1. cPanelDustin

    Configuration Cluster in WHM

    As we further explore the cPanel High Availability path, we are researching expanding and retooling the configuration cluster within WHM. I hope to use this thread to have a continued discussion around that technology. What do you expect to happen when a new server is added to the cluster...
  2. cPanelDustin

    cPanel High Availability Roadmap

    We have begun heavy research phases of High Availability for cPanel. We have a forecasted roadmap for HA and we will continue adding additional information to it as we flesh out the project further. *edit* x-linking Configuration Cluster thread
  3. T

    How to fix high Load WA in command top

    Hello, Please help, how to deal with high traffic on WA, which I attached a photo, because the effect of high WA makes me unable to access WHM. Please help everyone.
  4. A

    Multiple servers same domain data

    Hi, Just need small info is that possible or not regarding multiple location server. I had a server in germany usa and india, installed cpanel Is there a possibility that a person from usa can access the site for usa server and german from germany and india from india If one server is down...
  5. S

    Mirror servers with same configuration

    Hi i have a centos 6 server i want to mirror it to another one with the same ip, dns records (a, cname, txt...) and same data (mysql, www). Is possible to do that when the server 1 gets down, the mirror servers works with the same, dns, and ip configurations? and when the server 1 back online...
  6. T

    How to access dnsonly server from WHM

    I want to install DNSONLY on another server, I already have a cpanel/WHM subscription on one server. I want to manage everything through 1 account. Only having a single server has limitations including geographically located nameservers, redundancy, bandwidth, speed, etc. I do not want to pay...
  7. Z

    cPanel server copy another cPanel

    Hi, Today I have two servers; server-A which reacts as a "main" server and server-B which is a "failover"-server. I want server-B to copy all contents including database files every hour, and if server-A goes down, redirect traffic to server-B, until server-A is on again. Is this possible...
  8. I

    mapping a server when one ISP fails

    I have tow ISP, if one of them fails how can I map another one automatically. is it possible
  9. M

    Migrate cPanel to cPanel

    Hello, We use VMware for hosting our cPanel, and VMware developped a very cool feature, called vMotion, this feature let you migrate your VM to another server without any downtime and you can combine this with VMware DRS (Distributed Resource Scheduler), it means your hypervisor will migrate...
  10. Mehrdad Tari

    cPanel replication

    hello i need high availability service for my site for this scenario installed (4 dns only) + (2 loadbalancer) and (4 cpanel server) now my problem is last step (cpanel server) who i can sync cpanel user and database ? i khow we need mysql replication and glusterfs for file. we need Whenever...
  11. Motamedi

    How to connect two servers?

    Hello I want to connect 2 server So that a site is active simultaneously on both servers If one of the servers is down, the site will run from server 2 Please complete the tutorial and the full description thanks
  12. W

    Floating IP / load balancing

    Is it possible to set up cPanel /whm server to utilise a floating IP for example, using the method described here: blog.digitalocean.com/floating-ips-start-architecting-your-applications-for-high-availability/ What method would you suggest to replicate Server A to Server B? For me, a nightly...
  13. D

    Horizontal scaling of a cPanel server using NFS for home

    I realize discussing other products here is faux pas, but in terms of general scope I would be interested to hear any thoughts on the idea. Without having experimented too heavily, where exactly lies the problem with adding servers under a loadbalancer that rely on the home folder outside the...
  14. D

    Mirroring 2 cPanel server

    Hi, Currently my mirroring server setting: - 2 VPS running cpanel - First, i use package data to duplicate data from 1st server then restore to 2nd server. - Setup periodic replicate data using rsync folder /home/user/public_html (data web) and /var/lib/mysql/dbname (database). Ssh key for...
  15. W

    Replication between multiple cPanel server

    i have domain1.com and domain2.com both have cpanel. domain1.com is master and domain2.com is slave. Is there any way i can replicate database from master to slave in cpanel?
  16. I

    live site replication to a sandbox

    Hi, I have 4 accounts running through my CPanel at the moment 2 x live accounts and 2 x sandbox accounts How do I transfer data from the live site into my sandbox account so they mirror each other? the sandbox accounts are listed as staging Is there a easy way of doing this?
  17. L

    cPanel Load Balancing

    We currently have cPanel and CloudLinux licenses for 1 server (VPS) and we want to purchase an additional license since we are changing our architecture such that we have 2 servers which will be load balanced by a S/W load balancer, the LB will be assigned the current public IP while the 2...
  18. V

    Redundancy with 2 cPanel servers

    Hi, I have 2 servers, one is the "master" and the other is a hot stand by. I want to improve the setup. So far I'm doing the following: Initially, all accounts on the master server were copied over to the standby server. Using DNSME service for domain failover to the standby server. Static...
  19. A

    Manage Multiple VMs with Single cPanel?

    Support, I just wanted to ask that how can we manage/control multiple vms (cpanel loaded) with single cpanel server, just like you can say this a cloud webhosting. I want to use multiple cpanel servers for every user so if one servers goes down traffice will be automatically redirected to...
  20. P

    Redirect a Domain

    Hi there guys I have cpanel installed in one server on AWS, then I created a ELB and an instance associated to it which will contain the web services, so I do not want the cpanel server to host the web pages, so the question is, how can I redirect the request to that ELB? The idea is ...