1. olGerva

    SOLVED FileManager edit wp-config.php

    Good day everyone Since some days, on my VPS, it is not possible to edit the file wp-config.php. File Manager crashes as per the image. We have editing the file permissions but nothing. We also tried renaming the file by adding letters "aa" in front, but nothing. However, when we put a letter...
  2. Tarak Nath

    Possibilities to disable WordPress FileManager and phpMyAdmin plugins

    Hello, Due to security reason we want as following: Is it possible to disable/stop certain WordPress plugins from being installed such as WP-FileManager and WP-phpMyAdmin at the server level for a specific account or all accounts. Sample WordPress File Manger plugin: File Manager Sample...
  3. V

    cPanel filemanager uploads dead slow

    cPanel file manager uploads are very slow and the upload bar is going faster up to 40% and decreasing to 2 or 3% suddenly Server load is normal how to fix this
  4. S

    Terminal and greylist in whm and filemanager in cpanel are blank page

    I tried many times /scripts/upcp --force but didn't help Many apps in whm and cpanel showing blank pages What should i do to fix this problem
  5. 3

    Change File Manager file upload size?

    Hello Guys, This is my first post. I want to change my cpanel file manager upload size to 1GB. Now it is showing unlimited. I read many posts but no solutions. Everyone says by using MultiPHP settings. But this is not resolving. My MultiPHP is setup to 200 MB but File Manager is showing...
  6. durangod

    In Progress [CPANEL-26576] File upload feature in File Manager reports 100% progress too early

    I think it would be a good idea to add a small text comment to the file manager upload page to remind users to wait for the upload progress bar to turn green before the upload is available. I had a customer that told me the upload did not work but the problem is that he saw that it said 100%...
  7. O

    SOLVED File manager in WHM?

    The login page says WHP on top (not cP) and after logging in, the interface does not resemble anything that looks like cPanel. The things I need most is the File Manager and the Back (files and database). None of these is there. Is there any way to get them?
  8. F

    File Manager Location?

    Hello guys I'm new and i started to use cpanel just yesterday, so i have a question. Where can i find a folder call " file manager"?i need to upload some files for my website so everybody can see it online. Thanks Ok thank you for your help , i will ask in another forum.
  9. S

    File Manager Column Headers Overlapping

    Android kitkat, chrome 69, 320x534x239ppi or 534x320x239ppi. See attached pic or online at - Removed -
  10. A

    File Manager v3 scroll bar is disabled?

    File Manage v3 BUG :- SETTINGS / PREFERENCES scroll bar is disabled All that shows up is: " Disable Character Encoding Verification Dialogs"
  11. rpvw

    SOLVED Copy Paste in FileManager Editor Issue

    My desktop computer is : CentOS release 6.9 (Final) - Fully patched and up-to-date running KDE desktop Firefox ESR 52.7.3 (64-bit) Editing a file opened from the file manager in the new editor (NOT the HTML Editor) allows me to type in text but copy/paste does nothing using any of the following...
  12. E

    File manager mistake

    Hi all - I got a mailbox size warning message from Cpanel. I looked up how to fix it and tried to tackle it in File manager. Unfortunately I was following the wrong instructions. What I was doing was removing the emails from my inbox for that mail account. I now have an empty inbox. I tested it...
  13. H

    File Manager Style Error

    the file manager view is corrupt and incorrect. [removed] I updated cPanel. how can i solve it?
  14. joaosavioli

    FileManager Problem

    Hello, When I´m in cpanel user and try to download a file using file manager, nothing happen. Please, could you help me? PS: I´m trying to download clicking with mouses´s left button >> download. Best Joao
  15. F

    Need Help for File Manager

    I know its a bit childish, but I am just a beginner. I have installed Wordpress on my cPanel and now I need to make a Child Theme but my hosting is not showing any file in the file amanger folder, infact it's asking me to upload any files. What could be the reason for that? Is it because of free...
  16. M

    SOLVED Filemanager question about addon domain

    Hi I have 2 domain names and 1 website. Now I want a 2nd website. So I made my other domain an addon domain. (Not a subdomain) My webiste is in the folder Public HTML. My question is where should I create a folder for my addon domain så I can upload my stuff and create another website...
  17. N

    Word Wrap in File Manager Editor

    Hi! Is there a way to configure the Word Wrap columns in the Editor so it can automatically use all the screen and not just 80 characters? I have to disable this every time i use the Editor because 80 is too short. And i think using all the screen available should be the default. Thanks
  18. T

    Unable to upload file with comma in filename

    Hi, When uploading files to cPanel File Manager v3 upload-ajax.html, it fails to do anything if the uploaded filename has a comma in it. I've tried with Chrome, Firefox, and Edge and get consistent results. I use bluehost. There is no error message, just no file uploads. If I remove the...
  19. K

    Restore folder from all websites trash

    Hello, My question is how can I restore one folder from .trash of all websites? For example, I want to restore "abc" folder from all website .trash folder. Regards,
  20. R

    SOLVED Upload always stuck on 99%

    Hello, I have 7 VPS CENTOS 6.9 virtuozzo and all have the same setting... and all have the same problem with uploading issue, i dont know what is wrong with it... its my server configuration or security issue... all upload process always stuck on 99% and never sucess. its happen in few weeks...