1. pkiff

    SOLVED Typo in Guide to Git Private Repo Docs - "Create the SSH Configuration File" Step - Add not Run

    There's a typo in one step of the Create the SSH Configuration File section of the cPanel Docs page Guide to Git™ - Set Up Access to Private Repositories. Step 4 of that section says: But you don't "run" a command at that step, you "add" the Host and IdentityFile definitions to the config...
  2. JIKOmetrix

    Make Git pull update automatically

    I have a GIT a copy in my cpanel account. How do I get GIT to pull fresh files every 24 hours or when files change on on GIT to update my local copy? Can you do this with cron?
  3. W

    Deploying Open Source Projects via cPanel Git Version Control

    Reading the directions at Guide to Git™ - Deployment | cPanel & WHM Documentation it appears you must have a .cpanel.yaml file to deploy. There are a couple of issues with this. First, you have to have control of the repository, and if it is an open-source project, you won't have control of it...
  4. W

    SOLVED GIT Install to Public_HTML - fatal: destination path 'public_html' already exists

    I am trying to install a script via git and cPanel won't let me install the script in public_html. When I execute the following command, I get the following error: [[email protected] ~]$ git clone public_html fatal: destination path 'public_html' already...
  5. S

    Upgrade git and ruby?

    I'm running CentOS v7.9.2009 and cPanel & WHM v102.0.8 (STANDARD). I need to install something on my server that wants git 2.1.3 and ruby 2.6 or higher. I have older versions of both. Can I update these without impacting WHM or cPanel? Does cPanel use or care about git or ruby? Error...
  6. R

    What is the path I should install my Git repository to Git Version Control

    So I'm looking at the video documentation from cPanel: cPanel Tutorials - Git Version Control And I noticed the developer put installed her repository in a path like this: I installed mine in a directory like this: From my experience using other web development technologies git is supposed...
  7. B

    Is there any way to use the cPanel GIT feature so that it would also be revisioning the database?

    Or if I only revision my home folder with a few files added to gitignore, and not the database, will that not cause conflicts at later deployments? Thanks! Best regards!
  8. B

    Is it possible to make changes directly on the production site via SFTP text editor or GIT client, and use the cPanel automatic deployment model?

    The automatic deployment in cPanel starts with pulling from a remote repo like GitHub, that requires a repo URL. Does that mean that I must make all the changes to my site on GitHub, if I want to use the cPanel automatic deployment? I would like to use my favorite SFTP capable text editor or...
  9. B

    How does the cPanel backup and backup restore feature affect the cPanel GIT feature? Do I have to choose between the two?

    How does the cPanel backup and backup restore feature affect the cPanel GIT feature? Do I have to choose between the two and can they conflict?
  10. B

    If I use a GIT editor like Sublime Merge does it still make sense to set up and use the GIT feature of cPanel or only if there's no other GIT tool?

    If I use a GIT editor like Sublime Merge does it still make sense to set up and use the GIT feature of cPanel or only if there's no other GIT tool?
  11. A

    Create Automatic Routine of Git Pull

    Hi! I have a folder that is in: /home2/user/folder, and it is a private github repository. How can I make cPanel do a git pull every 5 minutes? I tried to create a file and in it by something like: Running as user's cronjob But it didn't work. Have some way to do it? I only want to...
  12. E

    GIT Repository

    So I have a private Github that I've susscesfully setup SSH access connection between cPanel and GIT. However I'm having an issue where anytime I go to deploy head commit it just sits at "The deployment that you triggered on Feb 24, 2021 TIME is queued …" Sometimes it seems to work, most of...
  13. Ramon Pego

    SSH Key for multiple users

    Hello, I have a specific case on a server where I currently host 80 clients that use the "same site", that is, they use the same repository on github. So to authenticate I create a ssh key on everyone and add it to the github account. So my git account has more than 80 keys just to authenticate...
  14. S

    Connect to private repository using ssh keys with non-standard SSH port

    On my WHM, I have changed the default SSH port from 22 to 56022 using CSF, for security reasons. Now, port 22 is removed from TCP IN and OUT open ports list. I am able to connect and use the new 56022 port, but now I have a problem with my BitBucket repository connection: ssh: connect to host...
  15. S

    SOLVED load ssh-agent automatically for git private repos

    In my cPanel user files, I'm using a private BitBucket repository. In order to connect to it, I have created an SSH public/private key pair using the cPanel user interface so I can use them as a way to connect to my remote repository. The problem is that I wasn't able to connect to the remote...
  16. K

    Git deploy with variable

    Hi, I tried to deploy HEAD commit by creating .cpanel.yml file. I have a problem related to USERNAME. --- deployment: tasks: - export DEPLOYPATH=/home/example/public_html/ - /bin/cp -R images $DEPLOYPATH...
  17. FourthFloor

    FAILURE: Syck parser (line 2, column 9): syntax error at /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/ line 71.

    I'm having an issue deploying my latest GIT Head Commit. It essentially just gets stuck on: The deployment that you triggered on Nov 23, 2020 6:24:38 PM is queued … Further diving into the issue revealed the following in .cpanel/ 2020-11-23T23:24:38Z...
  18. D

    Git Deployment - YML File Setup

    Hi, I'm new to working with Git deployment and cPanel and I'm just trying to confirm my overall set up. I would like to exclude/ignore only 3 or 4 files during the deployment process. The rest of my files will be updated periodically. Would I be able to set up my cpanel.yml file as such? ---...
  19. P

    Use Automatic Push Deployment with Git Version Control Without SSH Access

    Hello, I'd like to use automatic push deployment to my Cpanel git repo from my local machine. However, I don't have SSH access. Is there any way to clone Cpanel git repo in my local machine and do automatic push deploy without SSH access? Thanks
  20. T

    Interact with Git repo using HTTPS?

    Is it possible to interact (e.g. clone) a cPanel Git repo using HTTPS instead of SSH? Ufortunately proxy/firewall restricts the use of SSH for me. The reason I wan't it to be a cPanel Git repo is to do the automatic push deploy instead of the manual version.