1. J

    exim logs not showing subject suddenly

    Hello. I hope everyone is safe and healthy. Does anyone know how to get the exim logs to also include "subject"? It used to and now it's suddenly stopped. . . Thanks.
  2. U

    Where to place Exim ACL?

    Hi - I have incoming mail filtering with SpamExperts. When folks forward mail, the messages end up bouncing (but stay in the queue for a while first). I don't know why I let this bother me, but it does. I'm assuming I would place my ACL in /usr/local/cpanel/etc/exim/acls. Here's what I...
  3. M

    Exim Smarthost configuration and WordPress

    I have come to terms with the fact that I cannot use port 25 to send emails from Exim. Google Cloud disallows that from Compute Engine. So I decided to use a Smarthost, in particular a Google Workspace relay. I have set this up in Google Workspace, and I believe it can take 24 hours to take...
  4. M

    Exim configuration for WordPress using cPanel and WHM

    I have set up a WordPress installation on a Compute Engine instance on Google Cloud. Trouble is, none of the emails from the Contact form are being delivered. The instance is running WHM and cPanel (latest versions). Having a look around the www, it seems Exim is the way to go but I have no...
  5. M

    Edit the Exim configuration via the CLI

    Hi, I'm working on some bash scripts that require editing the Exim configuration. After a lot of searching through the documentation and on Google, I've found this URL...
  6. U

    Exim error - smtp transport process returned non-zero status 0x0100: exit code 1

    A hosting customer is having trouble sending invoices to external shippers. When the message is sent, the error below occurs: 1qEE3B-0001sw-1T == XX[email protected] R=smart_route T=remote_smtp defer (-1): smtp transport process returned non-zero status 0x0100: exit code 1 2023-06-27...
  7. O

    Exim Block Subjects / Message Content Not Working

    Hey Guys, I've followed the steps here and am not winning: My block_subjects.conf file: if ("$h_subject:" contains "DirectAxis") then fail...
  8. P

    Exim system wide filter file - mail command not working

    I have written an exim system-wide custom filter file, which is placed in /usr/local/cpanel/etc/exim/sysfilter/options/. The file freezes some emails based upon a condition, so that they can be reviewed by an administrator. The file is essentially: if condition then headers add...
  9. M

    SOLVED exim & dkim "tainted filename"

    Hi, have discovered one of my hosts is not able to dkim sign outgoing messages. The /var/log/exim.paniclog is full of messages like this 2023-05-17 13:09:36 1pz7Xg-00083V-31 Tainted filename '/var/cpanel/domain_keys/private/[redacted].com.au' 2023-05-17 13:09:36 1pz7Xg-00083V-31 unable to open...
  10. J

    cPanel blocking incoming e-mail before EXIM rewrite or router

    I am writing an EXIM rewrite and router. cPanel is denying the incoming message before EXIM starts processing. I have incoming mail to a non existent user and I need to rewrite the header to properly route the message, but cPanel is blocking it before EXIM sees it. It is this setting that is...
  11. J

    Exim rewrite: malformed address: <[email protected]> may not follow [email protected]

    After a recent cPanel update, I am getting the error on some emails: rewrite: malformed address: <[email protected]> may not follow [email protected] This looks exactly like verify = header_syntax The Exim FAQ Section 0 However, I do not have verify = header_syntax anywhere in the config that I...
  12. 000

    is possible delete emails queue by IP ? (exim)

    we have hundreds of emails in QUEUE with: Subject: Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender some from IP_a, others from IP_b with which command we can delete ALL emails from IP_b ? thanks
  13. J

    Changue value by command line - exim

    hy guys In exim's config.inc.php file, I want to change some variables $config['skin'] = 'elastic' -> replace it with -> $config['skin'] = 'larry' What would be the command to execute, to perform this replacement via command line
  14. O

    SOLVED how does spamassasin integrate with exim

    Hi I am reading the documentation of spamassasin and it clearly says So my question is: what happens after the message is given a spam-score by spamassasin in WHM, to which process is the message along its score is fed to? which process (program) does the routing? (long story short, I want to...
  15. M

    Exiqgrep broken / functionality limited in Exim 4.96 (WHM 108)

    I'm not sure what admins use exiqgrep and how often. I find it indespensable for monitoring my queues and gathering queue information quickly. As of WHM 108, I am not longer able to type exiqgrep and get a simple list of all emails in the queue. This corresponds with the update to Exim...
  16. I

    SOLVED Outlook Imap configuration errors after Exim update

    Hello, one month ago we detected a problem with Outlook client when trying to configure an IMAP account, at first we thought that it was focused on only one domain account but we have noticed that this problem happens in all accounts in our server. This error is happening after the update of...
  17. I

    In Progress CPANEL-42511 - email exim defer ( R=virtual_user T=dovecot_virtual_delivery defer (-1))

    Dear All, i am facing problem with e-mail, incoming e-mail is frozen with logs like this: 2023-03-06 13:20:38 1pZ4D5-000VWw-2c rewrite: malformed address: '> may not follow "'[email protected]'" 2023-03-06 13:20:38 1pZ4D5-000VWw-2c failed to read delivery status for...
  18. M

    Filter/Block Incoming Emails by Domain in EXIM not working

    Recently started to add domain records into the option described here https://support.cpanel.net/hc/en-us/articles/360053298854-How-to-block-emails-to-your-server-from-a-specific-domain but it seems to be not working. What could be wrong with my EXIM configuration?
  19. K

    server using old exim version (cpanel-exim-4.95-7)

    my last server on some other hosting was also using this version and it has a vurnability in itI tried fixing it with the patch but it doesn't work Please let me know what i should do. the latest version in whm is installed also they use this to find the server ip!
  20. SimpleTechGuy

    Remove Received Header using exim acl - hide local ip during smtp

    For a very long time now I've been concerned about my LAN IP and my home WAN IP addresses being leaked in the Received Headers when sending emails from clients on my computers at home. So here is my issue: Lets say I log into my webmail and send an email to [email protected]... The email is...