1. mlopez

    SOLVED Suspend domain from sending e-mail

    Is there a way to suspend a whole domain from sending e-mail? I know you can suspend an account, but I want to suspend all accounts of a given domain. The thing is this domain is sending mass email (I think their devices were infected with a virus that's sending spam) and I need to prevent...
  2. S

    Exim Configuration Manager Problem

    Oh nooo, this is a pretty annoying bug in one of the cpanel updates!!! Why? When I want to edit the Advanced Editor section of cpanel version 102.0.2, it's very slow and won't update at all. I'VE TRY EVERY VPS SERVER I HAVE, BUT CAN'T COME. OK, I'll go into the details: # I want to edit...
  3. A

    Exim email queue doesn't show all emails in queue.

    I've found that sometimes exim doesn't appear to show all the emails in the queue. You can see them in WHM > Mail Queue Manager but not on the command line without a special command. The standard command is as follows and usually works fine: /usr/sbin/exim -bp But I've found that in some rare...
  4. M

    exim - unrouteable address

    Hey, I have a weird problem with about ~200 mails in queue being frozen, due to exim saying Unrouteable address (let's say it's [email protected]) which is really weird since from another account on the same WHM I can send emails to [email protected] without any problems. The mails are NDR, and...
  5. mlopez

    In Progress Exim redirect routed

    Hello, I had an Exim config snippet that allowed me to forward a specific local part in all hosted domains to a fixed address (also hosted, of course). What I'm trying to achieve is the following: All [email protected] messages should be redirected to [email protected] This...
  6. O

    EXIM retry times are not being observed ? too much time

    +secondarymx * F,4h,5m; G,16h,1h,1.5; F,4d,8h * * F,2h,15m; G,16h,1h,1.5; F,4d,8h The blurb in the config file says this will attempt to resend every 15 minutes for 2 hours, then longer intervals for the next 16 hours. It's been happening for...
  7. O

    two send grid accounts on same exim

    Hi Following the steps below, I was able to have send-grid as my smart-host for one of my domains (on my shared-server). However, now I need to have another website to use send-grid (using different credentials). How shall I separate the config for them? At the moment I have: Section: AUTH...
  8. K

    Disable Exim local relay via Telnet

    Hello, One of my clients is complaining that he is able to connect to the server via telnet and send a test email to himself (spoofing himself) without authentication. Now I now this is by design but he thinks it is a security risk and someone can spoof him even if the emails are filtered into...
  9. Alongar

    EXIM Configuration Manager (WHM)

    Hello, Under the Exim Configuration Manager in Basic Editor and under the Security tab the SSL/TLS Cipher Suite List is set to cPanel default...
  10. T

    [Exim] Apply custom filter only to incoming messages

    I have the following custom global filter which rejects incoming emails with specific words or phrases into their subject. However that works both ways, meaning that also messages from senders in my server are being blocked if the filter conditions are true which was meant to filter out only...
  11. V

    exim: error while loading shared libraries: libperl.so

    I would like to run the below command as cron in my server exim -bp|grep frozen|awk '{print $3}' |xargs exim -Mrm > /dev/null 2>&1 But when i run this command as cron 5 min once it it gives the below error exim: error while loading shared libraries: libperl.so: cannot open shared object file...
  12. C

    SOLVED bounce spam issue

    Hi everybody, I had worked hard to stop spam mails in my cPanel sever, thanks for the cPanel's good feature, I had drop lots of incoming and outgoing spam mails, but recently I found one situation that cPanel can not handle well. That is because some of spam mails sent to non-exist email...
  13. I

    Configuración optima de procesos cPanel

    Buenas, actualmente tenemos un servidor dedicado únicamente para cPanel con las siguientes características: 1 TB de almacenamiento 12 GB Ram 8 nucleos CPU Nuestro servidor mantiene principalmente servicios de correo, paginas web, hechas con WordPress y prestashop en su mayoría, y lo que...
  14. M

    log analyzer for EXIM

    Hello, I was wondering if you use any special software for monitoring your EXIM log files to find warning messages like this: " 550-5.5.1 Server IP X.Y.Z listed as abusive. See\n550-http://spamauditor.org/best-practices/ip-reputation/ for more information"
  15. mlopez

    Exim configuration for no-reply

    Hello, I've added the following router in the Exim configuration (WHM - Exim Configuration Manager - Advanced Editor): Section: ROUTERSTART # Router to disable no-reply addresses reception noreply: driver = redirect local_parts = no-reply allow_fail data = :fail: Sending only address...
  16. R

    SOLVED How to get decent exim mainlog with all information?

    I want to see how mail is delivered. I'm used to look into the exim_mainlog for this. Normally I see traffic like this with also part of the title of the email: 2021-06-27 09:12:33 1lxOxx-0008TV-HF <= [email protected] H=r64.p44.neolane.net [] P=esmtp S=80480...
  17. manoaratefy

    Avoid Exim logging exim -bpc

    Hello, I'm using exim -bpc commands to plot a graph in collectd for monitoring stuffs. At this time, each exim -bpc command launched involves a log entry. Having this running multiple times per seconds leads to a large logfile. Is there a way to avoid this command logged in logfiles? Thanks in...
  18. M

    Rejected relay attempt for a new email address

    Hey all, I have a weird problem for a freshly created account/email. Whenever someone tries to send an e-mail to that inbox exim says Rejected relay attempt 'IPADDR' From: '[email protected]' To: '[email protected]' I've checked everything I could but didn't find what is causing the...
  19. leonep

    Exim queue days of retention

    Hi, Sometimes i have bounces or mail with problems in queue a lot of days. Can I adjust the days of retention? thanks
  20. mlopez

    Unusually large amount of outbound email notification

    Hello, We've got a couple of costumers that periodically sends a 'relatively large' amount of email messages. Everything is configured according to this but I'd like to avoid receiving 'The system has detected an unusually large amount of outbound email' notifications for this accounts with the...