1. D

    In Progress UPS-606 - nginx: [emerg] invalid value "0" in "http2" directive, it must be "on" or "off" in /etc/nginx/conf.d/default.conf:9

    Hello, Aug 9 2023 # server1 nginx failed to start nginx -t nginx: [emerg] invalid value "0" in "http2" directive, it must be "on" or "off" in /etc/nginx/conf.d/default.conf:9 nginx: configuration file /etc/nginx/nginx.conf test failed cpanel 112.0.5 on CloudLinux v8.8.0 STANDARD...
  2. C

    HTTP/1.1 & HTTP2 Header - http and https urls respond with different HTTP versions

    I'm trying to figure out why http and https urls respond with different HTTP versions? My main site URL is, and the following 301 redirect to this, but show different responses: Website Hosting - responds with "HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently"
  3. H

    HTTP/2 enabled, now what?

    Hi all, I've enabled http2 mod and mod_mpm_event in EA, disabled mod_mpm_prefork. Also have NGINX caching installed, cache cleared, but devtools show http/1.1 and all online scanners show: No HTTP/2 support. What did I miss here? Thanks
  4. S

    mod_ruid2 with php-fpm and http2 (jail Apache)

    Hi all I'm after some advice if anyone can help. We have a server configured to use PHP-FPM along with http2. I've received one of the "Security Advisor notifications" emails from the server recommending we install mod_ruid2 and change users to jailshell. What would fall out of installing...
  5. eventtex

    HTTP2 conflict module

    Hello, I am trying to enable HTTP2 module for Apache but it conflicts with the following modules: mod_cgi mod_ruid2 mod_mpm_prefork What do you advise me and what are the constraints? Should I deactivate the modules that are causing problems for HTTP2 activation or do I have to keep my...
  6. D

    In Progress [CPANEL-37171] - Could not enable http2

    using v96.0.9 WHM, Apache Apache 2.4, PHP 7.1, PHP 7.4 and mpm_event with NGINX enabled, in order to activate http2 I enabled mod_http2 via easyapache and restarted, but still http2 not activated, checked in browser and online testing tools such as HTTP/2 Test - Verify HTTP/2 Support |...
  7. tbutler

    Enable HTTP2 on NGINX

    Is there a way to enable http2 by default on ea-nginx on WHM 94? I can go into each domain's .conf file in /etc/nginx/conf.d/ and add "http2" for connections to port 443, but this seems inefficient (and also at risk of being disabled with a future server update). I'm trying to wring every bit of...
  8. rivermobster

    HTTP2 Question...

    Hey all... So I was reading up here: Apache Module: HTTP2 | cPanel & WHM Documentation And on the web, and this seems like something that Should be enabled? It is currently NOT enabled in WHM on my Cloud Server. Should it be? Can it all be done from WHM? Is there anything else that...
  9. T

    Update to HTTP2 changed user and groups for files, resulting in non working scripts unless chmod is 777

    We just updated, succesfully, from HTTP1.1 to HTTP 2 However we now have the issue that file uploads and scripts needing to wrtie files are no longer working. When I set the particular forlders to CHMOD 777 it works. I did however realize that newly created and uploaded files then have a...
  10. P

    http2 conflicts

    The following conflicts are installed on this machine. They will be removed as part of this package selection: mod_cgi php56-php mod_mpm_prefork Should I care? I'm using PHP 5.6 with DSO. Sounds like it's forcing me to upgrade to PHP 7, is that true? Will performance be worse because of not...
  11. I

    http2 advice

    Hello! I'm confused with the available configuration options in EA4. I want to use benefits of http2. Yes, it's quite simple, just install mod_http2 package. At this moment I run prefork+mod_ruid2. From cPanel docs I found the following information: I _must_ switch from prefork to event...
  12. I

    SOLVED mod_http2 not honoring KeepAliveTimeout since 1.10.16

    A while ago I've reported a keep-alive related bug within mod_http2 v1.10.16 which is currently provided with the EA4 RPMs, which has been since been fixed as of v1.10.20. Any chance the new version to be included any time soon in EA4 as well? Or is this a job for Apache? Or is there a way for...
  13. P

    Http2 issue

    Hello, I have enabled HTTP2 and its working on the sites. When I check with onlite tools like it says : Yeah! supports HTTP/2.0. ALPN supported. My issue is when I checking H2 protocol of the websites on this server with Google Chrome (...
  14. V

    http2 push support?

    Hello When we use http2 in easyapache4, I see that there is no push support, is there any progress on this issue?
  15. L

    SOLVED Cannot write files after upgrade

    I'm experiencing a problem on my Centos 6.9 server. I've used EasyApache 4 to enable HTTP2 support, but to do this I've had to remove the mod_mpm_prefork and enable either mod_mpm_worker. The install went smoothly and all of my websites appear to be working fine, but all have lost the ability to...
  16. A

    Switching to HTTP2 performance concerns

    Hi... I'm considering switching to http2, but not all of my hosting customers are on https yet and I also still have a few that have not updated their PHP version to 7.x. I just want to be sure that their websites will negotiate http1 with requesting browsers and that enabling http2 won't...
  17. M

    SOLVED CSF Firewall has issue with http2 module

    Hello Recently I found out that CSF Firewall (PORTFLOOD Rules) not affected on sites that is https but it's working on http! Then I temporary disabled mod_http2 (in EasyApache 4) and the problem fixed. Anybody know that what's the matter? It's CSF bug or http2 using another port rather than...
  18. R

    Http2 and mod_ruid2

    Hello, i'd like to install mod_http2 in my VPS, but for doing that i have to switch to mpm_event or mpm_worker and, at the same time disable mod_ruid2. Now i want to keep a good protection for symlink race condition, but the only solution i have found is to install Kernelcare. I've also tried...
  19. kiti

    HTTP/2 protocol error and no faster performance

    I have found problems with HTTP/2. This just a bottle to the ocean in case other people noticed the same thing. Using curl -I and typing a url that should return a 404, I received the message: curl: (92) HTTP/2 stream 1 was not closed cleanly: PROTOCOL_ERROR (err 1) I curl from my macbook and...
  20. J

    mod_http2 conflicts error while installing

    Hello guys, I tried this method -------------------------------- >> Apache Module: HTTP2 - EasyApache 4 - cPanel Documentation On the command line To install the mod_http2 Apache module in EasyApache 4, run the following command on the command line: yum install ea-apache24-mod_http2...