1. R

    [CPANEL-14899] There was a problem creating the GnuPG Key

    Hello All, I'm using Cpanel 74.0.6, and attempting to create an encryption key for a mail user. Unfortunately, I'm greeted with the error "There was a problem creating the GnuPG Key. The request timed out." This occurs after about 10 minutes or so. Has anyone ran into this? Does anyone...
  2. D

    Where are the GnuPG keys?

    The link provided on this page cPanel Security Team GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG) | cPanel Newsroom to download the keys is not up to date. Error 404 | cPanel, Inc. = 404. Please fix.
  3. H

    What setting to stop time outs on GNUPG key creation?

    Hi all, What setting needs to be changed to stop time outs when creating a GNUPG Key. This is the message: ----------- There was a problem creating the GnuPG Key. The request timed out. ----------- I use this all the time and have never had this issue previously. Running cpanel 54 build 22...
  4. T

    gnupg will not install

    Trying to install gnupg module and having errors. Any help is appreciated. CENTOS 5.10 i686 standard – WHM 11.40.0 (build 26) Installed gpgme from the rpmforge repo successfully (apparently). edited as noted in other thread to include /usr/local/lib Here is the error...
  5. G

    gnupg errors

    Hi, I have received the following errors after install gnupg.. Anyone have idea?? root@server[~]# php -i | grep gnupg php: gnupg relocation error: /usr/local/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20090626/ gnupg support => enabled symbol gpgme_check_version_internal, version...
  6. L

    Installing gnupg php module

    Hi, I've been wanting to install the Gnupg module in php on my Cpanel Centos server. I have done this through the SSH connection directly on the server's console. Problem is that although everything seems to be going fine, right at the end the installation ends with an error: root@server...
  7. B

    Imported GnuPG keys not working, help

    When I import a GnuPG key, i cant do anything with it with my scripts. Just nothing happens. If I generate the key inside CPANEL, my script works fine. if I generate a key in CPANEL, delete it, and re-import it, it doesn't work... Imported keys are not working for me for some reason. I am...
  8. G

    How to use GnuPG in cPanel?

    Hi, I've seen there is 'GnuPG' in my cPanel, and I've read the cPanel manual and the video tutorial, but I still don't know how to use it to encrypt my messages. Otherewise, I don't think 'GnuPG' is a part of the cPanel. It seems that they have no relation with each other.
  9. H

    UPCP issue - GNUpg, Libassuan, Pth

    Morning... GNUpg is failing during UPCP due to missing dependencies libassuan & pth, however, both these are there and installed... Any suggestions?
  10. 8

    PUBLIC GnuPG key Installation

    Hi, I have public key I would like to install on my server so my server can encrypt emails dedicated to an email address. I don't want to generate the key from the server since I ALREADY have a public key for my email address. I tried importing the public key in cpanel GnuPG Keys section...
  11. D

    gnupg and php

    Does anyone know if there is a supported module that has this? I am being asked if Cpanel has gnupg php module and I have no idea :/ Thansk for any help :)
  12. H

    Two hours and counting to generate a GnuPG key

    Hi, Just taken delivery of a new dedicated server dual quad core Xeon 5420. The specs were chosen because there's going to be a fair use of the GnuPG key feature at the cpanel level. My testing yesterday and today is leaving me feeling a little sick. Creating keys just through the...
  13. rs-freddo

    GnuPG problems after last update

    Anyone having problems with GnuPG after last update? I'm getting messages encrypted with an unknown key, problem being the messages can't be decrypted.
  14. M

    Decrypting with GnuPG

    I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with gpg. We moved a site off an old server and imported the private key into our cPanel server. Now when we try to decrypt the files from the old server, with the imported private key, we get this: gpg: public key decryption failed: unknown cipher...
  15. O

    How to uprgrade GNUPG ?

    Hello all .. The server is shows that the version of GNUPG is 1.2.6 .. I want to upgrade it to : 1.4.5 How can I do that ? Iam using : CentOS 4.4 PHP 5.1.6 CGI Apache 1.3.37 Thanks ...
  16. U

    GnuPG Key Generator not working

    Hi, The "Manage OpenPGP Keys" feature is not working on my cpanel (RHE3 server). When I try to add a new key, it says key generated, but actually nothing happens. Then I manually created a directory .gnupg in the account, and tried again. Now it created the Public and Private keys. It...
  17. A

    Upgrade gnupg? How?

    How do I upgrade gnupg through WHM. I need to do this due to a recent server hacking. Please help ASAP. Thanks.
  18. Z

    GnuPG 1.2.1 to 1.4.0

    I found out that I'm running an old version of GnuPG. My machine is running Redhat Enterprise and Cpanel. I've tried to update it within WHM but I've still got the old version 1.2.1 running. I've even used the force reinstall but I get a message stating that I'm up to date. I tried...
  19. mahdionline

    upgrade GnuPG

    Hi How can i upgrade GnuPG from 1.0.7 to latest version ? Regard
  20. D


    Hello everyone, Im just getting started in the business and Im trying to use GnuPG as my encryption method for forms to email from cpanel. I have no experience with GnuPG. In CPANEL I understand what it takes to create the keys but I dont know how they are implimented? Any help would be...