1. F

    Google analytics

    I'm not familiar with the cPanel theme and script layouts. I would like to track my clients' usage of the cPanel and new training videos. Anyone included the tracker code in some generic skin or X3 even? Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. J

    Google Apps, Exim Replacement

    I've always used Exim+Assp for email and spam on my server, but I was wondering what would be involved to use Google Apps as a direct replacement for Exim... I know how to setup Google Apps for a domain, but to get it to work with Squirrelmail, etc, is different. Google Apps supports IMAP...
  3. X

    No Google?

    So my website is -link removed- I search my name on google..and nothing comes up.. even when i put the url in says "No results found" so not on google at all? waht? any ideas why not.. if its any help my site has been up for about a week...hmmm idk HELP!
  4. T

    Hotlinking and Google Image Search

    How do I prevent others from hotlinking my images without removing myself from Google's Image index? The last time I enabled hotlinking protection via cPanel, I lost a third of my traffic because Google no longer indexed the images on my site. If I enable hotlinking again, but this time check...
  5. R

    Problem with The way google sees my Links

    hi, I have a forum ( and here's my problem: I have links in this format on my main page:,6.0.html My problem is that search engines (bots) see my page with the following link format...
  6. O

    Google SiteMaps

    Does anyone know if the cpanel supports Google Sitemaps.?
  7. C

    Domainpointer and Google

    Hi I have a customer who has an account with the main domain, additionally he has a domain pointer to the main domain for Now he complained, that the pages are not in google because of duplicated content. He said, a domainpointer need to be done with mod rewrite...
  8. A

    Google Duplicate Content Penalty and wwwact

    Hello, While new accounts are setup, how to ensure the following in httpd.conf (non ssl) for each domain added: RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{SERVER_PORT} !=443 RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^www.domain\.tld RewriteRule (.*) http://www.domain.tld/$1 [R=301,L] This is necessary so that...
  9. spaceman

    google your log files: anyone tried splunk yet?

    Trawling through log files can be a real pain. I don't do it very often, but when I do, the first 10 minutes is spent reminding myself of where they all are and how best to search them them. So this looks promising: Anyone tried it? Feedback? Might take it for a spin...
  10. J

    Urchin now belongs to Google! Please remove Urchin

    Since has now been bought by Google, will it continue to be supported in Cpanel? If not, when will urchin be removed from Cpanel. I can't wait until the day that it is FINALLY REMOVED from Cpanel. Hopefully that will mean that it will be completely removed from Cpanel so our...
  11. M

    Problems with Google

    I will like to know why the pages and don't work,cause in my computer the only google'page that work is When I try to go to the page,there's this message: "There is no website configured at this address." Thank You Manlio
  12. K


    I would like to know why when I go on, it give me the cpanel thing. saying that there is no website configured to this address. Any help would be appreciate.
  13. H

    Problem with CPanel & Google.

    Hi, I bought a Laptop PC from Dellabout 1.5 years ago. Everything is fine with it ( and I am very satisfied ) but whenever I attempt to go to ( the search engine / mail ) a CPanel page comes up. It reads : " CPanel has no website configured at this address. " I was not even...
  14. D

    I hate Yahoo and Google....

    Greets: Maybe someone can help me with a rewrite rule. I have both Yahoo and Google looking for links like this one: Up to the php, it's PHPNuke, the Season3 is from the old pre-PHPNuke site, and everything after that is...
  15. S

    google and wtf

    when i go to the google site it takes me to a site that has cpanel on it & says 'There is no website configured at this address' What the hell is going on?
  16. O

    Can't open Google webpage

    Hello! For a couple of days, it is now impossible for me to use Google to search some docs or images on the web: Anytime i go on, (or for belgium)the main address for google, i have a 'not found' error and a page from CPanel saying that this address is unavailable. :(...
  17. F

    cpanel blocks google and yahoo

    My brother has his computer on a university network and when he attempts to get to either Google or Yahoo, he gets a CPanel web page that says he is not authorized to view this page. He has windows so i think it's impossible for it to be installed on his machine, but why is he getting this...
  18. F

    Google Ranking

    Has anybody had a problem with google page rankings? Somebody said that the fact that and were the same would result in a low (often 0) google page ranking. Is this the case? If so has anybody found this and a way to stop it.. Support Ticket Number: