1. S

    SOLVED FTP Connections blocked unless IP added to CPHulk Whitelist

    Hey all, I am having an issue where all FTP connections are timing out. I am working remotely and cannot upload any files. Server is using Pure FTP as the FTP service. I am also running ConfigServer Firewall plugin. But I think all settings in there should be fine. All TCP_IN ports are open...
  2. K

    Ftp backups fails on latest ver 12

    Hi, I have migrated some boxes to almalinux 8 and configured the whm backup system as per normal to FTP in to another Box. This fails validation but places a text file in the ftp space of [email protected] ie "validate.tmp-111111.txt" xx. iswebserver, yy is backup server. Errors...
  3. M

    Second FTP user to home directory - quota?

    TL;DR If I add a second FTP user and add the home directory of the main cPanel account (instead of a subdirectory). What quota do I have to set? If the cPanel account quota is set to 10GB, does the second FTP user also require those 10GB? I am handing over a project where I run the site on my...
  4. A

    SOLVED FTP account as network location in windows

    Hello in my Cpanel , I added new FTP with the name "genius" and it's details as following FTP Username: [email protected] FTP server: ftp.mydomain.com FTP & explicit FTPS port: 21 now if I want to add it in windows as network location it wont work as the username contains "@" in the username...
  5. H

    FTP Error

    sometimes my ftp is not working and throwing this error. Response: 331 User jeri OK. Password required Command: PASS *************** Response: 530 Login authentication failed Error: Critical error: Could not connect to server hostname, username, and passwords are correct. I am...
  6. M

    Separate FTP account for client - home directory?

    I think the question I have is simple, so I try to avoid telling the entire big story at first, but still give enough context. I am using reseller hosting so that I am able to not just offer website development but also hosting for my clients only. Creating a new cPanel user for my client in...
  7. jimlongo

    new server - trouble setting up passive FTP with non-standard port

    I'm trying to get FTP working on a new almaLinux8 server with a fresh install of cPanel. I've tried both Pro-FTP and Pure-FTP, but for discussion lets go with Pure-FTP I want to use Port 55555, with implicit FTPS cat /var/cpanel/conf/pureftpd/local PassivePortRange: 50000 56000 Bind 55555...
  8. E

    FTP connection - clear text session for one user only

    Hello, I have cPanel&WHM version 106.0.11. and FTP settings: TLS Encryption Support - Required (Command/Data), TLS Chiper Suite - High.. Can I enable FTP for just one user with this settings TLS Encryption Support - Disabled? Best regards, Elizabeta
  9. T

    FTP connections not releasing after task completes

    I am having issue where my web editor application makes the connection to cPanel ftp application but idles forever and never disconnects itself when file transfer is completed. I talked to web editor developer and they said cPanel is somehow keeping the connection active and alive so I am...
  10. SuperBaby

    I created a limited FTP account. Possible to access File Manager via a browser?

    I created a limited FTP account in WHM. The username is [email protected]. The user can only access a particular sub-directory. Is it possible not to ask my client to install FTP software? Is it possible to access the FILE MANAGER via cPanel (login from cPanel's login page)? I tried to do that...
  11. B

    FTP account doesn't show FTP address

    So I created an FTP account but nowhere can I see the actual FTP address, which isn't that helpful. How do I know what the FTP address is??
  12. M

    FTP 550 Error with Pure FTP

    We recently added virtual users to Pure FTP that are able to connect seamlessly to the server. However, now we are seeing 550 errors for 'real' FTP users (not virtual). Thoughts? The folder permissions are set to 0750 and user:nobody for public_html. Anything else we should look at? FileZilla...
  13. PeteS

    SOLVED FTP port resetting to default port 21

    I use a non-standard FTP port on all my servers. Let's use 6021 as an example. I have all my FTP clients configured to that port as well. I recently set up two new servers. I changed the bind in the FTP config file to 6021 and I opened port 6021 in the firewall and restarted both. I verified...
  14. O

    Received certificate chain could not be verified

    Hello, for some reason i began receive this error when i try ftp connection. I haven't touched the FTP settings for many months so I think some update may have caused this. Has anyone gone through this? If yes, how to solve? Best regards.
  15. V

    How to Use FTP with Static Port ?

    Hello, We are using OVH Firewall so we are unable to enable the Passive Port 49152 : 65534 over OVH Firewall So is there anyway we can able to use an static Port for FTP Connection so we can whitelist that Port on OVH Firewall
  16. A

    Cannot use FTP on EC2 instance

    Hi all. So I have 2 x AWS EC2 instances, both running WHM/cPanel, and both set up identically (or so I thought) following this guide: Launch an AWS™ AMI™ Instance | cPanel & WHM Documentation On one of the instances I can access each account individually via FTP no problem at all. However on...
  17. B

    FTP disabled but still have access via SSH key. Is this the expected behavior?

    I wanted to disable access to FTP using password auth and only have access via an SSH key. I've setup an SSH key for FTP access and disabled local FTP server. This appears to be exactly what I want but it's a bit confusing. I would have thought that disabling FTP would not allow access via SSH...
  18. 000

    very out date documentation cPanel FTP

    when we go to https://docs.cpanel.net/knowledge-base/ftp/how-to-edit-ftp-server-configuration-from-the-command-line/ we can read: but directory not exists. then you can see: please: from what FILE we can enable 60 connections FTP from same IP ? (class room) thanks
  19. K

    FTP account or restrict a folder from files being deleted or uploaded?

    Hi, my goal is restrict ftp users so they can download but can't upload or delete files. I worry setting that up will stop my file transfer plugin. What happens is files are uploaded to WordPress media library and are auto transferred to a cPanel program folder. $destinationDirectory =...
  20. V

    FTP Stuck retrieving directory list

    Good evening, When I try to connect through FTP to one of my domains, the connection get stuck on "retrieving directory list", it only works if I set FTP connexion to passive. I need help to connect normally.