1. U

    Auto Scaling and Load Balancing with Google Compute Engine?

    Hello, A bit clear already from the topic title, but here goes: Lets say that we have created a VM in Google Compute Engine and installed cPanel per the tutorial at cPanel docs. And it works. If we spin up the copies of that VM in GCE using autoscaling features and distribute the load through...
  2. M

    SOLVED Development URL indexed on Google

    Hello! In our WHM/cPanel environments we work as follows: 1. Set up development account on WHM. 2. Build the site using cPanel and Wordpress. 3. When the website is done, we use "Park Domain" in WHM to publish it with the right domain. This all works great, but we have noticed one problem. All...
  3. L

    429 Error with google

    Hi Guys I have recently been getting notifications from google that the server is returning 429 error. We have been seeing quite a few of these so i have some questions 1. How can i view the log to see the 429 errors, also whats the best way to check to see if we are exceeding the limit 2. Can...
  4. jonh

    Enter URL won't load, but google search will

    For all domains on my account if I enter the full url into browser the site won't load. If I search google for the sites and click the link from google, they open instantly.
  5. R

    Google detecting webmail as malware

    Recently one of our clients compained about his site being flagged by Google as "malicious" or "malware site". I added the client domain to my Google Search Console to find what the culprit was. To my surprise, Google detected my clients webmail as Malware (see attached image) That's the second...
  6. M

    Google Drive backup Path creation failed error during transport

    I have set up WHM to backup to my Google Drive. The transport last night however was not successful. The error log is below, I'm hoping someone can tell me what I need to do. I followed the instructions on this page: How to Configure Google Drive for WHM Backup - BuycPanel [2018-08-11...
  7. R

    Open Ports for cPanel on Google Cloud VPS?

    hello anyone know why i can not open port 2086 and 2087 in my whm? I install cPanel using google cloud vps how to fix it? :(
  8. D

    Google Validation for Transport Error

    Two days ago I started receiving the following error message: "Error: Validation for transport “accountname” failed: Could not create path directory “/accountname/”: Token refresh failed at /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/perl/524/lib64/perl5/cpanel_lib/OAuth/ line 83" I went to Google...
  9. A

    Installing cPanel on Centos 7 Google Cloud Platform Issue

    Hi, Create a virtual machine in Google Cloud Platform, follow the steps of the installation guide. Execute the command that is on the official page. cd /home && curl -o latest -L && sh latest while the command was running, I had this message...
  10. S

    License block in Google Cloud

    Hello, If you use WHM / cPanel on a virtual machine in Google Cloud, and then reboot the server, your cPanel license will be blocked by cPanel license check tool !. So, you need to login as root by SSH, then execute the command /usr/local/cpanel/cpkeyclt but this command will fix the problem...
  11. E

    SOLVED Google BBR on a cPanel server?

    I have read at a few places that we can make some config settings in the kernel to get the concepts of Google BBR activated on our server for faster website delivery. Is it officially supported by Cpanel? is there any plan to support this in near future?
  12. T

    cPanel on Google Cloud?

    Good afternoon, Are there any updated guides on building a cPanel web hosting environment on Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure Cloud, similar to the cPanel guides on Amazon AWS? Thank you.
  13. C

    Unable to access Google Drive Site

    Hi all I keep getting this error when I try and access my website Meet Google Drive – One place for all your files I can't access this website on my desk top, however i can access on my laptop and mobile. The web host said it's an issue with my ISP. Not sure who to believe and how to fix it...
  14. S

    Stop Google from Indexing our server /~user

    I am aware this How to stop google indexing of /~ is 1 year old, I still would like to understand, where did he place the robots.txt, did he put it in his /home/user/? or did he put it in the root directory for WHM/cPanel? It would help me a lot if I could leave the temporary URL possibility...
  15. J

    SOLVED Increase disk size on Google Cloud account

    Hi all, I have tried to increase my disksize by using xfs_growfs and using some instruction with using fdisk. These options failed due xfs_growfs gives me a "data size unchanged" error. I did attempt to create a new partition and calling it /home2. cPanel sees the new partition, only fails to...
  16. C

    Google page speed report - Reduce server response time

    Hi, I have a system with whm/cpanel installed and for all the sites hosted there i get a " Improve Server Response Time" on Google Page Speed tools. All the sites are wordpress and i get this message even on pages that show 1 small image . Thease are the official explanations from Google ...
  17. S

    SOLVED cPanel on Google Cloud VM - Resize Disk Not working

    Hi Google Cloud has just announced their availability of AU region and the first thing I tried to do is try a quick installation of cPanel and other normal operations on their official CentOS 7 image. Other things worked fine however I noticed that Disk resize is not working properly...
  18. T

    Can't find where my Google map tag lives

    Hi All, I'm brand new to Cpanel. My site incorporates Wordpress into Cpanel (or is it vice-versa?), and I am having a really hard time figuring out what is where. Right now, I have a Google map embedded into my site. I need to change it out for a new map, which I have already created. I just...
  19. hrace009

    Google Cloud DNS with cPanel

    Does cPanel have planing to integrated Google Cloud DNS with cPanel DNS Cluster? i have look google cloud DNS, seems this can save budget rather than rent other VPS or Dedicated server only to host DNS. :D This is just my opinion. What about you guys? Documentation Available here I have found...
  20. M

    Google Compute Engine Hostname issue

    Anyone know how to permanently set a hostname in Google Compute Engine so it doesent change every time the server resets? OS: CloudLinux 7