1. K

    Exim Port 25 Connection Problem.

    I am expierencing some wierdness with one of my client's mail servers not being able to send mail to accounts on my cpanel server. This problem started a couple of days ago. Both sides, myself included, claim "nothing has changed." My client is not being very cooperative in this process. I...
  2. P

    Exim rejecting outside messages as if local

    I am fighting an issue with my cPanel Exim server in which some customers are unable to receive mail from certain senders. The sender receives an error message back as if they were trying to SMTP directly through my server which of course they are not. The message they receive says...
  3. A

    Exim ACL won't save, only the middle box?

    Hi Everyone This is a little odd, was checking my spam stats on the server today and noticed the only emails being rejected was all Verify sender rejections... so I checked my exim config to find it had reset to default, so I did my config out and start adding my rules again...but for some...
  4. G

    Odd Exim Error (Rejected as SPAM source)

    Greetings! There is one domain that we are having problems receiving email from, and the domain we host is the only domain they have problems sending to. The exact error is: 2006-08-22 00:05:06 H=mail.multiline.com.au [] sender verify fail for <[email protected]>...
  5. B

    Upgrading my version of Exim 4.52 to enable DomainKeys

    Supposedly Exim now comes stock with Yahoo's DomainKeys support (as noted at http://duncanthrax.net/exim-experimental/). However, I need more concrete instructions. I need very specific instructions which will help how to enable DomainKeys on my particular installation, which may include...
  6. I

    Courier & Exim: Logging Passwords

    Hello, Kind of an odd request, but we're planning on migrating our mailserver. As part of this process we have to convert all mail user's passwords. We could run L0ptCrack to jam out the roughly 3,100 mailboxes, but this would take quite a while. However, after doing some testing I...
  7. G

    Exim Error? "No Such User Here"

    I am getting the following error in exim_mainlog when mail is sent to a particular email account on the server, any ideas? EDIT: Also forgot to mention, but then in the origin email box, I recieve this: Thanks -steve
  8. B

    Exim Configuration Changes Don't Seem to Stick

    I made changes to Exim configuration to add a whitelist, some directives were added and modified in the first and middle box, and then saved. However after reviewing the config boxs the changes to the first box seem to have been retained, while the changes to the other box of overrides were...
  9. B

    Exim Callout change

    I want to change the default Exim callout time from 30s to 60s, one of more important CC processors does not respond within 30s. What do I need to code in the first text box to make this change tatke effect (permenantly) it is a little unclear on how the first text box in the config editor...
  10. F

    upgrade exim 4.62

    I see exim 4.62 on http://httpupdate.cpanel.net/eximinstall/exim-4.62-0_cpanel_smtpctl_av_rewrite_mm2_mmmtrap_exiscan_md5pass.src.rpm Is it OK to upgrade exim using this rpm or should we wait for cpanel to update their version on eximup script? -FL-
  11. P

    Exim Spam Concern

    I just discovered today that I can send e-mail without SMTP authentication or POP-before-SMTP (using antirelayd) on any server, if these two requirements are met: 1) The "From:" address is a valid e-mail account (not just a forwarder). 2) The "To:" address is valid and its domain resides on...
  12. S

    reduce exim logs

    Hi, can anyone help me, I need to reduce the amount that is written to the exim main_log. I have rbl filters in place and the rejected messages are filling up exim logs quickly. I want to stop these being written to the exim logs and other events such as queue runs etc.. I have tried the...
  13. isputra

    Using Exim Configuration Editor but my new rules not save at exim.conf

    Hi, After upgrade to WHM 10.8.0 cPanel 10.8.2-C464 i try to change some rule on exim.conf using Exim Configuration Editor >> Switch to advanced mode but after click save the new rule not save at exim.conf at all. I check again using Exim Configuration Editor >> Switch to advanced mode and...
  14. mike25

    Exim Dictionary flood

    One of my servers is under a constant inbound SMTP dictionary attack. The attack is so widespread that I am unable to discover a way to prevent it. There is a constant stream of inbound attempts and then every few hours a massive spike that will push the server load into the 50 range. All...
  15. bmcpanel

    I'd done with Cpanel because of Exim

    I have been a loyal customer of Cpanel for nearly 4 years. During that time, I have seen our support queue get dominated by email problems caused by Exim. As the old saying goes, if it has not been one thing, it has been another. I certainly do not have an inkling of a clue why Cpanel would...
  16. H

    EXIM -> Callouts question

    2006-08-07 13:45:18 H=(jazz.certapay.com) [] F=<[email protected]> temporarily rejected RCPT <****@****.com>: Could not complete sender verify callout. the solution for this is to turn off the callout option in exim editor... is there any other solutions?
  17. H

    I'm not being allowed to add relayers for exim

    Hello, I'v tried putting in host-IP email-address in /etc/relayhostsusers and host-IP in /etc/relayhosts, so exim would allow me to configure who relays through this server, but everytime as soon as I save changes and quit the editor the above two mentioned files get over-written. I can...
  18. T

    BFD + Exim

    is there anyway to utilize BFD with exim to block incoming spam? I didn't find anything however that doesn't mean it's not possible. A feature to easily flag email from the mail queue as spam and have it added to the BFD list to prevent future mailings would be awesome. I can't be the...
  19. C

    exim is not working. 503 valid RCPT command must precede DATA

    Hi, after i have upgraded to the latest version of cpanel, and rebooted my server, my exim server is not working properly. therefore, i just did a quick check, exim is running (with no problem) /etc/init.d/antirelayd status antirelayd (pid 3002) is running... and i ran /scripts/fixrelayd...
  20. M

    Exim Bcc CC Limit?

    Hey guys, I would like to add a limit to the amount of bcc and cc address an email can have in its header. Is there a way to do this google hasnt turned up much yet... I would like to limit my users to only a few hunderd bcc and cc in emails. Also is there a way to if they try to send...