1. R

    SOLVED enable http/2 problem EA4

    Hi I made the migration to easypache4 and enabled mod_http2 but after the installation the protocol always remains http1.1 dedicated server configurations: CENTOS 6.9 x86_64 standard Apache 2.4 mod_cgid (also tried suPHP) mod_mpm_event PHP 5.6 Handler: php56-php-fpm (also tried suPHP)...
  2. D

    Installation Http2 bugs

    Hi, Today i tried to install mod_http2 through EasyApache4 but it could not work. When i tried to install it, it said conflict with mod_mpm_prefork, so i tried to uninstalled mod_mpm_prefork, but mod_mpm_prefork could NOT be uninstalled. I checked uninstalled mod_mpm_prefork, then provision and...

    Need to disable http2 on a domain

    We have http2 enabled in EA4. Now a client has requested it be disabled for his account / domains as http2+LetsEncrypt gives a blank page on mobile-safari browser (all iOS devices). Please suggest how to achieve this?
  4. J

    Advice on best config for http/2

    We run a number of shared hosting servers which are currently mostly on CENTOS 6 latest and mostly use DSO with mod_ruid2 along with opcache for a good combination of speed and security. Now that CENTOS 7.4 is released, we would like to start using http/2 and so re-installed one test / dev...
  5. P

    SOLVED Intermittent internal server errors after turning on mod_http2

    Hi, Ever since I turned on mod_http2 in EA4 we've been getting intermittent Internal Server Errors on random sites and pages. I've tried changing from worker to event mpm but the 500s still keep coming. The server has low load averages. But I did spot a few "End of script output before...
  6. S

    MemoryError and 500 Error when migrating EasyApache3 to EasyApache4

    I attempted to upgrade from EasyApache3 to 4 and then add HTTP2 Edit: EasyApache4 upgraded fine I went back in and selected HTTP2 hit provision and upgraded fine. Tested the http2 was working in Chrome. I got an error message in WHM that I need to update cache or something like that via yum...
  7. G

    enable http2 but disable mod_ruid2,mod_mpm_prefork,mod_cgi

    Hello, i want to enable http2 BUT i need to disable mod_mpm_prefork,mod_ruid2,mod_cgi This is produce server so i can't playing around with testing. What is bast practice with this? What is replacement for prefork ruid and cgi? I read a lot to replace prefork and someone wrote that will...
  8. I

    PHP-FPM with HTTP2

    Please i use php-fpm and fastcgi + http2 on my plesk server how do i get the same setup here?
  9. G

    SOLVED Enabling HTTP/2

    I am sure that I'm missing a step someplace, but I'm trying to get HTTP/2 enabled on my site. I'm running mod_mpm_event with PHP 7.1 PHPFPM. I enabled the module, and checked that the http2.conf file is present which it is. I then go to check my site and when I load it in Chrome, I see that it's...
  10. keat63

    Testing http2 question

    If I install http2 on my server will all domains and apache automatically run using the new protocol or is it confurable as per domain.
  11. Jafar Muhammed

    Website loading takes more than 6 minutes with mod_http2

    I have enabled mod_http2. I was using mod_mpm_prefork, and after reading Prefork and HTTP2, I switched to mod_mpm_event. Everything is super cool. Now, my website is taking more than 6 minutes to finish loading. Actually, my website contents are finished loading in a few seconds, like less than...
  12. P

    Is mod_http2 available for WHM64?

    After hearing about mod_http2 being released to 'product' back around July 17th, I was excited and eager to get it going. However, it's nowhere to be found. From what I can tell, mod_http2 was made available with the update to apache 2.4.27. I've been updating yum, several times a day since I...
  13. K

    The mpm module is not supported by mod_http2

    Hello everyone. I am currently experiencing trouble using http2 protocol. I already installed mod_http2 via WHM -> EasyApache4 and the apache recompiled successfully. My hostings using php7.1 and in all of them I have installed AutoSSL. I see in apache error logs...
  14. M

    SOLVED EasyApache 4 & HTTP2 & Cloudlinux

    Hello, HTTP2 is now in production for easyapache 4 but does it works correctly with cloudlinux OS ? EasyApache 4 HTTP2 Support Thanks :) -- Edit : Sorry! If Any moderator see this, please delete my post, I didnt saw the message of Benny : CloudLinux doesn't yet fully support this, but...
  15. vlee

    SOLVED HTTP 2 with SSL

    When you run a SSL Server Test on the domain that is running HTTP 2 with an SSL it comes up with Server negotiated HTTP/2 with blacklisted suite Also browsers crash when you pull up a website HTTP 2 with SSL and you have refresh the page and website comes up fine. So I have been searching for...
  16. JacobPerkins

    Prefork and HTTP2

    Howdy, The Apache developers, as of Apache 2.4.27, have disabled HTTP2 when using the prefork MPM. A detailed explanation is below, or located at: Pony Mail! mod_http2(v1.10.6) causes segmentation fault · Issue #142 · icing/mod_h2 · GitHub Please let us know if there are any questions.
  17. G

    3rd party http2 checkers report as http1?

    Can't seem to get 3rd party checkers to verify that http2 is enabled across two servers. I'm pretty sure it was working yesterday when I looked at Chrome but today that isn't the case either.
  18. N

    HTTP/2 support

    Today we have Upgrade Apache version 2.4.17 introduced HTTP/2 support. HTTP/2 are not working after Upgrade Apache version 2.4.17. Also we have mod_http2 but still are not working. I am using mod_mpm_prefork, Does Apache 2.4.27, HTTP/2 not supported in prefork ? Starting from Apache 2.4.27, the...
  19. J

    enabling mod_http2 results in 302/307 redirect loop

    raising as separate issue: as soon as mod_http2 is enabled, I get immediate catastrophic failure even of static html page, with a redirect loop as: Status Code: 302 Referrer Policy: no-referrer-when-downgrade and Status Code:307 Internal Redirect Referrer Policy...
  20. C

    mod_http2 enabled but it is not working

    Hi everyone, I've enabled the mod_http2 by running this: # yum remove ea-apache24-mod_http2 ea-nghttp2 ea-libnghttp2 # rm -fv /etc/yum.repos.d/EA4-mod_http2.repo # yum downgrade 'ea-apache24*' # yum clean all ; yum install ea-apache24-mod_http2 I've also added this lines to...