1. M

    SPF, DKIM and DMARC all set but dmarc-reports keep saying the opposite

    hello recently i started receiving these reports once a day from google and in some cases it says the check for dkim and spf fail, even tho dmarcian, dkimvalidator and any other such tools says everything is set up correctly <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> <feedback>...
  2. PCZero

    Problem with google recaptcha v2

    I got a second server recently and I am migrating a handful of sites off of the old box. Many of them use contact us forms with Google recaptcha v2. They all worked flawlessly on the old box but it seems that the recaptcha test fails on the new server. Contact us page code: In the head...
  3. D

    What cloud, what price and migration services?

    Hello all .. yes I'm thinking about WebHostingTalk also but I like this community. Short of the long is I have a server in the UK .. and it serves my needs very well and I'm very happy but I'm getting to a place where I believe it's going to be better if it's in the cloud so I don't need to...
  4. T

    Google DNS advantages?

    Are there any advantages/benefits of using the included cloud DNS services that Google domains provide over powerDNS in cPanel?
  5. N

    Blocking countries : The big Google Ads issue

    Hello, Recently, I was very proud of myself to make a good optimisation to my cPanel servers, and lowered the server load ! I identified in cPHulk that some IPs from countries attacks more than others. And some countries are absolutely not in my customers target. Then, I played to block...
  6. C

    How to remove

    Somehow is indexed by Google. I went ahead and removed A record for ftp for this domain in WHM but it doesn't seem to be removed. I can still access and ping also works. So what's going on? How do I get rid of completely?
  7. T

    Help setting Google Drive remote back up

    Hello, I am following the steps as explained here : How to Configure Google Drive as a Backup Additional Destination | cPanel & WHM Documentation, but what I see on my Google Drive admin is not what is described on the tutorial. I managed to go through but I am stuck on this drop down menu...
  8. 360webfirm

    Backup using Google Drive - Screen different

    Hello, I am trying to set up google drive for backups and when I get to thge screen, From the Which API are you using? menu, select Google Drive API. It does not show me this option. ( see image ) I have a few Google accounts, for some reason this step shows for one, but not the others...
  9. J

    Google Apps y registros MX

    Hola, Tengo un dominio que está usando una cuenta de Google Apps, an la cual están configuradas algunas cuentas,... que funcionan corréctamente,... y el dominio lo tengo alojado en una cta. de cPanel,... los registros MX son lo de Google,... Ahora he creado un par de cuentas en la cta. de...
  10. spaceman

    Deceptive site ahead - warnings just started today from Google Chrome (only)

    Hi All, Latest version of Google Chrome 89.0.4390.90 (Official build) has suddenly started today, 15th March 2021, to display some of our sites as insecure, despite the fact that the TLD and subdomains are reporting just fine with SSL Shopper...
  11. M

    How to disable google tag manager from in WHM?

    HI all, We have really important question (even thought some of you might think it is not). I noticed that every WHM comes with Google tag manager pre set to someone's (who knows who) account. I have access to multiple WHM servers and all of them have google tag manager in it. Is there a way to...
  12. K

    Best way to retrieve Google Drive backup

    Howdy! We use Google Drive as the destination for our nightly, weekly and monthly backups. Is there a way to retrieve/transfer the backups back to the server from Google drive without first downloading to a local computer and then reuploading to the server? Downloading and uploading is...
  13. K

    Backup Transport Errors Google

    Searched but couldn't find a solution here or with Google searches. Set up Google. Drive as additional backup location (did this twice, same outcome). Works fines for a couple days. Then throws this error. Unable to send “/backup/2020-12-08/accounts/music4u.tar.gz” to destination...
  14. R

    Email Accounts via cPanel with Google Cloud

    Hi. As the title says, I use cPanel with Google Cloud. The problem comes that when I create an email via cpanel it is created correctly, but, the sending / receiving of emails does not work. I know that Google Cloud restricts emails, but my question is, is it possible to do it with Sendgrid...
  15. P

    Configs whm server to login by google and facebook account in wordpress

    Hi Cpanel. I am a new member and new with cpanel server, vps hosting. in the my website, it have option login by account google and account facebook. I config developer facebook and google succesful but can not login in website I checked in other hosting as shard hosting, it active fine. but in...
  16. J

    WHM Google Drive Backup on Existing Folder

    Hello I've configured WHM to create a full backup on my Google Drive , i've set the location to Servers/website1/ , i have "Servers" folder already on my Google Drive but as i checked , WHM created a new folder with same name , is there any approach to prevent that and use existing folder...
  17. D

    After installation Cpanel/WHM can`t connect on Google Cloud SSH

    After installation Cpanel/WHM can`t connect on Google Cloud SSH. Also, cannot reach https://IPADDRESS:2087 through browser. Installation of Cpanel/WHM went smoothly. Everything is look fine. In firewall, I`m allow tcp protocol 2087 and 2086. Can you help me,please?
  18. D

    How to limit backups to specific accounts when using the Google Drive™ backup transport?

    Just setup Google Drive™ transport for our servers. However, we ran out of space real quick. Is there a way to only backup specific accounts to Google Drive™ to prevent this from happening?
  19. D

    Correctly configure WHM in Google Cloud Platform CentOS 7?

    Help to correctly configure WHM in Google Cloud Platform CentOS 7
  20. A

    Set up Google Analytics Code on Website?

    Hi, Can someone help me with this issue? i can't find where to put the google analytics code in cpanel. i only have index.php but it only looks like,