1. K

    Show folder links in an html page?

    Hi, I have a links to audio files in cpanel file manager folders. Is it possible to have a list of those links people can click embedded in a HTML file? Thank you for your time Kim
  2. E

    Edit Files giving a blank white page or empty edit border

    This is very strange, but after editing php and html files for almost two hours this morning, the Edit of any file gives a blank edit page. Sometimes the edit page border is displayed (with the Editing, Encoding, Re-Open, Use legacy editor, Save Changes, and Close on top). Tested with Chrome...
  3. M

    Does WHM update the following files?

    I have a rootkit hunter (rkhunter) installed on my server. This morning it has come up with a notice that two files have changed from their originals: /usr/bin/locate issue: "The file permissions have changed" "The file group has changed" and /usr/bin/su Issue: "The file permissions...
  4. A

    How do I find out what's taking up my server's disk space?

    - Removed - as you asked to remove the unwanted data i have removed it from home directory now i free upto 11gb data but it still gives the same error and the root directory is not getting free space kindly help me the other issue is that the mailman is also down kindly provide me the...
  5. S

    SOLVED root and tmp partitions running low on space

    Hello.. I am not sure why the "/" and "/var/tmp" on my server gets used up so quickly day in day out. I am running Litespeed and Cloudlinux on this server. Below are the specs and details. From WHM: uname -a Linux 3.10.0-962.3.2.lve1.5.26.3.el7.x86_64 #1 SMP Wed Aug 14...
  6. N

    Delete unnecessary files

    How to free Disk storage? Please can one can let me know that how to find out unnecessary files? Also can be delete log and tmp folder all files? This folder files used more than 5GB.
  7. B

    Changing FTP port issue

    I am trying for the last few weeks to simply change my FTP port from 21 to something more secure. I am using pureftpd on Centos 7.6 I have changed BIND 21 to BIND 2121 then added it into my CSF firewall TCP setting for IN then restarted both services. The error after this is that FTP logs in...
  8. M

    Use multiple servers as a single storage space?

    My server is almost full and I need to create a group of dedicated servers to use as a single storage unit. Is this possible with Cpanel? How do I implement this?
  9. T

    Set inod limitations for cPanel accounts?

    I like to know is its possible to set these limitations anywhere. All I find is how to deal with them. But I do see some Hosting providers clearly say account has 250,000 or 500,000 inods. So them are setting these limits somehow.
  10. S

    Deleted Directory Recreated?

    Hello I am Salman From pakistan I have an issue with my cpanel ! i was deleting a folder from my uploads but the folder restore again and again restore by itself ?? can anyone help to solve this ,
  11. D

    API2 fetchdiskusagewithextras

    Hi All, I'm trying to reconcile user disk usage from API2 DiskUsage::fetchdiskusagewithextras, however individual line items show higher usage the main value In the below output, I've removed irrelevant entries from $.data.homedir.contents for more concise viewing. You can see that the quota...
  12. I

    Operation not permitted Disk Usage issue

    Hello, I have problem with Whm Disk Usage Could you help me please? ------------------------------------- '' Operation Permitted ''
  13. S

    Change passwords for FTP?

    I’m new to cPanel and WHM. I began using it several months ago but am not able to find certain links. I’m needing to change passwords for FTP and add new users per domain. I’ve clicked every link under Home and nothing says FTP Accounts. I clicked almost every link that might help me find it to...
  14. H

    Problem uploading website to account

    hi i have uploaded my site on cpanel but it wont show its content instead its showing this, " Welcome to the home of To change this page, upload your website into the public_html directory Date Created: Mon Aug 19 11:40:51 2019 i tried changing the htaccess file to directoryIndex...
  15. N

    Delete files from backup folder with SSH

    Please let me know that SSH command for Delete files or folder from backup folder with SSH?
  16. M

    Git repository location?

    Where does cPanel store files upload though the git repository; is it not stored within a database such as; MySQL ?
  17. S

    Diretório reaparecendo

    Olá Pessoal Os diretórios no meu gerenciador de arquivos voltam a aparecer após serem deletados, alguém sabe dizer onde configuro no gerenciador de arquivos pra não sejam recriados? Ainda não identifiquei um padrão, mas parece existir algum "job" que os recria.... mas não encontrei nada no...
  18. M

    Permission Denied on Gitlab Clone

    Hi, I am seeing the attached error while trying to create a clone at CPanel. I have added the Public Key to the Gitlab account and also authorized it in the CPanel. Any thoughts on this, please?
  19. K

    Connect via FTP with FileZilla issue

    Hi, It's been a while since I've used FTP and updated my website. It's always been easy to log in with my ftp address, user name, password, and (optionally) port 21. FileZilla says I'm connecting, but then disconnects. I'm sure it's something simple. I have no special situations. I just want to...