1. C

    Delete many, like many forwarders

    I have many (many) forwarders. I host +100 domains that each has +100 emails and over the years, we have added forwarders to many external systems. I understand that I cant remove forwarders (bulk) in cPanel, but there has to be a workaround. Let's say I want to delete all forwarders to...
  2. Spirogg

    In Progress CPANEL-40486 - Jupiter BUG: cPanel Forwarders Select does not display each domain always stay on ALL

    in cPanel Version 102.011 When selecting Email Forwarders in cPanel and you are able to select your domain or sub domain or add on domain after you have created or even before creating a forwarder, the drop down selection under ( Managing ) won't stay on the domain, sub or add on domain you...
  3. E

    SOLVED Use other SMTP provider but keep forwarders

    Viewed this, but not quite relevant. I have email forwarders on my server, and an actual address. I moved the actual address to a third-party SMTP service provider. I changed DNS/MX to point to this provider, so the address works fine but now my forwarders fail. Please advise on how to...
  4. benito

    Find all email forwarders in server

    Hello! In order to improve email deliverability we are planning to disable the Forwarders feature in cPanel for all our customers. We want to send notices to all clients who have active forwarders to request consent to remove them. How we can know wich customers have them without manually...
  5. 000

    is possible FILTER over "Email Account Forwarders" ??

    hello, happy 2021 for all. :) as ROOT in my CentOs 7 I run:grep /var/log/exim_mainlog | grep 2020-12 | wc -l 14734but... in december 2020 I recived ONLY 2 REAL emails, the others 4732 are 100% SPAM that is terrible!, and cPanel have tools to STOP spam, but my problem is ALL...
  6. D

    Disallow setting forwarders and filters through webmail interface

    Hi! It is a fairly new feature that an e-mail address owner can set forwarders and filters simply logging into the 2096 webmail interface. This is something that I would like to disable and only let the cPanel admin do that, because I have noticed that many e-mail addresses or compromised and...
  7. M

    SOLVED Strange email forwarding

    I have a problem with a domain on a server. Email came successfully but it forward to a gmail account. customer hasn't add a forwarder or a filter. Event: success success Sender User: clientuser Sender Domain: clientdomain From Address: [email protected] Sender: [email protected]...
  8. M

    SOLVED Email Forwarders -- How to send a list of current forwarders to an email address

    I have an account which has numerous email forwarders in place. I'm curious as to if and how I can set some sort of cronjob to send the current list of forwarders as text to an external email address; Example; Forwarders as of <date> [email protected] ---> [email protected] ...
  9. S

    Grep command to get email forwarders on specific IP's

    At the hosting company I work I just got a newbie job(which I am) to find forwarders on cPanel accounts on specific shared IP's something like: grep/zgrep var/log/maillog | grep IP In some instances multiple accounts share the same IP so finding email forwarders on a specifiv IP...
  10. albatroz

    Forwarding to Gmail Issue

    I am having this problem with an email forwarder trying to send a message to a Gmail address
  11. E

    Combined list of all email forwards

    Hi How can I get a single file emailed to me every day that contains the domain name and all forwarders for client domains on my server? It will be even better if I can get only those accounts reported which were updated the last day. Why do I want this? I have seen quite a few hacks on...
  12. 3

    List all Mail Forwarders

    Hello Can anyone suggest the commands to list all mail forwarders in SSH Root. As these commands are not working. cat /etc/valiases/* > forwarders or more /etc/valiases/* > forwarders Thanks
  13. W

    Locate all forwarder email addresses?

    Hello, I have several cPanel account and I would like to have the list of the "forwarders email" of all cPanel email accounts that I have but with a simple command line
  14. C

    Email Forwarders, Spam Filters & Missing Messages

    I pay a web host for website space and email services. cPanel is included, which I figure out and use as best I can (on a beginning level). For the most part, I like cPanel a lot (except that, for beginners, the documentation is not always complete or easy to comprehend). For 6 or 7 years I...
  15. N

    [Case 133249] Activating Auto-Delete Spam removes all Forwarders

    I don't know if it's only me but today I noticed that when I activate "Auto-Delete Spam" (Cpanel->Mail->Apache SpamAssassin) all forwarders for this account (all domains of account) were missing. The files in /etc/valiases still existed but were empty. First I was not really sure what it was...
  16. B

    [Feature Request] Limit forwarders in packages

    Hello, I've found a lot of post by 7 years ago about this request, and today it's not yet available :( We can't limit the number or forwarders in packages settings, and we can't limit the number of email sent by every package. Please, add this option, we can't offer unlimited forwarders...
  17. K

    forwarders central filter router address failure - help!

    I have cpanel with virtual hosts - i have root access. sub domains generally seem to be working ok ....except one...(this issue is not with other domains).. I have had several forwarders working for several months, but for the last few days forwarding has completely stopped ... user and...
  18. G

    Subdomains and Domain Forwarders for multiple parked domains

    I have 36 domains parked on top of my main account, and will soon be adding 58 more. The main account has 8 subdomains, and I would like for these subdomains to work for all of the parked domains. For example, if I have: Then I want this to come up when I go to...
  19. M

    Forwarders Help

    Hi All, I basically run a free site for our rugby club. i have 330 forwarders set up and when there is an update it is easier for me to delete them and re-import the spreadsheet generated from our DB. The issue is you can only delete one by one. If there a way to delete all 330 in one go or is...
  20. C

    Dont let me delete forwarders in cpanel

    hello all, i have a issue wierd, i try delete mail forwarder in cpanel...i try delete and as if it had been properly removed.. but the forwarder again appear,... not show error.. i try change between skin x and x3 and same error... try upcp --force and dont fix.. only can delete if delete on...