1. M

    Google Compute Engine Hostname issue

    Anyone know how to permanently set a hostname in Google Compute Engine so it doesent change every time the server resets? OS: CloudLinux 7
  2. T

    How to stop google indexing of /~

    Some of my client's websites are now showing up in google as How can I prevent Google from indexing anything in I tried to change the robots.txt file but the google search console still shows the URLs as allowed.
  3. B

    Google listing FTP URLs

    Came to realize recently that Google seems to think it should be listing some links to my site like this: . Apparently the way things are set up on Cpanel servers, it treats the ftp subdomain via http/browser as a normal way to access folders and files via...
  4. B

    After a cPanel account suspension Google Analytics still records traffic

    I have WHM with many cPanel accounts. These accounts have working web sites, email, FTP, … everything. In WHM I have suspended an account. This account has a website with Google Analytics code embedded. The GA recorded web traffic when the site was online. After I have suspended the cPanel...
  5. D

    Google analytics tracking ID in cPanel

    Hi there, We have bought a domain from and connect to cpanel hosting site. Few weeks ago, we have updated the tracking ID in as well as copied and pasted the Universal Analytics tracking code in cpanel under index.php. However, it is still not tracking. Please advise how to...
  6. W

    Google Compute Engine - Having problems

    Hey, I'm sorta stuck here and I'm pretty sure I tried out all options. cPanel on Google's Compute Engine is not possible, or am I wrong? I recently saw the post Can I Install cPanel with Google Compute Engine? | cPanel Blog which is pretty recent. I followed instructions as they were all...
  7. ::Gomez::

    cPanel ID using google login service

    Hi, I managed to succesfully implement cPanel ID login process towards the cPanel ticket system.. I was guessing if there is any tutorial or documentation to implement it across google login service.
  8. C

    Google Analytics Integration

    Greetings, I recently created a Google Universal Analytic (UA) tracking code for a website. I copied and pasted the provided code into my website. I am interested in learning how to integrate Google Analytics into cPanel. Thank you in advance for your time. Best, Christopher
  9. S

    Cannot Access WHM after a clean cpanel install on Google Cloud Platform

    Dear Friends, I have a very important issue after install cpanel on Google Cloud. I'm trying everything, but only get this error msg and cannot access to my whm for the initial setup. Screenshot 1: Server specifications - Removed - Screenshot 2: IP - Removed - Screenshot 3: whm - Removed -...
  10. S

    SSL and Google search results

    I have a server with 3 accounts having a RapidSSL certificate of it's own. Now I noticed, when I search on Google for one of these accounts I don't results showing the account, but https results of other accounts on this server! What is happening here? - Removed - This makes no sense at all to...
  11. Ogo

    google +1 button is not working

    Hallo, I'm on a free hosting with cPanel and for a few weeks now, when I want to +1 something from my site it says "This site requires Javascript to work, please enable Javascript in ..." I just wanted to know is it something that might be connected with cPanels options or it is just the free...
  12. U

    Google Quic

    Can anyone guide me how can i use google quic protocol for my website using whm thanks.
  13. D

    Google Verification

    I have been trying to verify websites in Google Webmaster that are on a VPS server at GoDaddy. For some reason, every method availble to verify a website fails. The Google verification methods used that are recommended by Google include: 1) HTML file upload Upload an HTML file to your site...
  14. S

    PHP file_get_contents timeout when loading facebook / google

    Hi Threre, My PHP can't use file_get_contents for some website (facebook/google,...) It can load data from other sites, but not this 2. I google around and do all recommened method - allow_url_fopen - turn off firewall But still not load these pages Example Result Warning...
  15. N

    Google Bot triggering password resets

    I noticed that Google bot is triggering password resets for users. Access Log excerpt: "GET /resetpass/?action=reset&user=username&confirm=code HTTP/1.1" 200 0 "" "AdsBot-Google (+" "-" "GET /resetpass/?user=username&action=reset&confirm=code HTTP/1.1" 200...
  16. H

    410 Gone when using Google Chrome

    Hello, I have a weird problem, when using Google Chrome Browser i get the following error when accessing websites: Everything works fine with Firefox and Safari (tested on many computers) Any hints please ? Thank you! cPanel/WHM 11.44.1 with CloudLinux
  17. M

    Install cpanel in Compute Engine - Google

    Hi I want to know if someone install cpanel on google Cloud - compute engine ? I am planning to install cpanel but I want to know if possible, maybe there is a problem with system cloud google.
  18. M

    Trouble with listings in google

    Hi I added a new pass code for my web site using cpanel and now my listings are not getting in Google. Google sent 3 messages saying they can find my pages - - - Updated - - - hi This file is on my server, what does this mean access-logs -> /usr/local/apache/domlogs/highcom I have never...
  19. S

    Why can I still see my original domain name in Google search?

    I set up CPanel as a complete novice - never done this sort of thing before. I can't even remember now how I changed the original domain name to the new purchased domain - but somehow I did! Now; when I search for my site in Google - I can see my site clearly - but a few pages on I can also...
  20. P

    google not able to access my website with https?

    hello all, i have a website / but Google only able to access home page, but these inner pages / Google are not able to crawl. i have ssl with this website. may be there are two redirect or anything else? please tell...