1. Islandhosting

    Custom user exim filter with custom rules

    cPanel's filter editor does not provide all the functionality a client needs, so they have edited the /home/$user/etc/$domain/$mailbox/filter file manually. In this case they need to send a brief notice to another offsite mailbox indicating new mail has arrived, without quoting the message, so...
  2. M

    Exim how to format to catch a list of IPs

    On the Exim ByPass IP addresses for Sender Verify Callout there is an ability to list IPs to be except from the check. The list states in its documentation: But I don't understand this formatting -- I need to exempt a whole block of IPs that begin with 123.456.***.*** so any IP that starts...
  3. M

    Sender Verify Callout - how to make an exception for a specific email address.

    I have a client who is complaining because a specific email address is being blocked at our end by the server presenting "Could not complete sender verify callout " and I find this is due to the sender being "null" and this is apparently a callout condition for Exim. So, what I would like to do...
  4. D

    Help creating exim service filter

    I am looking to create a filter on exim so that if the username sending equals [email protected] and the email contains an attachment, then send, but if it doesn’t, don’t send it. One of our customers has an NVR that sends email alerts when it detects motion. The problem is it sends 3 emails -...
  5. 360webfirm

    The service “exim” appears to be down

    Good day to all of you. I am having the exim service go down, come back up and then go down yet again. The reason is because of to: 421 Too many concurrent SMTP connections; please try again later. I am sure this is because my Email Dovecot is being attacked as its not because of users as...
  6. A

    Restored Exim defaults, now all in spam

    Hi, one of my servers was set to send all email via Amazon SES but I was forgetting to verify new accounts and it was becoming a pain so I restored Exim back to all defaults to scrap the whole SES thing. Since doing that, all outgoing mail is now being delivered to spam. I have just had a...
  7. Auron

    Mail with attachments stuck/held in mail queue

    Hello I usually manage to search for a solution but no luck this time... For a few days now, any email being sent from my server that has an attachment is being held in the mail queue. Mail sent locally is NOT having a problem only external recipients. Mail without attachments or very small...
  8. K

    Rebuild Reverse DNS Cache and Update Mail HELO Problem [Exim Configuration Manager]

    Hello. When rebuild reverse dns cache and update mail hello , i see this error: (XID m9phdd) DNS request timeout: 52.xxx.xxx.38.in-addr.arpa/PTR at /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/Config/ReverseDnsCache/Update.pm line 67. at /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/Config/ReverseDnsCache/Update.pm line 67...
  9. kssuhesh

    Limit a group of emails between few domains - custom email filtering - bcc filtering not working

    I have a custom requirement for managing the email delivery under my domain. Environment : Server: cPanel server ( Centos 7 ) My domain: myorg.com Scenario: In my organization ( myorg.com ) I need to limit the email delivery of one department ( say the development department ). The limiting...
  10. T

    Restrict outgoing SMTP to root, exim, and mailman (FKA SMTP Tweak)

    When I validate security advisor it is possible to restrict outgoing SMTP to root, exim, and mailman (FKA SMTP Tweak). Is it possible within the current WHM version to block SMTP on particular accounts as applications will not send any email messages due to general restricted outgoing SMTP to...
  11. E

    Do your recommend enable or disable of EXIM config "bl.spamcop.net" and "zen.spamhaus.org" RBLs?

    In the WHM Exim Configuration Editor, there are two options to enable SBLs: zen.spamhaus.org bl.spamcop.net Do you recommend they be enabled or disabled? Thanks!
  12. O

    missing message-id GMAIL failures - exim local smtp - which hosts to use

    In the acl_smtp_predata: custom_begin_smtp_predata to compensate for missing message-id when a website's program doesn't send one, I wish to use: control = submission/sender_retain (Gmail for one are rightfully rejecting them: Messages missing a valid messageId header are not\n550 5.7.1...
  13. G

    Exim Receiving High Volume of Failed Sender Verification

    I found thousands of this error in the Exim_Mainlog. It's a single server, single domain, 200 plus email accounts and we can receive more than 6000 events each day, based on Mail Delivery Report. Only 5% of them translate into emails (including spam emails), the rests are dropped during SMTP...
  14. 3

    The service “exim” appears to be down. after disabling port 25

    I disabled port 25 due to a spammer. Now I get emails about I did not use Exim Mail Server (on another port) setting in the Service Manager section. I used the Exim Configuration Manager Advanced editor daemon_smtp_ports setting and left just Ports 465 & 587 active. I also dissabled port 25 in...
  15. M

    EXIM issue: Administrative prohibition: How to diagnose and resolve

    I have legitimate emails being refused by the server and feeding back to the sender: 550 Administrative prohibition (in reply to end of DATA command) And checking exim rejectlog it doesn't give any indication as to why the mail is being refused. I have reset Exim on the server (version...
  16. M

    Exim localdomains contradicts MX records

    When a domain i transferred to cpanel, typically first step is that a new user and the domain is configured in cpanel. Then a welcome message with account information is sent by email to the new user. If the user has registered a contact email address belonging to the domain that is about to be...
  17. keat63

    exim sending failure and not rejection

    I have a thread open which eventually evolves in to this question, but feel that this question really deserves a thread in it's own right. So I have a mailbox which has never existed [email protected] If I send to this email, exim rejects the mail at smtp time. (expected) I...
  18. Samet Chan

    Removal originating IP on exim headers

    I would like to remove the IP from the email server of Webmail, which is recommended to use Roundcube or Horde? I mean I would just need to remove the IP address and then hide/mask the IP from the sender of the Forum. To prevent the DDoS Attack If possible... Because I take look out many...
  19. J

    Primary Hostname change with exim for better email delivery

    Hello. I hope everyone is healthy and safe. My server has a hostname as hostname.domain.com. I also have about 10 different fully qualified domain names with assocaited web pages and email campaign software. The issue is that any domain sending email is always shows primary hostname as...
  20. V

    Exim configuration manager does not Save (Operation timeout)

    Hello, I would like to edit the SSL Cipher to work with Outlook 2007 and older version But when i try to save it it was not saving and restarting the exim it shows operation timeout there is no error logs in cpanel/error_log Please how to solve this