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    Auto Scaling and Load Balancing with Google Compute Engine?

    Hello, A bit clear already from the topic title, but here goes: Lets say that we have created a VM in Google Compute Engine and installed cPanel per the tutorial at cPanel docs. And it works. If we spin up the copies of that VM in GCE using autoscaling features and distribute the load through...
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    Blocked port 25 is a false or real problem?

    Hi, I need to know if a blocked port 25 is a false or real problem. I have a VPS on Google GCE. But, Google blocks port 25, I believe both incoming and outgoing connections (but please correct me if I'm wrong) There is an option on WHM to use an alternate port (like 26, for example). My...
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    Installation successful but not url shows error (GCP).

    hi, i had recently installed the cpanel on my centos7 in GCP, also linked the domain threw nameservers. But i am getting the roor "contact to admin : webmaster@ip/domain". site: Moderator Note: Removed URL
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    Google Cloud Platform Multiple External IP's

    I was reading around the documentation yesterday trying to determine why I was unable to get my external IP's from my 4 nic's on GCP to be mapped within WHM. It sees the internal IP's, but fails to map external other than nic0. Upon reading, "If the New IP and IP range to add value uses Class C...
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    Network is unreachable error

    the application is the use of this use google cloud and I tried it but did not send email in any way. uses the resolv e e Evento:defer Usuário:connecthostDomínio:example.netEndereço de origem:[email protected]:[email protected] do envio:13 de dez de 2018...
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    SOLVED Unable to determine IP address from host name on Google Cloud VM

    Well, its really getting hard now and I have been doing it for last 3 days but no solution is working for me. I have Google Cloud VM instance with - Internal IP and External IP Firewalls Setup properly to allow required ports I have setup cPanel as required now the big deal is - when I add a...
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    Open Ports for cPanel on Google Cloud VPS?

    hello anyone know why i can not open port 2086 and 2087 in my whm? I install cPanel using google cloud vps how to fix it? :(
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    Installing cPanel on Centos 7 Google Cloud Platform Issue

    Hi, Create a virtual machine in Google Cloud Platform, follow the steps of the installation guide. Execute the command that is on the official page. cd /home && curl -o latest -L && sh latest while the command was running, I had this message...
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    Recover WHM root password?

    hi, im using google cloud, i have forgot my root password for whm. the only thing i have on google cloud is reset server, stop and SSH command. kindly help me to solve.
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    SOLVED cPanel on Google Cloud VM - Resize Disk Not working

    Hi Google Cloud has just announced their availability of AU region and the first thing I tried to do is try a quick installation of cPanel and other normal operations on their official CentOS 7 image. Other things worked fine however I noticed that Disk resize is not working properly...
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    Can't send email with sendgrid

    Hi! I've problem with configuration of exim, i using now centos on google compute engine. CENTOS 6.9 x86_64 kvm WHM 62.0 (build 21) I configured all with this: Section: AUTH sendgrid_login: driver = plaintext public_name = LOGIN client_send = : <YourSendGridUsername> : <YourSendGridPassword>...
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    Default Website Page

    Hello! I'm installing WHM + Cpanel on a Google Cloud VM. The problem is that after installing it several times with several tutorials I could never access whm put my IP, or placing my IP: Port. Below I leave a picture of what appears to me. Thank you very much for your help.
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    SOLVED Resolver Configuration Keeps Resetting

    Hello my Resolver Config keeps resetting to nameserver I have tried changing this in Networking Setup »Resolver Configuration and /etc/resolv.conf This server is with Google Cloud that I have only just setup a few days ago, also what might be related is that my server name is...
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    Enviar y Recibir correos - Instancia Google

    Hola, Tengo una instancia de google Cloud (Compute Engine), en la cual instale CentOS con whm cpanel. todo funciona parfecto, sin emargo al crar las cuantas de correo en los dominios no puedo conseguir que funcione. He leido que en Google Cloud se bloquea el puerto 25 para envio de correos...
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    SOLVED cPanel on GCE & BIND DNS Not creating entries?

    Hi guys, Been working on installing Cpanel on GCE everything is going great so far got the ports forwarded, can create accounts, but when I try to create a domain or subdomain i don't think the proper DNS routing or something is being created. Perhaps this is something way more complicated...