1. S

    cPanel 102 EOL

    Getting messages that cPanel 102 will reach end of life soon. This isn't particularly shocking, I've been expecting it. But the shocking part is that I've seen no mention of this any where on this forum or any announcement any where else. There's also no mention of any particular time, just...
  2. P

    New Security Advisor notifications with High importance - PHP 7.3 and PHP 7.4 reached EOL

    Had two of these over 2 days now. Not quite as bad as the CloudLinux spam ones, but still annoying. I know these are EOL but I have things running that are not yet stable on PHP 8 so I need to carry on with 7.3/7.4 on certain accounts. I'm hoping the warnings won't be every day. I just wish...
  3. S

    cPanel 94 EOL

    Is there a specific date when cPanel 94 will go end-of-life. Getting notices that cPanel 94 will reach end of life "soon." What's soon? Tomorrow? (Probably not). A month from now? 6 months from now?
  4. M

    In Progress ClamAV 0.101 and 0.102 EOL on January 3rd

    This is serious since cPanel is still running ClamAV 0.101 Quoted from ClamAV 0.100 End of Life TODAY and reminder of upcoming 0.101 and 0.102 EOL Looks like it's time to either re-title or close / redirect my old thread at Any progress toward ClamAV 0.102.x ? to this one, since in 2 months...
  5. S

    Host is running EoL OS & cPanel, should I dump them?

    Wondering if them telling me 'its secure' is true or should I dump them; Personally, a few versions behind, sure.... I get it, day 1 issues happen..... but running things that are EoL :\ that just screams 'OH NO' to me. Thoughts? Thanks,
  6. spaceman

    How to go serverless with cPanel? A bit tired of site migrations after Linux versions hit EOL

    Hi All, I'm definitely not expecting immediate answers or solutions here... although that would be nice! So this is more of a conversation starter. Our company has been a cPanel/WHM customer for over 20 years, and we've seen a fair few major Linux kernel versions over that time, including the...
  7. cPanelTabby

    cPanel & WHM® Versions 86 and 92 have reached End Of Life (EOL).

    cPanel & WHM® Versions 86 and 92 have reached End Of Life (EOL). cPanel instances running on either version will continue to function, but won’t receive security updates or patches. It is therefore imperative that if you’re running anything older than Version 94 you upgrade as soon as...
  8. M

    MariaDB 10.1 EOL / Upgrade Concerns

    I am preparing to upgrade MariaDB but am concerned about a couple of websites being compatible. One of them is using October CMS, and a few others are using PHPMyDirectory. Is there a solid way of checking to be sure these sites won't crash prior to the upgrade? PHPMyDirectory Web Hosting...
  9. Michael-Inet

    What non-systemd OS will cPanel/WHM support after CentOS 6 goes EOL?

    Hi All, CentOS 6 is going EOL November 30th, 2020. CentOS 7 uses systemd. I’m trying to future proof my server OS migration process. I have already perused: Installation Guide - System Requirements - Version 76 Documentation - cPanel Documentation What OS does, or will, cPanel/WHM support...
  10. C

    Reminder: cPanel & WHM Version 72 now EOL

    As of cPanel & WHM Version 74's release to STABLE on September 4th, cPanel & WHM version 72 has reached End of Life and will no longer be supported by cPanel except when upgrading to a supported version. In accordance with our EOL policy (cPanel Long-Term Support - Version 72 Documentation -...
  11. unarea

    Centos 5 EOL and cPanel

    Hi, just a doubt. I have a server that is still running Cpanel 11.56 over centos 5.11. My question is about the Centos 5 EOL at October 31, 2017. I know that no support or updates will be avaible after that date, but what will happen with the server itself? Cpanel will stop working on this...
  12. W

    cPanel EOL email issue

    Any reason I would be getting this email??? Your system’s cPanel & WHM version ( will reach End of Life in -17,304 days on Thu Jan 1 00:00:01 1970. We strongly recommend that you upgrade to the latest version to avoid any disruption in your service. For more information on how to...
  13. cPanelJCNewton

    CentOS, CloudLinux RHEL 5 - End of Life Notice

    CentOS, Red Hat and CloudLinux have all discontinued support for version 5 of their respective operating systems as of March 31, 2017. Red Hat Enterprise Linux Life Cycle - Red Hat Customer Portal FAQ/General - CentOS Wiki CloudLinux Documentation In order to ensure compatibility with the...
  14. S

    EOL? Upgrade fail

    Hi. I have a little problem here trying to upgrame my old VPS to new cPanel When I try to force, I get this error ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- => Log opened from cPanel Update (upcp) - Slave (11362) at Wed Oct 12...
  15. I

    How to install php 5.3 easyapache 4

    Hello looks like cPanel gave up support 5.3.x anymore . so is there anyway or any tutorial how to install php 5.3 along with 5.4.x which already supported in ea 4 ? i have websites stopped because the their scripts not compitable with 5.4.x anymore Regards
  16. H

    cPanel 58... A tale of two EOL treatments

    I'm giving public feedback here because I'm really dissapointed with how cPanel handled their EOL situations for 11.58. Starting with 11.52, every time we logged into WHM on a CentOS 5 machine, we had a nice little warning that CentOS 5 would be reaching EOL and that we needed to plan...
  17. S

    cPanel 11.40 - EOL

    cPanel 11.40 - expected EOL? What is the end of life date for cPanel 11.40? I thought it was sometime in May. The link - http://go.cpanel.net/longtermsupport - doesn't appear to work any more. Got plenty of people complaining about all of the changes in 11.42.
  18. nyjimbo

    FreeBSD EOL clarification ?

    Presently we are running Freebsd 8.0 and would like to upgrade to a newer version to avoid potential problems when 8.0 goes EOL on 05/31/11. I noticed that 8.1 goes EOL in 2013 but 8.2 goes EOL in 2012. Is that a typo or is there some reason a newer FreeBSD is shut down before an older...
  19. A

    Question to Cpanel Team regarding RH 7.3 EOL

    What can you suggest to people using RH 7.3 : - Use Progeny Services or - Wait for fedora legacy ? Which direction will be supported / no-conflicts with Cpanel?
  20. B

    How to upgrade cpanel with RedHat 7.3 when EOL?

    How will cpanel handle upgrade from RedHat 7.3 when it is EOL'ed end of this year? Will cpanel support upgrade of the system to the newest version of redhat? Will it be an inbox upgrade or is it a migration? cPanel.net Support Ticket Number: