1. charliecres

    upload failed, server indicated http error 500

    I'm encountering an error when attempting to upload a file to cPanel using the file manager. It reaches 100% completion, but then displays an error message stating, "the upload failed. the server indicated http error 500 (internal error). cPanel." Please refer to the attached photo for a...
  2. K

    In Progress CPANEL-39589 - [File Manager] Path error

    Welcome When I open the file manager of any site it shows at the top a path other than the correct site path and the page is blank. How i can fix it for all site?
  3. cPanelResources

    Tutorial How To Compress and Extract Files With File Manager

    Overview cPanel's File Manager interface lets you manage, upload, and download your account's files. This tutorial includes instructions for using File Manager's compression and extraction options when working with multiple files at the same time. Using File Manager To Compress Files 1. Log in...