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    how much is each ..... line when copying homedir?

    hello i have an odd question but will help if can be answered Copying homedir............. ............... ............... ............... how much info is each ..... line? 1 meg? it helps me to eyeball the progress of accounts as they are moved over thanks so much
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    "Missing HOMEDIR Config Line" Error

    Hey everyone, I've just brought a new server, and everything looked good, untill i went to create a new account on this new server while logged in as root. I get this error: Missing HOMEDIR Config Line in /etc/wwwacct.conf I've asked the people who i got the server from but it's been over 12...
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    Bad homedir in file manager

    One of my user sees /usr/loacl/cpanel/base as his homedir in file manager Other users see properly /home/user ... what is wrong ? In /etc/passwd this users has proper line with /home/user
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    cPanel homedir x other folders

    Is it possible to move all my folders (cp, logs, mysql, resellerconfig, va, vad, vf ...) to homedir folder? Francisco
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    how to restore a homedir

    hello last day my O/S damaged and i desired to order o/s reloading everything is ok now and the fresh o/s works fine the problem is : my data is on second hard drive attached to server but i dont have backup on the hard to rollback them i have only the homedir and entire directories of...
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    Want to add code to the CreateNewUser script. (cp /root/.bashrc $homedir, etc.)

    I want to add the following 2 lines: Can someone please tell me how I can manage this? I need to add this to the CreateAnAccount(/ADDUSER) script in WHM... Where is this script located... etc.