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    problem with exim

    i have problem with my pop3 / imap when using outlook to check the mail, it never happen before it just suddenly happen today, i have no idea because i didnt set anything inside but the problem comes. when i try to get email i keep getting that it asks the mail password anda when i put the mail...
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    Exim Issues

    Hi all, Recently i've been getting a lot of email issues on my server, sending or receiving. Checked exim_rejectlog and found things like this: X-Mailer: Internet Mail Service (5.5.2653.19) Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary="----_=_NextPart_001_01C67043.B3E6B980"...
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    Exim - high load on one account but not others

    Greetings, Have been having trouble with exim causing high server loads, but noticed it is specific to one account. I wrote a script, "email_test", that sends 20 emails by repeating the following command 20 times: "echo test | /usr/sbin/exim [email protected]" If I log into the server as...
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    exim and ip

    Hi, first of all im sorry for my bad english writing, its not my first langage. I hope you will be able to help me. I<m locate in the Quebec province (canada) and the biggest ISP Videotron has install into their server a new spam filter ... Now we getting : Connecting to...
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    Exim Fails, Help Needed !!!

    pop failed @ Thu May 4 13:37:28 2006. A restart was attempted automagicly. I get this email every 8 minutes the last 4 days and can't find what's wrong... Any ideas what should I fix ???
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    preventing backscatter with exim

    I am trying to change the configuration of exim so that it neither generates backscatter or is subject to spam floods. Currently, the configuration options are to either accept all mail to a domain using a catch-all box, subjecting you to a flood of spam in that box if there's a dictionary...
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    Exim Problems

    At least once a week, exim seems to run into some kind of problem on my server. Users connecting via POP3 will get the following error when sending an email: Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients. Subject: whatever the subject is Sent...
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    exim says over quota

    Exim is refusing delivery for a customer account because it says there is an MTA-imposed quota. I set the quota for the account to 300M and the account is only using about 50M. I checked /etc/quota.conf and it looks good. Ran the mailperm script as well. Any idea's? thanks
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    How i install exim 4.60-1?

    Hi, there are some tutorial for installing exim-4.60-1_cpanel_maildir.src.rpm ? thanks!!
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    exim configuration

    Hi, Im new to cpanel/whm. What exim configuration is require in order for me to allow all customer to send/receive email? When I send an email from let say gmail.com account, the email is missing. I'm using mail forwarding. Anybody can shed some light, please? Thank you. regards...
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    Rebuild exim rpm

    We'd like to rebuild exim with some our own settings. Can you advice how to make with rpm tool? Im not so used to it. Right now im at step when i've extracted everything from src.rpm from cpanel.net and edited EDITME file to look like we want. How do i build exim and test its binary to work...
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    exim "too many connections" ..how to block in iptables?

    lately i'm getting way too many errors like these on my exim_mainlog: 2006-04-25 06:31:03 Connection from [] refused: too many connections 2006-04-25 06:31:03 Connection from [] refused: too many connections 2006-04-25 06:31:05 Connection from []...
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    Configuring Exim with MySQL lookup support

    I need to make use of MySQL lookups from within Exim. This requires that the mysqlclient libraries are included during the build of Exim. Thus I need the Makefile that CPanel uses to build exim, so that I can just add the MySQL related lines. Is this available, or are there any other...
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    Exim or Networking issue

    I have a problem with one of my servers (trtinfo.com) that can't seem to send email to dataproductsplus.com (external domain) I have another server in the same data center that does not have this problem (ourdedicatedserver.info). I've disabled APF, (which is installed on both servers) and...
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    Exim Log w/Strange Errors

    My clients can't send/receive via email. The exim_mainlog says: failed to open /etc/rblblacklist for linear search: No such file or directory I have run /scripts/eximup --force but that did not help. Any ideas? Thanks in advance if you can help.
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    Filtering helo with exim

    More of an exim question than cpanel but probably going to be useful for others hence why I'm posting it here. I have a worm of some nature sending e-mail(mostly spam but a few .scr's & .pif's) to a lot of the domains on one of my boxes (used to be a webfusion reseller so its to be expected)...
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    Exim Helo question

    How do I change my HELO message not to show the version of exim I am running?
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    Exim Default IP

    I found the following method on here to change the defalt SMTP port for EXIM and outgoing mail but I just have a couple of questions first about doing this. This is the information I found about doing it: Now my question is regarding the "ignore_target_hosts" field, do I put all IPs...
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    Bypassing Exiscan / exim.antivirus from Exim for specific domain

    I have a cPanel box and looking for ways if it is possible to by pass specific domain list from the antivirus scan on the server for our outgoing emails for local domain users
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    Exim Bouncing messages

    Hello, Our Exim has recently (I think) started bouncing mesaages to unknown users instead of rejecting them. This is causing us to be blacklisted at a certain site. Looking at exim.conf, it looks like it is set to be rejecting unknown users. ANyone have any suggestions at why it might not...