1. G

    Thoughts on Google Cloud MySQL?

    I didn't know that this was a thing until yesterday :-O It would be $42 /month for me. The biggest advantages I can see, IF IT WORKS AS ADVERTISED!, is that it eliminates local problems that I have to fix, and (allegedly) faster processing time. And it frees...
  2. S

    DKIM installed for domain but not available for gmail / google selector?

    Hello, since a couple of weeks we are facing " 421-4.7.28 rate of unsolicited mail originating from your IP address. To 421-4.7.28 protect our users from spam, mail sent from your IP address has been 421-4.7.28 temporarily rate limited". The volume of emails especially to gmail / google...
  3. L

    Alma Linux 8 cPanel/WHM newest --- well is there any way to see the number of Visitors and analytics like Google Analytics?

    I have a web server VPS LAMP Alma Linux 8 cPanel/WHM newest --- well is there any way to see the number of Visitors and analytics like Google Analytics? I have only a domain = blog WordPress but Google Analytics is problematic, not functioning, since migrated here from Cent OS 7.9... well? it...
  4. C

    WHM Login page found in Google

    Hi, I've uncovered that the WHM Login page has been found in Google because there is no meta robots tag specifically denying access to the login page. I have no idea how the Googlebot has found the WHM login page, but somewhow it has. I need a way to edit the WHM Login page template and add in...
  5. J

    SOLVED can someone decypher: __cpanel__service__auth__icontact__?

    My mail logs are showing the following exchange: Delivery Event Details Event: success success Sender User: __cpanel__service__auth__icontact__xxxxxxrkhxxxx Sender Domain: -system- From Address: cpan[email protected] < --- the server's email account Sender...
  6. durangod

    Building a google analytics webpage simple dashboard using GA4

    With the July 1 2023 date fast approaching for the google analytics UA property types to be a thing of the past. I did some reading today about using the google analytics embed API to build a new page for GA4. However the embed API does not support GA4. I have read other articles of how to...
  7. C

    Google Workspace emails don't receive emails from GMAIL emails

    Hello We have some emails in Google Workspace (we use only only Google Workspace for the emails) After changing server and adding google MX records, we cannot receive emails from Gmail accounts The Mail Delivery Subsystem responds: 550 Please turn on SMTP Authentication in your mail client...
  8. mariusfv

    Google Drive - Backup transport errors "429 Too many requests", but API limits and errors are OK on Google's side

    First of all: I have already read this topic. pwd /usr/local/cpanel/logs/cpbackup_transporter grep '429' cpbackup_transporter.1675211521.log [2023-02-01 02:06:28 +0200] info [cpbackup_transporter] Failed with 429: Too Many Requests ... [2023-02-01 02:26:54 +0200] info [cpbackup_transporter]...
  9. A

    Google bot triggering OWASP modsecurity rule 949110

    Last few days we have been noticing that Google crawler IP's (i.e. have stared being blocked by the OWASP modsecurity rules. This is not an isolated case, we have many servers and the same issues has been seen across all of them. Previously we had no issues like this related to...
  10. M

    Google Split Delivery: Google Workspace not receiving emails sent from Cpanel accounts

    Hello, I followed the instructions in this document to configure split delivery for one of my customer’s domains and It seems that I can send and receive emails without...
  11. R

    CPanel Elevate on Google Cloud Compute Engine

    Greetings All, I have done two successful in place upgrades with /scripts/elevate-cpanel (CentOS 7 to AlmaLinux 8). I have another server that runs on Google Cloud (compute engine). When I do the check ( /scripts/elevate-cpanel --check --upgrade-to=almalinux ), it tells me this: [ERROR] 4...
  12. J

    Problemas email desde google

    Buenas amigos. Espero me puedan guiar un poco. Tengo problemas con los clientes que mandan emails desde gmail al dominio xxxxxxxxx.xxxx Cuando una persona manda un mail le dice que el destinatario tiene un error permanente. Y desglosalos siguientes errores SMTP error from remote mail server...
  13. H

    Google Workspace not receiving cPanel domain emails

    Hi, I need some help on this one. My Google Workspace email accounts can't receive emails from my clients (domain emails) on VPS that I own. So basically there are 15 domains that can't send me an email, but they can receive mine. My primary domain has a DNS zone on same server as all of my...
  14. P

    Migration to Google Workspace

    hello everyone, I have this client that want to move their emails from cPanel to Google Workspace. what is the best + seamless way for doing this? Thanks everyone
  15. T

    In Progress DOC-18081 - Help setting up Backups to Google Drive

    Hi, I am trying to set up backups to go to Google Drive. I am setting up the credentials to obtain the Client and Secret Key, following the instructions here. It says in the instructions the following: In the Authorized URLs field, add an entry for each server performing backups to this...
  16. M

    Uploading backups to Dropbox or Google Drive

    From time to time some users cancel their services and they require me to share its backups, however it is kind of slow to download its backup files to my computer and then upload to something like Dropbox or Google Drive, so I was wondering if there is a way to copy the backup files directly to...
  17. WebHostPro

    SOLVED A customer gets a blank page with Google chrome but not other browsers

    Hello, We have a customer that uses multiple accounts in Google Chrome. The main account though shows several pages in the WHM to be blank. Like view accounts and terminate an account. He then switches to another user in his Chrome browser or edge and the page loads fine. Any idea why he...
  18. M

    How to allow webmail to deliver faster as other email provider like Google

    Hello I have dedicated server but since I running this business many clients complain webmail not deliver email faster compare to other email provider like Google(Gmail) or Yahoo, and this become bad when you have an attachment, is their a way to fasten in WHM ?
  19. U

    411 Length required when auto uploading backups to Google Cloud Storage (S3)

    The server is logging the below error while trying to upload the backups to Google Cloud Storage. Some are succeeding, but most are failing: [2022-01-02 01:43:21 +0000] info [cpbackup_transporter] Upload attempt #3 starting for /backup/2022-01-02/accounts/*******.tar.gz to...
  20. N

    Did someone try to create a DNS Cluster server on Google Cloud?

    Hello, Everybody :) As you know Google cloud is unique and cPanel does not match 100% the DNS section if you using GCP: As you see on the support page, need to copy all the...