1. E

    Exim filter - negate a value, not a condition

    Hello, I wish to, in Exim, to use a filter, that will check emails being sent, in all the fields of to/cc/bcc, so I use the $domain variable. I wish match a delivery to any domain that is not the local domain, hence being sent outbound. In my test I send only to one email address at
  2. E

    Exim filter to act on all outgoing emails

    Hello, I look for some direction. I wish to remove some headers from all outgoing emails. I have a good code for finding and removing the headers. I wish to avoid a cumbersome code to check all the headers of to, cc and bcc for all the email domains I have today on CP and negate it (which...
  3. E

    Applying Exim custom filter only per specific attributes

    Hello, I wish to apply an Exim custom filter but that it will be realized only if specific attributes exist: Either Exim client that is coming from "NOT source IP ranges" (meaning it will apply only for client IPs that are NOT from a list of IP ranges I will supply) or by any delivery that is...
  4. V

    Does SpamAssassin Affect Redirected Messages

    I've created an email filter to redirect all mail from an internal to an external address. SpamAssassin marks suspicious email messages as spam (updates the header of new messages whose calculated spam score meets or exceeds the spam threshold score). But will it do this before the messages get...
  5. B

    "Filter Incoming Emails by Domain" > Wildcard = Domain + All subdomains?

    In WHM 110 > "Filter Incoming Emails by Domain", does using a wildcard [*] also filters [email protected] emails or only [email protected] ? Thx
  6. I

    Using cPanel API store_filter with .NET Http class, but getting "No Valid Rules" error response

    I am trying to create a filter with cPanel API. The filter should redirect any email received to another email address. I am using the cPanel API Email/store_filter function. And I am trying to follow the documentation at: I'm...
  7. S

    SOLVED CPANEL-43012 - Recreate nft inet filter cpanel-dovecot-solr

    The latest cpanel-dovecot-solr update mucked up something in the nft tables on a server and now solr will not start. [nftables] “/sbin/nft flush chain inet filter cpanel-dovecot-solr” failed: Error: Could not process rule: No such file or directory flush chain inet filter cpanel-dovecot-solr...
  8. E

    CPANEL's global filter not working for me

    I have whitelisted several sender domains, say, in the Global filter of a CPANEL account. These are marked as "Stop Processing rules". However, we are still not able to get emails from these domains delivered to the inbox. These are getting delivered to the spam box...
  9. A

    Email Filter - Delete All Incoming Emails?

    Anyone know of a way to configure an Email Filter that deletes ALL incoming emails? Let's say someone has set up email forwarding but does not want to retain a copy in their Inbox, but they still need the mailbox so deleting the mailbox is not an option. I didn't see a way of configuring...
  10. M

    Any rule for SPAM Assassin to filter emails that look as sent by myself

    Some of my users have started to receive emails that look like emails sent by themselves so I was wondering if someone here has some rule that can share for this use case.
  11. P

    Exim system wide filter file - mail command not working

    I have written an exim system-wide custom filter file, which is placed in /usr/local/cpanel/etc/exim/sysfilter/options/. The file freezes some emails based upon a condition, so that they can be reviewed by an administrator. The file is essentially: if condition then headers add...
  12. M

    Filter/Block Incoming Emails by Domain in EXIM not working

    Recently started to add domain records into the option described here but it seems to be not working. What could be wrong with my EXIM configuration?
  13. D

    Filter incoming mail by Specific Header Value

    Hello, We have a spam issue in which emails, sent originally to another email address, are then being forwarded in bulk to one of our support emails. Since forwarding an email changes some of the headers, standard email blacklisting options do not work. The emails are not inherently "spam" in a...
  14. M

    Filter incoming emails by IP

    How could I filter incoming emails by IP so that emails from a certain IP address are always blocked . I have previously used the Firewall system ( ConfigServer Security & Firewall - csf v14.17 ) to manually list and block emails from this address but reviewing this I suspect this doesn't work...
  15. B

    SOLVED Exim Custom Filter for outbound messages

    Hi, I'm trying to create a custom exim filter that will reject outgoing emails with specific text in the subject line. I've created a new filter /usr/local/cpanel/etc/exim/sysfilter/options/server_custom_filter if ("$h_subject:" contains "Custom Text") then fail text "Email subject blocked...
  16. Islandhosting

    Custom user exim filter with custom rules

    cPanel's filter editor does not provide all the functionality a client needs, so they have edited the /home/$user/etc/$domain/$mailbox/filter file manually. In this case they need to send a brief notice to another offsite mailbox indicating new mail has arrived, without quoting the message, so...
  17. D

    Help creating exim service filter

    I am looking to create a filter on exim so that if the username sending equals [email protected] and the email contains an attachment, then send, but if it doesn’t, don’t send it. One of our customers has an NVR that sends email alerts when it detects motion. The problem is it sends 3 emails -...
  18. M

    New very dangerous security bug/feature in cpanel filter function

    Today, One of my client, was hacked in a very very disturbing way. Because of nature of this hack i do not want to post details here. Can someone contact me ? The hack is connected to filter email function.
  19. 000

    which is the filter for [134.73.*.*] ?? my filter {} don't catch it!

    hello, I want STOP any acces for the IPs [134.73.*.*] becouse this address send thousands of SPAM. Then I use the filter: but this not work for example for, why? how I can know the list of IPs in range: ? how I can know the list of IPs in range...
  20. S

    How to use "Filter by Domain" with emails that uses

    How to use "Filter by Domain" with emails that uses Here is the issue, "Filter by Domain" is a great utility in WHM and I use it in a daily basis. But some domains that uses servers send spam and can't be added to the filter because a lot of valid...