WordPress to...
  18. PCZero

    Webmail login errors

    I have a client who is getting errors when he attempts to log into webmail. User successfully gets to (which of course redirects to When he enters his ID/PW he gets to HORDE (yeah I know it is being removed soon) he gets the...
  19. davetanguay

    Spam & Phishing Emails Spoofing My Email Address

    This one got me stumped. I was hoping someone had some advice for me on this one... I noticed my email address is being spoofed with phishing emails and spam. I thought I would be able to prevent this using SPF and DMARC records as follows: <REDACTED> Seems this email originated from...
  20. M

    What is __cpanel__service__auth__exim__ And where can I check/disable/authenticate it.

    I am running the MSP service and this is returning to me who is sending emails on my server, one unexpected result is: [[email protected] ~]# /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/bin/perl <(curl -s "") --auth Checking Mail Authentication...