1. R

    I added port in CSF firewall as whitelist but not open port

    I already open the port in WHM CSF firewall configuration but when we connect with Virtualizor Module it say 4081, and 4085 ports are not open. can anyone please give solution regarding this ?
  2. C

    ConfigServer Security & Firewall remove autostart

    I have had some problems with my server when I turn on ConfigServer Security & Firewall (after a couple of days, it gets unresponsive and I have to restart it). I have a "guy" collecting logs and so on but we haven't been abe to figure out why. Anyway, I would like to run a live test, meaning...
  3. J

    IP blocked in firewall won't unblock

    We have a customer that's been automatically FTPing a webcam file (that shows the local surf conditions) from IP to every 5 minutes for years. Suddenly, they started getting this: Error message: "connection failed check username and password" We use cPHulk, CSF/LFD, CXS...
  4. Ekushey

    Block cPanel and WHM access

    Hello, I'm trying to block access to WHM for rest of the world accept me. After denying whostmgrd from Host Access Control for others, I see the "HTTP error 401" page with cPanel logo, but I completely want to deny access without even showing this. Is there a different way of accomplishing...
  5. EagleDotNet

    I need to open Minecraft port on cpanel

    I installed minecraft bedrock server on my cPanel on vps server, after many attempts to install and run the server I finally succeeded in running it, but I could not access it because the port 19132 was not opened. I used CSF firewall and I tried very hard to open the port through it and it did...
  6. C

    How to allow port 2195 for Apple Push Notification in CentOS with WHM/cPanel?

    I want to allow port 2195 for Apple PN. I've tried running various commands and running more commands to test it but I can't figure out if it is added or enabled. I've WHM/cPanel with centOS 7.9. I've added port 2195 in CSF Home / Plugins / ConfigServer Security & Firewall, TCP_IN and TCP_OUT...
  7. JIKOmetrix

    SOLVED Why does my KVM terminal show firewall output?

    Hello, I have an odd one here. Why would my KVM login screen show firewall output when no one is logged in? it makes hard to use the KVM even after login. If you don't type fast enough your cursor gets lost int the output. Is there a way to turn this output off? I have some servers that do not...
  8. J

    Using Sucuri Firewall the mx record must be changed.

    I'm using Sucuri WAF for an account. When setting it up--which is much like setting up Cloudflare--the email stops working. The support staff said the mx record had to be changed. Their support staff required a cname record be created to point to the mail. Does that work for cpanel accounts in...
  9. X

    SOLVED APF firewall

    I installed APF on Virtuozzo VPS and set the open ports like this When I test I find there is more open ports: What am I missing?
  10. R

    How to only allow certain IPs to hit specific HTML pages?

    I am looking for any Apache or CSF method that will allow me to help better lock down my web server. All my public facing pages are *.HTML pages, all my server processing files are labeled .PHP. Meaning only .PHP files should be accessed by HTML files from my own servers. At the moment, all...
  11. D

    lfd Suspicious process running under user nobody

    my whm version: 100.0.7 apache+nginx+npm+php-fpm I am getting hundredes of alert email from ConfigServer Security & Firewall - csf v14.15 as follows Time: Thu Jan 27 20:29:02 2022 +0530 PID: 2656 (Parent PID:31208) Account: nobody Uptime: 92 seconds Executable: /usr/sbin/nginx...
  12. A

    Questions about Host Access Control

    Hi, This is about a new server, just had the installation completed. I went to Host Access Control to limit the range of IPs permitted to connect to the server and I created the rules through Security Center > Host Access Control in AlmaLinux 8.5, but I faced a few problems: 1. First and...
  13. M

    Firewall banning IP due to "imap-login: Disconnected: Inactivity (no auth attempts in 180 secs)"

    We have noticed that the IP of certain users are being banned due to this problem with IMAP connectivity so I was wondering if you can suggest any setting to avoid this.
  14. R

    Web Application Firewall Suggestion for OpenCart

    Hello I'm looking for a security suite that has a Web Application Firewall specifically for OpenCart. I've browsed through the information pages for ModSecurity and Imunify but I was wondering if anyone know if either of these products will integrate well with OpenCart. I'm on version
  15. A

    WHM IP update

    Hi guys it's me again, The "problem" this time is, we have a server with WHM, Cpanel, emails, etc. All these things work very well, and here we have a local internet server to control some connections and other things so we have one IP that communicates with the world, sometimes it changes, like...
  16. D

    You must stop and disable firewalld when using csf

    We received this email from the server. What is this issue all about? You have an unresolved error when starting csf: Error: *Error* firewalld found to be running. You must stop and disable firewalld when using csf, at line 922 in /usr/sbin/csf You need to restart csf successfully to remove...
  17. Y

    CSF Firewall recommendations

    I'm using the recommended settings that CSF Firewall recommends but I found a cPanel article(Advanced PHP Configuration | cPanel & WHM Documentation) that says Do not edit the /opt/cpanel/ea-php##/root/etc/php-fpm.conf file or the files in the /opt/cpanel/ea-php##/root/etc/php-fpm.d/ directory...
  18. N

    CSF Firewall Missing 2 Module (insmod)

    Hello, how are you guys? So I tried to search about this issue and see a lot of people suffering from the same thing (usually on VPS / OpenVZ) So like everybody, I am too suffering issues with these 2 modules in CSF and I tried one for all to solve the issue. I talk with my hosting and we get...
  19. T

    CloudLinux and Firewall protection

    Is it supported a better Firewall management when upgrading to CloudLinux? In the past it was by default : CSF Firewall.
  20. H

    csf firewall blocking countries - How can I allow outbound connections to email providers

    Hello, My csf firewall has CC_DENY = enabled blocking countries like China & Russia however I am wondering will that block email providers using servers in CN/RU too? I have users who may have email providers in China/Russia that I need to get delivered to so how can I allow those?