1. D

    .htaccess search optimization in cPanel & WHM version 66

    When I logged into WHM 66.0.17, the feature showcase showed: .htaccess Optimization The .htaccess Optimization feature reduces the paths Apache will check for “.htaccess” files to the user’s home directory, which can significantly boost server performance. The Release Notes for version 66...
  2. S

    .htaccess Optimization and Optimize Website

    Regarding the new .htaccess Optimization feature, if this is set to DocumentRoot doesn't this interfere with the Optimize Website feature in users cPanels? The Optimize Website (mod_deflate) adds a .htaccess file into the user's home directory. If AllowOverride is only permitted into...
  3. chrismfz

    66, htaccess search optimization and Indexes Off

    I saw in 66 this: But on several servers I had Indexes OFF (from WHM > Apache Configuration) for security reasons mostly. When (before 66 a few weeks ago) I switch to htaccess home directories search from the same page, a lot of pages stopped working when someone was making a change (SSL...