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    Change password email from not arrive

    Hello, I'm trying to change my password at and the email dont arrive into my inbox, try'd several times. I need to buy another product and the saved password at my browser dont work, I'm logged into the forums but when I try to access other areas it dont work. Thanks.
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    How does a client get access with his email to Roundcube ?

    Hi, I want a client to change his email password without knowing me, as admin, this password. I researched this forum and got the advice that the client can do this via webmail, but I didn't find a link for the client, that he can log into Roundcube to execute the password change. I tried to...
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    IPs used by Gmail to download email using POP3

    Hello, I am suggesting one of my customers download his emails into Gmail using POP3 but it seems like my cPanel firewall is blocking the source IPs so I was wondering if you know where can I find a list of their ranges?
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    Email Migration From ONE.COM to CPANEL

    I am trying to migrate ONE.COM emails to Cpanel but facing only one issue. The emails are not showing up in inbox, sent,junk. It only shows a (NO SUBJECT) mail in the inbox. I have checked mail permissions are all correct also I try to with the REPAIR MAILBOX PERMISSION but my issue is still not...
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    Problemas email desde google

    Buenas amigos. Espero me puedan guiar un poco. Tengo problemas con los clientes que mandan emails desde gmail al dominio xxxxxxxxx.xxxx Cuando una persona manda un mail le dice que el destinatario tiene un error permanente. Y desglosalos siguientes errores SMTP error from remote mail server...
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    Send email using script

    I am trying to send emails, using my custom domain. Searching, I find a python code and it's work with gmail/hotmail. I already have problems when I try to register an email using the domain in an email marketing platform This is the python code: from email.mime.text import MIMEText from...
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    MS Outlook: Outlook cannot connect to folder inbox from the IMAP email server

    There are a couple of clients this morning who are unable to access their emails via their Outlook. This is different clients on different accounts -- the server logs show that their imap-login executes ok, and then immediately exits; Var/log/maillog: Dec 9 15:12:00 basic dovecot: imap-login...
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    Webmail not working for just one particular email address

    Webmail for one email address does not work, when clicking on the "Check Email" for that address on the email accounts page in cpanel, I get a page: " The page isn’t redirecting properly An error occurred during a connection to This problem can sometimes be caused by...
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    transfer message of email, from Ofice365 to cPanel

    hi guy I currently have a mail service in Office365 (20 email accoutn), each email with its respective messages I want to migrate to cPanel, and keep the email accounts, and their respective email messages (inbox and folder sent) Is there any tool or procedure for this migration? Thank
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    Tweak settings - email account suspension - where information is stored?

    Hi, I have enabled this feature in Tweak Settings (attachment). Where is this information stored on server? Is there any path or file with information i.e. user=someone [email protected]
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    Set maximum outbound email per user instead of domain

    I'm trying to figure out if it's possible to limit domains per user on how many emails an individual user can send. The application is Host "xyz" uses "" for their clients as an extra service. [email protected] needs limits of 250 per hour but everyone else needs limits for 100 per hour...
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    External domain email to cpanel

    Hello all, My customer has a domain name for which he wants to have the mail handled on his cpanel account. which settings should I make on the source domain and which on the target account (the cpanel server)?
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    Can we edit "New WordPress Site" email sent to user?

    When the WordPress toolkit auto installs WP an email is sent to the user "New WordPress Site" with login details. It is signed I would prefer to sign the email from my business and also personalise it a bit. Is that possible?
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    In Progress CPANEL-41840 - Document fwdemail in set_default_address can take multiple addresses

    The fwdemail parameter of set_default_address API function can take comma-separated list of addresses to forward emails as default to. fwdemail string <email> The email address to which the system forwards messages...
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    Question about email "A malware has been detected - Action Required"

    Hello, I have got an email "A malware has been detected - Action Required..." Dear Administrator, We want to make sure that you are aware of any security threat that your server is exposed to. With this message we are letting you know that a malware was found on your server(s)...
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    cpanel accounts not receiving email

    Good afternoon, I have a problem on my server that after an automatic migration attempt stopped receiving email, but I managed to find out that it has a target. the following command solved my problem: whmapi1 unset_manual_mx_redirects domain='' but I need to apply this command...
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    Sender Verify Callout - how to make an exception for a specific email address.

    I have a client who is complaining because a specific email address is being blocked at our end by the server presenting "Could not complete sender verify callout " and I find this is due to the sender being "null" and this is apparently a callout condition for Exim. So, what I would like to do...
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    is it possible to exclude one email address from the eximstats_spam_check?

    We need to exclude one email address from the eximstats_spam_check. Is that possibile?
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    Email when AutoSSL fails

    Under "Manage AutoSSL", I have this selected: Notify the administrator for AutoSSL certificate request failures, warnings, and deferrals. I'm constantly hitting a snag where a certificate doesn't renew, and I think it's due to the firewall's CC_ALLOW_FILTER setting. But I never get an email...
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    SOLVED Problem with the incoming email by one account

    Hi, I have more accounts on my whm server and one of my costumer has problem with his emails. Many of his partners get this answer from our server: " Tárgy: Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender Dátum: Mon, 12 Sep 2022 20:53:07 +0200 Feladó: Mail Delivery System...