1. M

    Google Adsense Image Not Appear

    Hello, Im having a simple problem but cannot be solved. Please help me. The google adsense image were not appear when accessing thru domain but when using ip it was appeared. The file permission is 644 using suphp, other user accounts can view the adsense image using ip and domain. What...
  2. alifazman

    Migrate to Google Aps..

    Hello beloved cPanel geek. I just wanna a suggestion/advice.I pointed my client email service to google aps.Now,is there any way to synchronize old email in the cPanel to google aps?so old email will still be at the google apps?
  3. E

    Google Apps Issue

    Hi! I want to add a cname into my account mail.[mydomain].com but I keep getting this message: You must have the zoneedit feature to take this action. You currently only have the simplezoneedit feature How would I do it? I do not have advance DNS zone editor in my account. Thanks...
  4. Z

    Google Sitemap Generator

    Does anyone know how to go about installing Google's Sitemap Generator on Cpanel? googlesitemapgenerator - Project Hosting on Google Code Has anyone tried it before on Cpanel? Will it create separate sitemaps for each account?
  5. B

    fatal error with Google tracking code

    Hi there When i try to paste the Google tracking code i get this error message 'A fatal error or timeout occurred while processing this directive' Thanks in advance Ben
  6. G

    Issue with cpanel in Google Chrome

    Hi there, I have been experiencing problems having my cpanel logged out totally in Google Chrome, when I login once and logout after that, I login back again, this time I was automatically logged in and cpanel did not prompt me for any userid or password, I did not set chrome to auto save...
  7. H

    Google adsence

    HOW TO VERIFY YOUR DOMAIN TO GOGOLE ADSENCE FOR DOMAIN... English Verifying Domain Loading... CNAME Record: A Records: Detected at 12/10/09 9:43 AM
  8. G

    Subdomains for Google Apps

    I have a hosting client that uses Google Apps. Getting the email to work was no problem, but now they're wanting to access their old features by subdomain. Like: And so on. Is there an easier way to do this, other than manually creating...
  9. F

    Google indexing domain

    Hello, I have an addon domain, when the site name is searched in Google the link shows as: I'd rather it just show and DO NOT want the parent domain to show. The main domain is being used as another site as well, but...
  10. ichsie

    So I want to set up Google Apps for my users via Zone Template Editor?

    Is this viable? Basically, I want every new domain added to my system to automatically have these MX entries: Configuring Your MX Records: Other domain hosts - Google Apps Help And the only thing my user need to do to use Google Apps is to sign up at Google Apps. How can I do this in...
  11. S

    Google Web Toolkit

    So, I've gotten as far as installing Apache Tomcat for this scenario to work, but I must say I'm pretty stuck there. It seems like this was built for a single account and not shared. If anyone could direct me somewhere, or have any suggestions on how to get Google Web Toolkit (GWT) working I'd...
  12. F

    google adsense analytics code

    This is my first post and i am a complete newbie. I will probally get shot down in flames for askiing this, and unsure if ime posting this in the right place but here i go... I recently purchased my website,and had greif adding my adsense code,which is now sorted but i want to add the...
  13. P

    Redirecting a second subdomain to Google Apps using cPanel

    Since cPanel doesn't allow me to create CNAME records, I created a sub-domain in cPanel (called and then redirected it to the full Google Apps url(ie It works fine when I type: as a url and directs me to Google Apps...
  14. B

    Google Wave - Whats cPanels Response?

    Hello, I was watching a video presentation of google wave, a new exciting technology thats just been revealed publicly recently. Google Wave Preview I was wondering what cPanel thinks about Google Wave? Google is saying that an Open Source Wave server (service) will be released soon...
  15. C

    Redirect Google site to new .com site

    I have a google .org site, and wish to redirect this to a new .com site I have through a paid host. I am new to CPanel, and have no idea how to set up to redirect from the CPanel end on my new host. I can redirect the google site, but when I then visit the google site again, I get a CPanel...
  16. C

    Google Indexing Subdomains

    I have setup some subdomains to separate out websites I'm developing from my main website. I also went a step further and created the subdomain web root outside of my public_html directory so access wouldn't work. My problem is that with no external links, google is...
  17. L

    Google Chrome compatibility

    Hi The file editor inside built in file manager does not save docs (i.e. I click on the disk icon and nothing happens) in Google Chrome browser. Tested cPanel in IE on my system just to make sure and it worked as expected. When can Chrome compatibility be built in to file manager/editor?
  18. wzd

    Server Redundancy & Google Apps - Advice needed

    Hi Everyone, I hope this is the right place to post as i saw some other redundancy threads in this area. I've been reading most of the DNS clustering and other threads but they don't seem to address my specific situation. :o I really need some advice on the following: At present we have 2...
  19. H

    AWStats - Adding Google Chrome to stats

    Anyone know how to add this new browser to AWStats ? I've found instructions on the net for editing the file, but on my cpanel server this file is in numerous places, and I'm not sure which one should be edited. Thanks in advance, Daniel
  20. J

    cPanel, SSL, Google and port 443

    INFO: Our site contains adult(ish) material I am trying to "verify" our website with Google using their webmaster dashboard, However, they wish to verify using Adding :443 after the domain name simply resolves to default cPanel SSL page. Do I need to...