1. C

    HTTP/1.1 & HTTP2 Header - http and https urls respond with different HTTP versions

    I'm trying to figure out why http and https urls respond with different HTTP versions? My main site URL is, and the following 301 redirect to this, but show different responses: Website Hosting - responds with "HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently"
  2. R

    how to block attempted security hacks

    I am routinely seeing hackers trying to gain access to my server by trying to compromise HTTP server or CGI issues. Most are very similar, if not the same, to the logs posted below: [2023-07-03 06:40:45 -0400] info [cpaneld] - - "OPTIONS /openid_connect/ HTTP/1.1" FAILED LOGIN...
  3. T

    MariaDB repo - [Errno 14] HTTPS Error 404 - Not Found

    Any idea on how to resolve this?
  4. B

    Using HTTPS

    I am running a next.js application and using a reverse proxy to point the domain to the port the application is running on. How would I make the app use https over http, or would this be done through next.js?
  5. R

    Force https redirect

    I’ve 100+ cpanels and some cpanel domain force https redirect is not working. This is error that who and enable button is off. You cannot activate https redirect because Autossl is not currently active for this domain or the ssl certificate is not valid SSL on all domains is working fine but...
  6. W

    WHM & cPanel Slow On HTTPS

    Hello, I was hoping I could get some ideas as to why my cpanel and whm was so slow. It seems when I access whm via the hostname, it's slow and sometimes cloudflare gives a 522 timeout error. When I access whm or cpanel via the direct IP, it's blazing fast. I have a feeling it's something to do...
  7. J

    My BlueHost site is forcing HTTPS now, want it back to what I type (not .htaccess file)

    I'm on a hosted/shared server with BlueHost. One of my web pages is a dashboard where I can see the status of several different pieces of equipment all on the same page. The pages uses iframes and cross site references which don't work with an SSL connection. I had the site previously setup so I...
  8. K

    HTTPS working, but HTTP does not - WHM/cPanel

    Hi, Yesterday my websites are down because of httpd and some other services are not running and showing the pending state. WHM and cpanels are working fine but websites are not opening. When i restart server and httpd server all other services working fine but httpd still in pending state...
  9. Michael-Inet

    Added Dedicated IP to new Domain, HTTPS now goes to “Default Web Site Page”

    Hi All, I’ve added dedicated IPs to domains many times (Apache/Nginx), but something seems to have changed with the process since I did it last. This was the go to source, but the cPanel doc it referenced is now gone...
  10. M

    In Progress CPANEL-40585 - Force HTTPS on password-protected directory

    We have a password-protected directory /admin that is not automatically redirecting to a secure/HTTPS page. The .htaccess has a redirect rule for the entire website, but it is not working for this directory because of the password-protection. Does anyone have suggestions? pre_virtual_host.conf...
  11. 360webfirm

    Wont redirct to https:// no matter what I do.

    Good day all you fellow C panel patrons. I have a weird issue which I have never experienced while using c panel and WordPress in the last 10 years. I have a website that has been set up for a few years on a c panel VPS server. Just recently, the site wont redirect from or...
  12. H

    Force https not enabled in cpanel

    Why force https button not enabled in one domain.?
  13. Y

    In Progress ZC-9660 - Apache HTTPS access logs cannot correctly logged to ssl_log file after NGINX installed

    Hello, I recently installed NGINX reserve proxy on my server, and found that both Apache HTTP&HTTPS access are logged to the same file: /var/log/apache2/domlogs/<DOMAIN> I then manually change sslport argument in http.conf from port 444 to port 443, ie: CustomLog...
  14. X

    Force HTTPS Redirect

    If I enable Force HTTPS Redirect for all websites on the server, can I close port 80 by CSF without any issues might happen to the traffic?
  15. L

    As I have applied auto HTTPS:// for some other domains and worked WITHOUT HAVING SSL???

    SSL cert for expired? Is it really needed? As I have applied auto switch to HTTPS:// - with .htaccess file - for some other domains and worked WITHOUT HAVING SSL??? Please provide cPanel/WHM Documentation URL/REFERENCES for Linux Auto SSL...? My VPS server is CentOS 7.9 - cPanel/WHM - LAMP
  16. H

    Let's Encrypt - Certificate not working

    Hi. i am using Let's Encrypt for my server and for some reason some clients are complaining about non working tls sertificate and https not working on my site. Any ideas on how to dig further where to find the problem? Chrome on android said (acording to the customer) ...
  17. N

    SSL Not redirect IP to hostname? (only HTTPS)

    Hey, what's up, guys. I have a wired issue :/ server hostname redirects HTTP://my-ip:2087 works fine and redirects to the hostname: BUT HTTPS://my-ip:2087 does not redirect redirects to the hostname: o_O I found this as well...
  18. S

    Wordpress Toolkit Redirect to HTTPS turned off

    Wordpress Toolkit always displays 1 issue - Redirect to HTTPS turned off I have enabled Force HTTPS Redirect but I can't seem to get this to go away.
  19. S

    Simplify Force HTTPS Redirect for addon domains

    I think it would be a great if cPanel could simplify the 'Force HTTPS Redirect' for addon domains. The current need to click settings > Show Associated Subdomains and then toggle it for the sub-domain of an addon domain isn't obvious for the type of user (skill level) who wants to use this...
  20. H

    https on hostname not working

    https or ssl on hostname not working. As per the inspection certificates are valid for 10 more months. But still its not valid in browser.