1. R

    New/Terminate Account email not being sent

    Hello, everytime I (root) create or terminate an account I don't the email with the account details. For some reason this particular server has stopped doing that just recently. I monitored exim_mainlog and it's not being delivered to exim apparantly so it's not a SPAM issue. I do get the...
  2. M

    Where I can find failed email login log ?

    Hello, when a user uses a wrong password for this email during login (webmail or pop3), is it logged somewhere? if yes, where is that log file? ( I did look inside exim_mainlog/exim_paniclog/exim_rejectlog but there is nothing about using wrong password there).
  3. Skin

    Excessive resource usage email

    Hello, I receive a lot of messages regarding sonarpush using excessive resources: lfd on Excessive resource usage: systuser (1220 (Parent PID:1220)) Time: Tue Nov 3 15:47:08 2015 +0100 Account: systuser Resource: Process Time Exceeded: 228641 > 1800 (seconds) Executable...
  4. I

    Email received Excessive processes running under the user xxx

    Sometimes I received messages from the server of this type: Time: Tue Oct 13 22:48:20 2015 +0200 Account: user Processes count: 20 (Not killed) Processes information: User:user PID:30350 PPID:28966 Run Time:0(secs) Memory:309628(kb) exe:/usr/bin/php cmd:/usr/bin/php...
  5. enginuiti

    Host website ONLY, no email or DNS

    Hi there, I have a client that will be hosting a website with me, but hosting their email and DNS elsewhere. I've got the account set up in WHM and set it to "remote mail exchanger". The local DNS is currently pointing to our own DNS servers - should they point to their actual DNS servers...
  6. R

    CSF/LFD Excessive resource usage Email

    Hello, My Administrator getting within 5 mins below message and he sent me email message to solve, what to do please help me. Before 2 months ago he suspended my account for this same reason. Time: Fri Aug 28 17:44:03 2015 +0400 Account: lamin Resource: Process Time Exceeded...
  7. Muhammad Omer

    Email with Outlook

    I want configure Email Access for my domain on outlook but i didnt find enough information on cpanel for outlook. I am using Hostgator hosting. i need your help ...!! Thans in advance.
  8. H

    change sender email

    Hello, I want to change sender address of "New account" email for a reseller. Now, when I am creating a new account, this email sends to user: From: cPanel for "reseller username" on "server hostname" <[email protected]"server hostname"> What should I do? Regards Hamed
  9. E

    Email authentication

    Dear all I have an issue that i use mikrotik dude software to monitor my network but it work on no authentication when send email notification so i give the server ip a dns name and put in trusted with ip on cpanel but i can't change server name to the same dns created because it windows server...
  10. G

    getting 500 internet server error while using php email

    Hi, i want to send email to my 600 clients through php email. but the loop works till 20 contacts, after that it show 500 internal server error. I am using - Removed - server. Here is the script: <?php for($x=1;$x<=600;$x++) { $con = mysqli_connect("host","database","password"); if...
  11. F

    2 Copies of Upgrade/Downgrade/New Account Email

    I am getting 2 copies of email, one in HTML and another in Plain Text when a new account is created/upgraded/suspended. Anyway to select only send one type of email ?
  12. V

    cron dnsqueue email

    Hello, I received the following email: subject: Cron <[email protected]> /usr/local/cpanel/whostmgr/bin/dnsqueue > /dev/null 2>&1 body: /bin/sh: line 1: 23100 Killed /usr/local/cpanel/whostmgr/bin/dnsqueue > /dev/null 2>&1 This is the first time I've received this email and I have not received...
  13. C

    Create email forwarding log

    Hello! Any way to see who create an forwarder for an email account from cPanel? In /usr/local/cpanel/logs/ I didn't see any info for this, only failed logins... Thank you!
  14. C

    How to send custom 404 page to my email address?

    Does anyone know how to send the results of a custom 404 page to my personal email address using CPanel? Via Cron job or something? I'm currently using a Pearl script but was wondering whether CPanel might be able to do this. Thanks.
  15. P

    How often should you email your customers?

    How often should you email your customers?
  16. U

    Cpanel email access problem

    i can no longer log in to my email accounts on all the site hosted on cpanel/whm, i discovered that whenever i want to access the email, the url changes previously it used to be right not it changes to and tries to forward to my domain.
  17. R

    No email address but still spamming, bug?

    We have a user with a domain for example Contact email address for this account is [email protected] The website for is resided at our cpanel server. However, all e-mail is handled by an external anti-spam server. MX records are set to that external system...
  18. J

    Disable website, only host emails / multiple email domains

    Hi Guys, I have a user who doesn't want web hosting but just email hosting. How would I go about doing that? Is it possible or do I have to set up an account and have a default no website here web page as the index.html in the public_html folder? Also I have a user with multiple domains...
  19. T

    change main website and create some email addresses...

    Hello, I'm very sorry for my question (and my english, by the way), I'm just discovering CPanel but I'm stuck... Since yesterday, I have a VPS with CPanel installed : WHM 11.46.2 (build 3). The domain name I gave to my VPS provider to create the VPS is ""... 1) Where...
  20. Stefaans

    Insufficient permission in Jailshell and "no input file specified" with email pipe

    I wanted to reply to an old thread but couldn't. The thread was just too old. But the the suggestion in there by mynameanu's solved a major headache for me today... It started (after migrating to a new server) with an email pipe to a PHP script throwing a "no input file specified" error. The...